Check Out This Awesome Lunch Box (Giveaway)

April 22, 2011   177 Comments

Snack Girl is not materialistic, but she does love GEAR. Especially food related gear that will support healthy eating habits.

Easy Lunch Box

One great habit that will save you a TON of calories every day is bringing your lunch to work or school. For example, the amount of mayonnaise that you would put on your sandwich is probably very different than a purchased version.

You will also save money if you bring your lunch and no doubt it will be healthier.

My pal, Kelly, came up with an Easy Lunch Box that makes lunch, well, easy! The idea is that you put your food in different compartments to jazz things up.

See below:


BPA free, easy to use and wash, and GREEN these lunch boxes are a life saver for busy people. You get four containers in a pack so you won't have to wash it every day for reuse.

And, my pal Kelly is also very entertaining. She is a singer and has done a number of videos singing about..well.. lunch! See Let's Do Lunch, where Kelly sings and dances with celebrity guests and lunch boxes.

Snack Girl is giving away one Easy Lunch Box to a random entry. Visit Easy Lunch Boxes and comment below on your favorite color lunch bag and how you would use your lunch box.

Or BUY one here:


Snack Girl has an affiliate relationship with Easy Lunch Boxes. A percentage of the click through sales from the above small advertisement does go to Snack Girl.

What will I win?

One container set and one lunch bag (you choose the color). Retail value is $21.90.

How do I enter?
Visit Easy Lunch Boxes and comment below on your favorite color lunch bag and how you would use your lunch box.

Additional Ways To Enter:

  1. Follow Snack-Girl on FaceBook. Comment on your favorite color lunch bag and lunch box use.
  2. Follow Snack-Girl on Twitter and Tweet this post (use the Tweet Button in the Share Box at the top of this post).
Snack-Girl can follow and count all the additional entries using magical website tools.

Am I eligible to enter?
This giveaway is offered to US & Canadian residents only. Please do not enter this giveaway if you have won or received free product from EasyLunchboxes within the past 3 months.

When do I find out if I am the winner?
The winner will be announced on April 29th, 2011. You will have 2 weeks to e-mail us back with your home address so we can mail the prize.

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I love this lunchbox!! This would definitely come in handy when taking healthy lunches and snacks to work and school. I am a fan of yours on facebook, and I think the page is fantastic. My mother passed away very recently of cancer. So, my sister and I vowed to get in better health together. She is going to stop smoking, and I am going to lose weight and exercise. I know our mom would be proud. This lunchbox would come in really handy! :-) Thanks and God Bless.

What a great idea for a lunch box! I love the compartments so you don't have to worry about your sandwich or other main course getting contaminated by your fruits and veggies! I can easily picture packing my breakfast and lunch in these! I can also see myself using these to make healthy complete portion sized meals for my Dad!

I love the purple cooler the most but would LOVE to see it in pink!

I already follow Snack-Girl on Facebook and am now following EasyLunchBoxes too!

Blue! I would use it for my daughter's lunches. I'm trying to get her to eat healthier :)

This is a great product and a wonderful way to manage portion control (and budget control!!) I'd love the purple one =)

Red! As it is my son's favorite color. I would use it mostly for his lunches - but probably mine too. Thanks!

Tweeted about it on Elliesworld. Thanks for the chance!

I love this lunch box! I would fill mine up with a big salad, deviled egg on the side and some fruit/nuts. I like the color blue...the idea of not having to use plastic baggies saves money...

I want the blue lunchbox! I would definitely enjoy taking my lunch to work in these, because it's so handy to have it all in one container. Right now I bring about 3 small containers for all the parts of my lunch!

What a great idea! I like blue the best personally, but I may be tempted to get one for each kid (3) and get organized for school lunches =)

Purple is my fav. color, but I would be thrilled to have any color! This would be wonderful to have. I take my lunch to work each day. To save money, but mostly because it is so much healthier. I have been dieting and have lost 43 pounds with so much more to go, but I am making this a life change and not just dieting to lose weight. Love your Facebool page!

I usually eat at home but this would be great for my daughters lunches! I am already a fan of your on FB and I liked Easy Lunch Boxes. Thanks!

