Save Money and Calories With This Iced Mocha

June 19, 2013   22 Comments

Whew! Snack Girl doesn’t know what temperature it is in your neck of the woods, but here it is hot.

Easy Iced Mocha

Like fry an egg on the pavement hot.

When it is super steamy, do you drink hot coffee? I know folks who start throwing ice cubes in everything when it heats up, coffee, tea, smoothies, their underwear :)

I paid $4 for a Iced Cafe Mocha the other day because I couldn't resist (290 calories).

Then, I got to thinking about Mason jars. Why? Because a friend of mine, Steve, was drinking an iced coffee from a Mason jar and I thought it was so cool. Mason jars are hip!

What if you pre-made your iced coffee treat so you never go to Starbucks again? How hard could that be?

I got out my Mason jar and started brewing. I used unsweetened almond milk for the "milk" portion of the drink because it doesn't spoil like cow's milk and I wanted to make a bunch of these.

All you do is brew your favorite coffee (decaf, hazelnut, etc.), pour it into the jar. Mix in the almond milk and chocolate syrup and store in the refrigerator with the lid. When you are ready to have your treat - dump in some ice cubes and head for your verandah, porch, or couch.

(I love the word "verandah".)

Isn't that amazing? Save money, the environment (reusable cup), and calories in one swoop and it is super yummy.

Do you have a strategy for sugary beverage consumption?

Iced Mocha Recipe

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(makes one)

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1/2 cup coffee (of your choice)
1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 tablespoon chocolate syrup (such as Hershey's)


Mix coffee, almond milk, and syrup in jar. Store, covered, in fridge until ready to drink. Add lots of ice cubes and enjoy!

Nutrition Facts

For one mason jar = 74 calories, 1.7 g fat, 13.2 g carbohydrates, 9.3 g sugar, 1.0 g protein, 1.0 g fiber, 106 mg sodium, 2 Points+

Points values are calculated by Snack Girl and are provided for information only. See all Snack Girl Recipes

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Sounds yummy! Unfortunately here in rochester ny it has been unseasonably rainy all month so we are missing out on all the hot sun. Hopefully there'll be clearer skies ahead and ill want one of these

What I do every morning is brew my favorite cup of coffee, then add a couple tablespoons of Sugar-Free Italian Sweet Cream non-dairy creamer (Coffee-Mate) and a scoop of chocolate protein powder (I use Unjury, which is super high-quality and great tasting). Pour over ice and viola! Sugar-free, protein-packed mocha!

We LOVE drinking iced anything from our mason jars! I'm off to fill mine with your delicious-sounding treat right now.

Where's the Like button?

I really like iced coffee, and not having to go to Starbucks and spend all kinds of money on something so simple is a win/win for me!

Is it refrigerated or non refrigerated unsweetened Almond Milk, do I have to find at Health food store? And Angie, Your input sounds great too where do you get this Unjury protein powder?

I drink iced coffee every morning at work. I fill a 20 oz cup with ice, pour the coffee over it and add a tablespoon of sugar free hazelnut creamer. Delicious and thirst quenching!

Great idea. So I like mine as iced lattes- no chocolate but flavored with cinnamon or hazelnut and creamy. Really creamy- if I was making it to drink withinafew hours would you use skim milk or something else? Thanks! Love your site. Read it every morning,

Mason jars are awesome! I tend to hoard them, and this is a nice way to get some use out them. Another thing I like to do with coffee in the summer is to freeze it in ice cube trays, so that if I want iced coffee, I just throw room temp. coffee and the coffee ice cubes in the blender together (with whatever flavorings/cream/whatever) to create a sort of frappe situation. This way, the cubes won't water down the coffee so much.

This is pure genius!!
And I love the word verandah too!

I am obsessed with cold-brewed coffee. Throw some grounds and water (I do a 1:4 ratio but I've read all sorts of different ratios) in a container overnight - on the counter or in the fridge. In the morning, strain. Put back in fridge. Then use as the coffee in your recipe! Hot coffee poured over ice just doesn't taste the same, I swear - cold brew is smoother and less acidic. Try it! :)

You are just adorable!-and witty and loaded with great ideas!! Thanx

In the summer I make just plain iced coffee in a large Mason type jar with a handle-over a glass full of ice, I pour 2 cups of hot coffee, sweeten with Stevia and a little raw sugar and a dab of half and half-I can suck on the coffee flavored ice water for hours afterwards!

Karen, I don't know if Unjury is available locally anywhere, but I buy it from Chocolate Splendor uses sucralose to sweeten it and Chocolate Classic uses fructose. Interestingly, the Splendor has 3g sugar per scoop and the classic only 2g. I guess it's not totally sugar-free, but VERY low sugar!! I also occasionally use Syntrax Nectar Sweets Chocolate Truffle ( which is zero sugar/carbs. It also tastes fantastic!

No thanks on the iced coffee with fake sugar.

If you folks are looking for a good organic chocolate syrup try the one at Trader Joe's!

I'm on my way to Trader Joe's. I just bought some mason jars to make my own sauerkraut for the first time. Will be done tomorrow. Hopefully it will be edible. Store bought kind so salty. Sorry I got off the subject...

Looking forward to trying this. Usually I just go to Wawa and add crushed ice to cup and half and half and add coffee. Marla, the cold brew sounds interesting. Will have to look into that.

Another thing you could do; freeze some of the mix in an ice cube tray and use the frozen mix in your liquid mix, so your iced coffee doesn't get watered down as the ice melts... :) Then it stays super yummy...

Marla is 100% correct on how awesome cold brewed coffee is! For me, all that lack of acidity means smooth flavor without the need for much else added. (BTW, I am SO not a black coffee drinker-not needing milk and sugar in my coffee is definitely not the norm for me).

Posting this for my FB peeps immediately and then making myself a glass!

Perfect cool drink this summer! I'm a coffee-lover and this is a good variation for my usual iced coffee.

There is a product called "cuppow" (I got mine on that is fairly cheap that is like a sippy cup top that you put on top of the Mason jar and then screw on the lid--then you have a traveling Mason jar!

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