This Food is An Instant Party in Your Mouth

January 26, 2010   12 Comments

Is there a food out there that can explode with taste and also fight cancer? The obvious answer is berries, but the fresh ones are pretty pricey.

Frozen Berries

I learned about the price of berries, when my baby girl decided that she loved the taste of fresh blueberries. A small box of organic blueberries set me back $3.50 (and she ate two in one day!). There goes her college fund.

I lived near a Trader Joe's which had a big bag of frozen, wild blueberries for about $3. Problem solved! She would happily eat a whole bowl of frozen berries. Since then, we add frozen berries to many foods that we love.

Of course fresh berries are delicious, but freezing doesn't alter the nutritional benefit of the berries. They get a bit more mushy after they are defrosted but the taste of the berries is preserved.

You can just eat a bowl of frozen berries. If you want to make them more luxurious add a teaspoon of sugar, maple syrup, or chocolate sauce for a great snack. You can replace a whole bowl of ice-cream for 100 calories. Or you can add berries to your favorite foods.

Why add frozen berries? Berries have natural sweeteners and they taste great. They are loaded nutritionally (lots of vitamins) and they are low in calorie. You just can't miss.

Some of my favorite foods to add berries to:

In these dark winter months, berries are a great reminder of Summer. We are lucky enough to live in a place where you can pick your own berries. We froze a bunch of them and are still enjoying our labors.

Do you have a favorite food with frozen berries? Please share below.

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I use frozen berries in my breakfast smoothies every morning. Frozen mixed or blueberries, 1/2 a banana, 1/2 c skim milk, 1 T wheat germ and a Yoplait Fiber One vanilla yogurt in the blender. The frozen berries give the shake a much better consistency. I tried fresh berries & the price and consistency sent me running back to frozen!

Angel Food Cake and Berry Parfait
A light dessert that looks impressive!
Angle food cake, cut into large chunks
Strawberries, and/or other berries
or bag of frozen berries, thawed
Vanilla yogurt
Dessert cups or glasses

Add a large cake chunk to the bottom of the cup.

Add a layer a layer of vanilla yogurt and top off with of berries.…

Frozen berries are the greatest! :-) I just purchased a 6-pound bag from the bulk foods store yesterday, actually... :-) We love them in smoothies with a banana and plain fat free yogurt - hooray for speedy, healthy breakfasts on the go! :-)

I love frozen raspberries and often eat them with frozen dark red cherries. I don't wait for them to thaw out all the way, just icy good. A yummy combo.

I add all types of frozen fruit to plain yogurt. It will actually freeze the yogurt and make it like ice cream. My husband eats frozen mango plain in place of ice cream. Frozen fruit is great, especially in the winter months where there isn't much variety of fresh fruit available.

I freeze raspberries in season, and then crumble 8-10 of them onto cold cereal and milk. They make the milk icy cold - and I love the taste (especially with Special K).

I make steel cut oatmeal in the crock pot, for both my husband and myself---a week's worth at a time. I heat it up at work after my workout and add 1/4 frozen blueberries YUM!~

d'you have a healthful chocolate sauce recipe? or guess I could just double boiler melt some fair trade organic dark chocolate.

I bought an infuser bottle and put frozen raspberries, blackberries (have to mush these a bi), peaches, etc in my water daily. I add a little splenda to the raspberries usually. I drink more water now and it is healthy!

I don't know about a chocolate sauce, but a chocolate mousse.... Avacado, cocoa powder & splenda. You could blend the avocado really thin to make it more of a sauce. It's satisfying and healthy. I'm thinking of eating the mousse with strawberries for lower calories

2-3 bananas in the blender with just enough almond or coconut milk to make it ultra creamy. We add 2 T cocoa add any fruit, freeze. Frozen blueberries are delicious in this. So is dried strawberries.

I tried frozen berries for the first time the other day, and wow, I have found a snack forever, frozen berries - including, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and redcurrants with chocolate sauce! Love it, I would definitely recommend trying!!

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