Easy Chocolate Syrup Recipe

December 19, 2018   9 Comments

This easy chocolate syrup recipe is so simple that you are going to ask yourself why you ever buy packaged chocolate syrup.

Easy Chocolate Syrup Recipe

I never even thought about how to make it until a reader asked me for a recipe. My old recipe was “Go to store and buy it”. But, now, I think I will always make it because it is far more delicious to make your own.

Right now, if you are out of time - this syrup would make a great fast gift for the chocolate lovers in your life. This is far quicker than making cookies and it lasts a month in the refrigerator (also unlike cookies).

You can drizzle this on ice cream, swirl it in your coffee, or pour it into your mouth. It is VERY INTENSE and perfect for a little bit of luxury when you need it.

I used Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa and it was a good choice. While the supermarket chocolate syrups are very sweet - this had a deep chocolate flavor and and almost black color.

All you do is mix sugar and cocoa together in a medium saucepan.

Then, you whisk in water and keep whisking until you bring it to a boil. I let mine boil for about a minute and took it off the heat. It was quite thick.

Finally, you add one tablespoon of vanilla. Did you know there was vanilla in your chocolate? Surprise! This adds another layer of flavor that makes it even more special than anything you can buy.

This makes about 2 cups. I didn’t officially can these so they should remain refrigerated (not good for under the tree but good for a hostess gift when you walk in the door).

I don’t think it would be easy to cut the sugar in this recipe because it is necessary to get the consistency of syrup but I didn’t try.

Have you made your own easy chocolate syrup? What did you put in it?

Easy Chocolate Syrup Recipe

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Makes 1 3/4 cups

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1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder (preferably dark cacao)
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon vanilla extract


Whisk together cocoa powder and sugar in a medium saucepan. Add water and salt and bring to boil whisking constantly. Boil for one minute or until your desired thickness. Add the vanilla extract and mix it in. Taste!

Pour into a container with a tightly sealing lid. This syrup will remain fresh for a month in the refrigerator.

Nutrition Facts

For one tablespoon = 35 calories, 0.4 g fat, 0.3 g saturated fat, 8.9 g carbohydrates, 7.3 g sugar, 0.6 g protein, 1 g fiber, 20 mg sodium, 2 Freestyle Pts

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This isn't going to last very long... ;)

Lisa, I make my own hot cocoa using cacao so I will definitely make your chocolate syrup. You omitted when to put in the vanilla extract in your recipe. Thanks

My go to recepie was given to me by a long reospital. Itt tired paediatric nurse. She called it "Chocolate sauce 400" as the paediatric ward was on the fourth floor of their hospital. It was a ruse to get more protein into the kids, but it is delicious.

1 1/2 cups sugar (you coould cut this a bit)

1 cup good cocoa
3/4 cup of milk if you microwave OR
1 cup milk on the stove

vanilla ... recepie doesn't say how much

3 beaten eggs

2 tsp butter

The only directions on the card suggest the microwave cooks it on 70% in 4 1/2 minutes, stirring once.

On the stove I just cook til thick.

Store in a jar in the refrigertor. Keeps well but probably won't last.

Too much sugar for me - any recipes without sugar or with a sugar substitute?

Thanks for this. My son is obsessed with chocolate milk at the moment even though he is in college lol! We ran out the other day of syrup and I keep forgetting to buy it so will try this!

Thanks, Lisa! I am at least one of those who asked for this recipe. It sounds easy and foolproof. I've tried many store syrups and they don't taste good, even the expensive ones. I've also tried melting chocolate chips with mixed results.

I made this recipe a while back. It was great and did not have so much preservatives in it. I put it in a large mason jar. It stayed fresh in the refrigerator quite a while. Would make a great holiday gift! Happy Holidays!!!!

I'll have to try this! This reminds me of my favorite fast & glossy chocolate glaze: In a small non-stick saucepan, mix 1/2 C. granulated sugar, 2 rounded Tbsp cornstarch, 1 Tbsp cocoa, dash salt, add 1/2 C boiling water. Cook and stir, with whisk, til thickened. Take off heat; add 1 Tbsp butter, 1 tsp vanilla, spread on cake while hot. Yum!

@Kathleen - thank you!! I fixed it.

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