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December 3, 2009   7 Comments

Dear Snack-Girl Readers, I receive snacks from manufacturers to review for this site. I always put a line at the bottom of the review to indicate that status. I don't review anywhere near all of the snacks that I receive and most of the snacks on this site are ones that I made or purchased.

Chunks of Energy

That said, the snacks that arrived from Dancing Star of Buckland, MA were AMAZING. This is a small business run by Michael Garfield-Wright who has a very interesting story.

Michael left corporate America and started a small business making nutritious snacks (this is the short version of the story). Anyway, I feel good recommending "Chunks of Energy" because not only are they delicious, they are made with heart.

Why do I like them so much (other than they taste great)? Because all the ingredients are recognizable. They are very similar to Lara Bar in that they are natural ingredients, unprocessed, and mushed together. They are the pinnacle of nutritious.

You can eat less calories than a Lara Bar because they are in smaller pieces. Remember a Lara Bar will set you back 240 calories. Here you could eat 100 and be satisfied.

They are under $6 a pound. This is a great price for something of this type. Check out the price per pound on your packaged snacks and you will realize this is a great deal.

Chunks of Energy can be found in the bulk bins of Whole Foods. Therefore, you don't have excess packaging. They are green! Remember to bring your reusable bags and you keep trash out of landfills. Do good for your body and the planet - a win-win!

AND, my kids loved them. My kids didn't like Lara Bar, but they like these. Probably because there is Healthy Chocolate involved. There are many different flavors including Chocolate Almond Chip, Carob Joy with Banana, and Carob SuperGreens,.

You can find them in the bulk bins of Whole Foods or check out: Chunks of Energy

Please share your favorite snacks from the bulk bins below!

This product was received for review consideration. No other compensation was provided.

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Sounds yummy! I like Lara bars, but they ALL TASTE THE SAME! I will have to try these! :)

No Whole Foods 'round here. But sounds so delish! I don't quit love Larabar, but still interested in these chunks!

Thanks might need to check them out!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE chunks of energy! My absolute favs are Lemon Pop and Chocolate Paradise!

If you like a subtle date flavor and texture with a hint of lemon and lime then you will love the Lemon Pop -- and I like that they are somewhat softer in texture than the other "chunks".

The Chocolate Paradise is plentiful in chocolate chips but is not too sweet. They will definitely help break a bad chocolate habit.

I've tried a few other flavors and so far I have liked them all and they all are different in flavor -- I like that too. =)

i'm late to this article but wow, i didn't realize there were so many flavors of these! we only have 2 at our WF, chocolate almond and vanilla mango :[

I wonder is Wholefoods still carry this. I need to check next time I go and also check the ingredients.

For anyone reading this more recently, Wegmans carries these in the Carob Spirulina flavor and they are amazing! I can't stop eating them. I calculated and they're about 1 WW P+ per bite.

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