Aqua. I'd use it to bring my lunch to work.

Pretty in pink. I need much help with portion control

love this! i bring my lunch to work every day, and these would make it SO easy to plan for the week. I could make all my lunches up on Sunday night and have them in the fridge ready to go in the mornings. Perfect!

This is such a great product! I love the portion control!! I'd like to have the purple one! This is a great give away!! Thanks!! :)

I'd get the purple one for my kid and use it to make bento lunches!

I love the blue one! Blue is always so soothing...I think it will cut down on my prep time for lunches. Right now,I use multiple reusable containers but I feel like having everything in one container would be so much easier and quicker. (And less dishes! Who can beat that?)

Love them all, but purple is my favorite! I work in sales, in and out of the car all day, the lunch box would be ideal for me!!!

I love the aqua blue!

Purple is my favorite! I been wanting one of these ever since I started reading Snack Girl! My son takes lunch to school & I know he would love it too!

I usually eat breakfast and lunch--and sometimes dinner--away from home. I love the idea of stacking up my different meals, tossing them in a tote, and hitting the road. I'm torn between purple and burgundy for favorite color.

Definitely the blue... or if I'm feeling particularly generous, the purple one for mi madre!

I love the green one, but all the colors look nice. The portion size is perfect (darn it!) Snack Girl why do you and your friends have to make dieting so easy? I am walking into the light kicking and screaming. :D

My husband has dutifully been bringing his lunch in to work, and just wrapping it up in any old sandwich bag or spare container. It would be great for him to have some dedicated containers for his lunch. His favorite color is purple, but honestly any color will do. These containers are great!

I'd pink the pink or green one! I'm a 911 dispatcher and I would love to bring my lunch to work in one easy container instead of 2 or 3. This would be perfect!

Love it! BPA-free and reusable earth-friendly: awesome! Multiple containers so you don't always have to wash up for the next day: sweet! Frequently take multiple meals with me everywhere I go for a healthy lifestyle so would be a great timesaver too. I'm thinkin' purple!

My favorite is the olive green as it makes me think of the outdoors but...I would choose black as it would be for my hubby. I make his lunch every day (and enjoy doing so) because I want to give him healthy alternatives...need to keep him around for a long time!!

Even though I'm a firm believer in brighter is better when it comes to colors I like the black one as when I do spill on the bag no one will see it! I love how in this bag you can stack the trays so I can bring lunch and snacks and just pull whatever tray I want during the day and eat at my desk!

The aqua is definitely my fav.....what a great idea...I would use mine to help me to continue on my weight loss adventure!!!

Red is my favorite color. I am doing weight watchers (lost 60 lbs on it) and I would use this lunch box for myself to help with portion control at lunch. I already pack in random containers but this would make it so much easier.


I would use the lunch box to pack a healthy meal for lunch every day. We've recently started a new journey to become healthy and I like to control what I'm eating and how much of it. Plus, the ability to ensure the food doesn't touch is a MAJOR bonus in my OCD book!! :o)

Already commented pink but needed to turn off e-mail on comments

Red is my favorite color! I would use the lunch boxes to pack my lunch and my children's lunches! My family has started a new exercise and healthy eating routine. The compartmental boxes will teach my children healthy serving sizes, which is very important in a world of obese children!

This lunch box would come in handy all day long. Not only to bring my lunch to work as well as pack my husbands. It will def help with dinner and so on at home. Reminds me that we need to have our vegetables and portion control. I have been searching for something like this for a while now!

My favorite color lunch pale is black. :)

No pink?? Awwww.....well, then I pick purple. Such a great idea for portion control. And I love that it has no BPAs!

I love this lunch boxes! Its exactly what I'm looking for. My husband was recently diagnosed with diabetes and so now he is on a strict diet and has to have his meals at a certain time. This lunch boxes will work perfectly for me to pack his healthy lunch and dinner to work (he has two jobs). He would love the blue lunch bag!

I like the blue! I would love to have a set of these! My son has 8 food allergies so we take food with us everywhere. These would make it so easy to pack a lunch and go!

Definitely the purple one! I would use my new lunch gear every day since I take my lunch to work. It looks great for keeping me from over-doing it in the food department.

