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November 20, 2009   4 Comments

Do you have time to cut up an apple or peel and slice a carrot? No? Well, join the club. Every day, I get up, run to my fridge and start chopping (in my dreams).

Ready Snax

Well, the produce aisle of your local supermarket is the place to look for the latest in healthy snacks. A few weeks ago, I found Cranberry Snack Pack and now this!

Ready Pac, Ready Snax are a fantastic snack solution. For $2 you get either apple & peanut butter with trail mix or carrot sticks, celery sticks and hummus. They will set you back 240 calories or so (same as a Doughnut) but remember they are nutritious calories.

Shopping the perimeter of the store (away from the inside aisles where all the processed foods are kept) is a great way to ensure healthy eating. If I packed one of these delicious packs in my purse, I could easily avoid the Snickers which is my downfall. I can still have peanut butter, but I also get some Apples.

These will not last a day without refrigeration, so put an ice pack with them if they are going in your lunch box or just toss them in the fridge when you get to work.

Apples are only 80 calories each so if you are looking to reduce your calorie input, just eat the apple and a tablespoon of peanut butter from the snack. You will be looking at under 200 calories for an instant, healthy treat.

Kids will love these because they have the little compartments (and they love packages). They will also love Apple fries which is a similar product found at Burger King.

Do you have any favorite "fresh" packaged snacks? Please share!

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While these items are convenient, I always worry about my carbon footprint and these products are not enivronment friendly. I'd rather make my own hummus and cut my own veggies once per week. With fruit, I just grab a whole apple and use my apple slicer at work when I'm ready to eat it.

It takes about 15 seconds to slice an apple!! The packaging with all of these so-called convenient snacks is just outrageous.

To those who posted with negative opinions: you need to back up your opinions with research. I know for a fact that these products are made with the environment in mind, and they don't leave a "bad" carbon footprint. "So-called" convenience? They're actually quite convenient. Also, they're a great alternative to processed snacks. My family LOVES them.

To Candice

Really? REALLY? Carbon footprint? Please. You must be really fun to hang out with. Get over yourself. These products are healthy and convenient.

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