Who Else Wants Bacon?

April 4, 2011   15 Comments

What is bacon doing on Snack Girl? This site is supposed to be healthy!

Healthy Bacon

You can't deny that bacon is really the poster child for "Most Likely To Give You Heart Disease". Basically, fat and salt, this stuff is ridiculously tasty and to be eaten SPARINGLY.

One great way to eat it is to add it to something healthy like cantaloupe. Cantaloupe just showed up at my grocery store for $2 each, and I am excited. This is one of those foods that gives you a great taste, keeps in your refrigerator for a week, and is low calorie.

I have been asked many times how to tell if a cantaloupe is ripe. Unfortunately, the measure of ripeness is how easily it falls of the vine. Don't feel bad if you cut it open and it isn't ripe. (It has happened to me many times.)

I have to admit to forgetting that I had posted this snack on the website until Tinsley reminded me! See below:

I found this on YouTube when I decided to create my own YouTube Channel which features my classic "Flaming Fritos" video.

I love how she gets excited about COOKING in this video (using a toothpick to spear cantaloupe and bacon). I hear you, Tinsley. Her VLOG is called Celiebo and she shares her thoughts, recipes, challenges as she goes gluten free.

My advice - watch the video - make the snack - and enjoy a little bacon.

Please share your thoughts on bacon.

Bacon Cantaloupe Bite Recipe

1 slice bacon
1/4 cantaloupe

Cook bacon in pan or microwave (using paper towels). Cut bacon and cantaloupe into 10 small pieces. Spear bacon and cantaloupe with toothpick.

115 calories, 8.0 g fat, 3.1 g carbohydrates, 7.3 g protein, 0 g fiber, 444 mg sodium, 3 Points+

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I love bacon, obviously. So on the ripe cantaloupe issue: back when I worked at a Farmer's Market, one of the farmers told me to smell the end of the cantaloupe. If it smells like cantaloupe, it's ripe. No smell=not so ripe. This works pretty well for me at the grocery store.

One other reason to only have bacon and other preserved pork products sparingly is the nitrites and nitrates that are used as preservatives. They are particularly unhealthy but are used as they are better for us than botulism.

My Grandma told me that the "secret" to picking the perfect cantaloupe is First-it should smell like a cantaloupe and Secondly-if it has a FEW dimples AND the fresh fruit scent, it's a winner!

In the last 7 or so years since she shared this with me...i have only picked one bad melon! Can't wait to try it with the bacon!

What about turkey bacon? Is that a little bit better choice?

This recipe is also great with prosciutto, wrap a small piece around the cantaloupe and serve. Ssuper duper fast and great when you are craving sweet and salt.

We also love bacon with pineapple chunks. Geez, it's been YEARS since I've had that.

You can get uncured bacon without added nitrites...still fatty and salty but really good!

Bacon is great! In moderation of course. Most of the fat is rendered out during cooking and unless your on an all preserved food diet, the salt in bacon isn't really that bad for you. Especially if you work out regularly. Most people forget that the more you sweat, the more salt you need.

You should also try making pickled melons. Rice wine vinegar(not mirin) water, salt, mint, dill and juniper berries. Just use your melon baller, toss in the pickling liquid(half vinegar and half water ratio) and leave them in the fridge for about 24 hours. Wrap with serrano ham, do the bacon thing from this post, or just eat plain. Sweet, tart and healthy!

Have you guys heard about the Denny's Maple Bacon Sundae? Not only does it sound disgusting it looks disgusting too. It's got maple-flavored syrup, vanilla ice cream and hicory smoked bacon. Does anyone want to guess how many calories in this thing?

A bacon sundae? This isn't a prank? It's a real dish? How REVOLTING does that sound? Even if I wasn't a vegetarian, I'd think that sounded disgusting beyond the law! I almost threw up on my keyboard!

We have a local donut shop in Utah that makes a glazed donut, maple frosted with bacon bit sprinkles!! I hear it is to die-for?!

@ KD -- My face is green! Faces are not supposed to be green :-)

I have always judged my cantaloupe by it's color. If the underlying color is greenish, then it's not ripe. If it's yellowish, it's ripe.

I have had a doughnut with maple frosting and bacon on top. It was one of the most glorious things I've ever eaten. It's not much different from eating a pancake with maple syrup and a side of bacon only, you know, doughnut.

We buy Oscar Meyer bacon that is uncured as hubby is very sensitive to nitrates and nitrites. Even these are becoming more rare in some foods and replaced by other preservatives that are supposed to be safer. Oscar Meyer also makes hot dogs without the common nitrites and nitrates that are used in most other brands. We were so happy to find these as hubby loves both hot dogs and bacon.

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