I would pick the dark red and use it to bring my lunch to work. I'd like to lose a few pounds and not eat out so much. These bags are cute and would motivate me to prepare something delicious and healthy to fill it up!

I love the green one!! I will be attending graduate school in the fall to obtain my doctorate in Physical Therapy and this would be the perfect way to take my packed lunch each day! I'll be packing my lunch each day to save money and eat healthier as a graduate student.

i would definitely get the purple bag! i almost always bring my lunch to work. i've thought about getting one of these but i already have 2 lunch bags and plenty of tupperware (although i admit i mostly use plastic bags...) but if i won it, i'd use it! good for Earth Day too!

I like the olive color! I bring my lunch pretty much every day so it would definitely get use!

I would choose BLACK -- and how would I use it? Why to take my lunch to work, of course!

I am a sucker for purple ANYTHING! :)

I love the purple one! My husband and I bring our lunches to work everyday so I'm sure we'd get some use out of it... although I'm sure he'd be less than happy with the purple one :)

Blue Lunchbag and no more plastic sandwich bags! Awesome! I work at a middle school so i try and squeeze my lunch in between the three sessions that i supervise...this would be awesome!!

Definitely purple. I try to bring my lunch at least 3 days a week so this would be really useful. :)

oops, forgot to turn off the email comments....

I would pick the purple for my daughter.

We would put these to good use packing school lunch everyday.

Love the lunch box....and I prefer the blue...I would definitely use this to bring my lunch to work.

I am following you on Facebook too :)

Love these lunchboxes, just what I've been needing


I love these, if I don't win I think I will order some! :) We like the black one - can decorate with my son's name in paint pens. Not only do we pack lunches, but dinners sometimes too when it's baseball season!

The purple is my favorite color! I would use it for my daughter's lunch, love the separate compartments.

Blue! I would use it for my 5 year old. He is a type 1 diabetic and it would be a great tool to help him learn his portion sizes.

I love the red one! This would be perfect for my last minute morning lunch packing for work. I usually throw stuff into ziplock bags only to have everything smashed up in my bag later, which is not very appetizing come lunch time with the coworkers! They're sure to be impressed with this sexy red lunch box!

My little one says he his favorite color is yellow or red. He states he would use the lunchbox to help the earth by not using as much trash, plastic and space. As Mom I like it as he has a compromised immune system and this would work as a system with one less surface for hands to contact lowering his exposure to germs and the contamination of his food. It's a time saver as there's one less item for this ADD child to keep track of and it's big enough not be confused with something that should be thrown away. As a single mom, it's one less thing that I would have to purchase among all of the other needs for a kid with lots of issues. Let's not even get into the allergies:). Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity!

We have 4 of these lunch boxes with at least 8 of the containers (5 kids) :). LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! We have been using this since the start of school last September and WOW, what a time saver they are! Easy to use, easy to clean, and no more baggies! Many other parents in school have asked me where to get them! If you have ever heard of LUNCHSKINS...we use them as well instead of ziplock type bags. Have used them for a few years, they are equally as easy to clean and durable, I just place them in the top rack of my dishwasher if and when they need to be cleaned.

First this is a fantastic idea. I like the fact it is compact and safe to use. BPA's being removed makes me feel very confident that the nasty additives will not be part of my yummy lunch. For budgetary and health purposes my partner and I take lunch everyday. We like having family time in the evenings and enjoying our homecooking. Being able to bring this food to work or have for lunch the next day makes the experience even more fantastic. I would be very thankful and we would both be very happy to through out the other no named mention containers and add this product line to our kitchen. I look foward to happy and safe eating

Im looking to eat healthier and save some $$$, Looks like a great opportunity to do just that

I love the green! I really like having the bento type lunch containers. It makes it fun for the kids (and me) to eat healthy portions and they just look so cool!

I am trying to help my husband to become eco friendly. I am sure he would be proud to carry the blue lunch box to work. It would be a challenge for me to fill each little compartment with something new, fun, and healthy each day! Thanks Snack Girl for all of your ideas.

