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September 24, 2009   1 Comment

Are there certain foods that remind you of vacation spots? It seems that most tropical destinations have a form of fruit salad to start your day. The heat of the jungle yields an abundant fresh fruit crop that ends up on many a vacationer's breakfast buffet.

Fruit Salad

Why is it so hard for us to create this dish at home? Finding the time to cut up fruit seems to be a problem. The evidence is amount of pre-cut fruit at the supermarket.

You can find watermelon, cantaloupe, and apples packaged and sliced. The price of that slicing and packaging is much higher than if you did it yourself. But, who has the time?

Even fast food companies are slicing our fruit for us - check out Apple fries.

But, a fruit salad is so lovely. It takes virtually no time (except for the chopping) and when you finish, you have this luxurious dish. Add whatever fruit you have around the house. If you are using apples or bananas, be sure to add some fresh lemon juice so that the fruit doesn't turn brown.

Great fruits for fruit salads include:
Strawberries Prevent Cancer

Adding fresh berries is really easy - no chopping - or canned pineapple (be sure to use the pineapple preserved in water to avoid the extra calories of sugary syrup). Add yogurt and granola and you have an incredible breakfast. Mix in cottage cheese and you have a healthy lunch.

Allow kids to make their "own" fruit salad. Set out small bowls of fruit to mix themselves and they will think they are cooking!

What are your favorite additions or combination for fruit salad?

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that looks so good! i can't wait for summer to have tropical fruits available, again.

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