I like the blue or maroon one as I would use it for my husband. He has recently started taking his lunch so he can work through lunch on learning a 'hotter' programming language than the one he currently programs so he can get out of his awful, unfamily friendly job. Taking his lunch saves us money, but also gives him more time to work so he can get out of this awful job faster.

Can you check out the gogreen lunchbox at It looks similar to this, but is silicone and should be more leakproof. I'd love to hear from someone who has used one.

Purple would be the one I would pick. I would use it to take my lunch to work each day. My old Starbucks bag is getting a little beat up.

Following you on FB!

I like the purple. I like that the coolers can hold up to 3 containers. I have seen the containers but they don't fit in my lunch box. I try to take my lunch but end up using baggies, which I do try to reuse. I much prefer something that can go in the dishwasher.

I have been packing Japanese style bento for ages. Love to see this though - in a multi pack AND microwave and dishwasher safe! At $3.50 each it's a good deal too!

I was disappointed to see on Amazon that these are not leakproof and not for liquid or runny foods.

i love this! this would be soo helpful for when i go to work. im in recovery from an eating disorder and this would help keep me on track with my meal plan!

i love the purple one!
i follow you on facebook already!
and i retweeted this!

Purple for sure! I miss the home packed lunches my mom made me as a kid, she didn't believe in school lunches.

PINK!!!!!! Two words for when this would be the most helpful so that i do not overindulge.... finals time!!!!

normally i'd go for green, but for once i'm going to say the blue/aqua one! something about that color on the lunchboxes totally stood out to me, and it definitely made me grin when i saw it! :D

I love the purple one too! I work two jobs and I always need a "lunch" or a "dinner". It would be nice to set several meals up at once and grab one as I go out the door! Great idea!

I have been wanting these for quite some time! I like the dark red and would use it to pack my daughter food for her track meets and volleyball tournaments.

I love all the colors! The purple one especially. I'd use it for school- I'd also share it with my three younger siblings. As all four of us have food allergies (wheat, gluten, dairy, peanuts) it's often hard to make lunch exciting. I think this would help out with that, and would also help my mom when she's out and about running errands with the youngest of my siblings- he's three years old. Even with all that I think one of the things I really love about these are that they are so eco-friendly. I usually just stuff small tupperware containers into small corners of my backpack so I don't have to use Ziploc bags. This lunchbox would work a lot better than that!


love 'em

I love all of the colors! My family frequently has picnics, but my son has a lot of food allergies so this would be perfect! This would keep his food seperate from everyone elses and still hold his favorites! The orange and green are my faves I think, but they are all cute.

I love purple! My 1yr old daughter has claimed my old lunch bag cause she has to have a snack packed in it like her brother when he takes his lunch to school.

I'd love the lunch box and container. I have been taking my lunch every day for years and it IS more economical. I can't see spending $8-10 per day when $8-10 will feed you for two or three days. I actually get teased by some of my co-workers for being "cheap" because I don't order out. They also tease me for bringing my lunch and snacks in the plastic "t-shirt" bags as well. My favorite color is blue so it would be awesome to show up "bagless" and in style while saving money, eating healthier - bpa free container - and helping the environment.

I like the purple one. I would use it for my lunches I take to work! Seems better than dirtying multiple containers or wasting zip bags!

i hope that this is offered to philippines too. :( i want to have one...

This would definitely help on the portion control part of my trying to eat better. Good luck to me!

I would like this lunch box for my son. I try really hard not to use plastic bags in his lunch box and this would make it easier. I would pick "BLACK".

These are too cute and so space efficient. Whoever does her website rocks! It's very cool. My color preferences would be a purple bag with orange container. Those colors just say "pow", right in the kisser. Have a great weekend, everyone and good luck to all!

My hubby is a corrections Officer so him finding time to eat is sometimes hard to do but this would be perfect for him. I like the green bag beause you never find a lunch bag in this color.

Also it would be nice when my hubby and son have to take long trips to see the doctors.

oo..oo...I love the purple one. I recently discovered your site so I would use it to pack some of your healthy suggestions for lunch at work or on those hikes the hubster and I are about to start taking.

I LOVE the Orange :)

Blue for me! I would use it to pack my lunch for work. I struggle with weight issues and am always trying to look for healthy alternatives. This would help me to be able to pick something better and get it ready the night before, instead of grabbing something before walking out the door.

Definitely the purple!! So cute!

I love the orange one.

I love all the colors. I always take my lunch to work for portion and budget control. I have to pack different containers and also use plastic bags (which I try to reuse as much as possible). This looks so easy and self-contained. Thanks for all your great ideas, recipes and inspiration.

I like green! Would use it all the time! I always take my lunch to work with me, and it would be great to have a more compact way to store all my food!

I like the blue the best. This would be great because at the moment, I bring multiple small containers in, so this would be much more convenient.

I love the compartmentalized lunch box! Great portion control, and a lot less little individual containers to keep track of. The practical side of me would go with a black bag, but the green is much more fun, so I'd go for that one. :)

What a fantastic eco-friendly product! What a fantastic container. I am vegan, and take lunch and snacks everywhere I go, everyday. It is impossible for me to get snacks or a meal where I live. So to take a plastic bag of containers around with me, is just the norm! This product would solve all of my problems, and have friends and family stop laughing at me! I love all of the colours, but I love, love the olive colour bag the most. Perfect for the spring/summer season. Picnics will be much easier for me this year! I already "like" on facebook, joined the Easy Lunch Box newsletter and liked on facebook also. Thank you!

The purple - my favorite color.

I love the green lunchbox! I think it would help bolster my lagging self-discipline and perhaps keep me from visiting the snack bar at work as often.

Gotta be either purple or blue because I'd be giving the lunchbox to my granddaughter, who is currently obsessed with those two colors. :O)

Purple. I am completely into the healthy eating lifestyle. I would use it for lunches during the work week and/or when I needed to eat something pre and post personal training sessions at the gym. On the weekends I am often out for a good bit of the day and have to pack things using the zipper bags and foil for added insulation and protection of the items. This looks like such a great system since you can pack up to three of the sets in the cooler; that would be perfect!

Purple is my go-to color!

Blue is my most favorite color and I would choose the blue bag. It is a soothing color for me. I work on the road all day and this lunch bag kit would be great. I could pack a healthy lunch and keep it cool. I could eat what I want when I want instead of having to stop and have a full meal all at once. AND did I say it would be healthier? This would be better financially too for me and my family. Thank you for this opportunity.

I like the burgundy cooler and since I work 12 hour overnights I would use it more for snacky foods to keep me going. I would pack like celery, carrots, some sandwich rollups etc.

Yaaaay! The contest is open to Canadians! Thanks, Snack Girl!

I would choose the red cooler bag to appeal to more members of the family. (If I was choosing it for myself I would pick purple.)

I would use these containers to pack my son's snacks. We just discovered he is allergic to all sorts of food including the big ones: wheat, diary, soy, eggs and gluten. Packing his own food has become a necessity.

Thanks again Lisa.

Kristen Dawson AKA kristi-bisti

blue, green, magenta- i dont care. these look great and i love free ;)

I love all the colors (except black, I like a little color). I would totally use these to bring my lunches in!

I'm following you on twitter and I just tweeted about this :)

I would like the purple lunch bag. I would use it to carry my lunch or whatever meal I needed (sometimes dinner instead). When I'm not using it my husband could use it.

I like the olive color.

I love, love, love, the green one. This would be great to take to the park or the zoo.

Let's see...purple for me, pink for my daughter, green for my son, and blue for hubby...we can all pack healthy lunches!! Love it!

Love the green but all the colors are fun. Neat to have a diff color for each member of the family :-)

This looks so cute! I would love the pink!

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+1 Follow on twitter as @tommygirl

I love the red or the black (classic!). I would use it to bring my lunch with me in my bag to classes. Many days of the week I don't have enough time to go back to my place and make a lunch and eat it before I have to be at my next class. This way, I could take it with me and munch down my healthy (not cafeteria food!) lunch in the park before heading off to my next course instead of eating a snack bar to hold me over!

I like the purple lunchbox best. If I win, I will use these for packing my lunch, and maybe I'll even share with the kids. :P

What a cool idea! My favorite color is purple! I would love to use these to take my lunch with me wherever I go!

oh i love this! i'd get the purple bag. i'm on campus from 8am-8pm a couple of days a week and so i'd use this to stash all the salads & snacks i bring to feed myself THREE meals! :)

I love the dark red lunch box. My husband and I bring our breakfast and lunch to work everyday. We love lunch boxes and even use them on the weekends or if we go out for the day. We bring our own food EVERYWHERE!!! LOL

I like the blue or the purple one! I pack my lunch everyday, and I would LOVE to win one of these!

Fabulous lunch box! I like the purple one, and I love that there are 4 containers so it doesn't have to be washed out every day. I'm trying to bring my lunch more and this would be perfect!

Well if we are going green, GREEN would be my favorite! I love the idea of green and easy and healthy. My kids are picky and they love cool gear like you do. We love to hike in the spring and summer and this cool giveaway would a great addition! Happy Spring from NH!

Blue! For my picky 7 1/2 year old girl whose fave color is blue. I pack lunch for her EVERYDAY!

My favorite color, blue, would be my choice.

On January 22, I started a new eating plan and have lost 24 pounds so far. I pack a healthy lunch everyday, using baggies and cling wrap. This would help immensely! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

I love the green, but really all the colours are nice. These would be a great help in packing my son's lunches for daycare. Currently we're using whatever leftover lunch containers we have in the drawer while I've been hunting for an eco-friendly lunchbox that can be heated and doesn't cost a fortune. These would be perfect!

I love all the lunchboxes but green is my favorite color. Normally, my practical side makes me pick a dark, stain-proof color like navy or black, but the other colors are so fresh. Great idea. I've been using a lunch box for work forever but the form-fitting plastic containers are a great idea. Atta' go!

WOW - how cool are these. I would love the green one - I pack my lunch for work everyday - I love the containers!

purple is my fave color, i would love to own one to put my lunches in

I'm a sucker for aqua so I'd have to go with that!! Thanks so much this is a great giveaway..fingers crossed!!

I love the olive green for me and the dark red is what I am getting my son when he starts kindergarten this fall....where did the time go?

thanks for the chance to win!!!


I would love a black one for my husband...he needs to trim his waistline! :)

I like the blue and I think it is a great help for Green Earth instead of using plastic bags which end up in Garbage.

i would want one in purple; it is my favourite colour and my mother always calls me her purple flower. ^____^ i would use it to pack her healthy lunches-- she has a horrible back problem that is currently preventing her from doing much in the way of exercising, and she tends to choose poorly when i forget to pack her something (usually mcdonalds, even after i told her about the non-rotting cheeseburger experiment you did!!!). the lunchbox would be a great reminder for both of us-- me to make the meals, and her to eat better.

The blue lunchbox since blue is my favorite color! I'd use this lunchbox to take my lunches to work!

Love these!! Would love one in black !

Purple for me! Thank you Snack Girl. :)

Love the blue one ~ what a great idea! :)

Would love the purple one!

Although my favorite color is blue, and I thought I'd get blue, I actually prefer the (dark) red one. A cute (&sexy) color!

Love the green color! I'm a busybusybusy grad student and try to pack lunches and snacks for myself on my very long days. This would be a great way for me to be able to do this more easily and keep everything in one compact (and adorable!) little bag :D

I love the blue and the purple color

I love the green one. I would use this for my daughters to take their lunches to school each day. Thanks, Jen

Olive is my favorite, no doubt! And I love the containers. I have really been working hard to send my 2 year old with healthy lunches and these would be great! Thanks!

I like the purple lunchbox. I would use it to tote my meals to work. I usually bring sandwiches with a few product sides, so this container would be perfect. Thanks!

What an awesome idea! I send my husband off with lunch everyday and this would make it so much easier! The black one would be perfect!

Love the purple!!

I love the burgandy one! I would use it to pack picnic lunches.

Blue. Calming on the hectic days of shifts at both of two jobs. I like that there's multiple containers, one for lunch, and one for dinner. Can carry enough healthy food for all day!

I love these containers! Green and purple are my favorite:) I make lunches for me and my 3 kids almost every day.

I love the purple one. So much easier than the myriad snapware containers I use for my kids' lunches.

I love the green! I think this would be great to portion control my lunches! LOVE IT!

Blue is my fav.!!! My Mom networking groups are always looking for great options to pack kid friendly lunches! We are always looking for our own options for eating with the kids @ school!! This is perfect for every Mom and child!

I love the dark red one. These would be very helpful for packing my lunches and dinners for work!

I'm trying to be more mindful of eating healthily. These boxes would make it a pleasure to pack lunches for my daughter and I. We both like the aqua or dark red.

I like the black because it would go with everything :D I'd use the little compartments to hold fruits and vegetables because I always need to be eating more of those.

I love the black- it goes with everything! The olive is quite nice as well!


I So Totally love the purple one! I work as a courier, and I spend time on the road so packing a healthy lunch is a key part of being healthy. When I am not driving and spending hours in the gym it is important that I take the proper fuel with me. 4 or 5 hours in the gym without having fuel with me presents a problem too! So having these reuseable containers and bag would cut down on my trash for sure and allow me to keep my snacks cooler than just a paper bag.

Purple is the only way to go.

Love the dark read. sandwiches, strawberries, and blueberries....

I love the olive color!

What an awesome idea! My girlfriends and I are always on the lookout for 'new' ideas to take breakfast/lunch/snacks to work. Fighting 'fat cow' disease it's always nice to have something a little creative in the lunchbox! With several containers, this could carry breakfast in one, lunch in the other and snacks in the third. AND, I'd only have one dish to wash, AND I bet my 7 year old would think it would be fun to fill the different sections.

AND...AND, this meets my OCD issue of my foods not excited...

Ok...sorry about that, I get excited sometimes! I would love to win one of these (then I would be the envy of my friends and they would have to order theirs. Neener, neener, NEENER!

Thank you!

-Kristin (red or purple)

Blue. This would be a great lunch box for my kids!! They go to a fabulous school that really focuses on being healthy and "green". It's hard to find the perfect containers for their lunch boxes that will not create waste and are "user friendly" for the kids. This looks awesome!


I like the green lunch box. I always bring sides of veggies and fruits, along with whatever leftovers need to be eaten. A divided lunch box would be perfect!

red for me!!!!!

I love the black and the olive colours. :) I would finally have a useful lunch cooler for my hubs. Most are too small to fit his man sized lunch. I love that I could even buy flair for it!

Love the blue! Would do wonders for taking lunch to work without the need for plastic baggies. Also helps cut down on gas needed to go get lunch from the store every day! Yay for going healthy and green!


I would use it for college. I am always packing my lunch in whatever i can find around the house, and most of the time, that means throwing snacks to graze on throughout the day in my purse.

I like the black. I would use it for work. I've been eyeing bento boxes online so these would be great.

definitely the green one! i'd use it to take lunch to work over the summer...such a money saver.

The containers are perfect. I love the purple bag too! I would probably let my daughter use the bag since I have access to a refrigerator and her bag got stolen. She would love these containers too because she wants variety and it can be hard to juggle all the different containers.

I love the purple

I would love to have one for my little when she goes on field trips, it would be more earth friendly than the little plastic containers they never recycle with lunchables in it. She loves blue. @ffandfn

Blue please! What a great way to bring a healthy, potion controlled lunch anywhere. Already have a set of 5 reusable bottles to go with!

DEFINITELY the purple, my favorite color. Plus, I'm pretty sure purple symbolizes royalty, and given all the HOOPLA over the royal wedding...Anyhoot, this would be perfect for me for several reasons: First, I am a teacher, and I pack my lunch (especially since our school lunches are terrible, cliche' I know, but TRUE). I am trying to lose weight, so the lunch container is PERFECT for portion sizes!!!!!

Purple it is! I love the compartments so you don't have to use baggies and food doesn't get soggy or smushed. It's a fun way to organize! I work for Healthways and we strive for Well Being so brining healthy lunches and snacks is very important and your lunchbox is perfect!

Red is my favorite and I would use it for snacks/lunches all the time because I am on the go and it would be so handy and help not buying something out less tempting.

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