The Snack Girl Reveal

October 29, 2010   34 Comments

Does anyone else remember when Oprah tossed her fat jeans aside on her show to reveal her spankin' new thin self? The audience went nuts!

The Snack Girl Reveal

I wish I could do something as dramatic as Oprah. Instead, my new self is the result of a new haircut, skin cream, and the power of a professional photographer :)

Actually, since my first post on my own struggles with getting healthy (see: Snack Girl Challenge) I have been slowly undergoing a MAKEOVER.

First, I have added a morning exercise routine (every OTHER day). And because of the boost to my metabolism and the toning of my muscles, I have gone down a size in my clothes. Which means I was forced to buy some new clothes. I absolutely hate shopping so I have been slowly acquiring my clothes through the internet.

Secondly, I decided that I needed to do something about my face. I am sure that some of you out there are hitting the ripe old age of 41 and have noticed that your face has dried out. Why? I have no idea, but it was really bothering me.

So, I went to the pharmacy and bought some anti-aging skin cream ($17 - ouch) and it worked! My skin actually is smoother after using it for a week. Go figure.

Thirdly, I decided to get a haircut. I don't mean a trim, a REAL haircut. This was sparked by the fact that I was invited to a conference with some fellow healthy food bloggers. I figured I would feel dumpy if I showed up with my blunt cut hair in a ponytail. AND, I received a 50% off coupon for a local salon ($15 for a haircut).

If you are wondering what kind of lunatic goes to a new salon, asks for her hair to be cut stylishly, and then leaves for a public event (the NEXT day) in tears because her hair is ruined - that lunatic would be me.

So, it turned out my hair wasn't ruined - I think it is super cute!

My weight in pounds still has not budged, but my husband thinks I am more beautiful than when he met me. And, he keeps telling me!

My struggle with healthy eating continues with (ironically) the fact that I get sent many food samples. Yummy and not so yummy stuff arrives every week for me to sample for Snack Girl and sometimes I lose track of my food intake.

I am trying to write down every time I eat a TREAT so my treats stay in control. I have found that food journaling just makes me obsessed about food and I actually eat MORE when I write it down versus when I just forget about it.

Somehow, without losing weight, without food journaling, and without dieting, I am getting healthier. My path is really different from how I imagined it.

Please share your thoughts, stories, and ideas about getting healthy!

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Congrats! Sometimes when you let the whole dieting thing go and just eat clean, everything falls into place! I have lots of at home workouts if you need variety. But really congrats and I love your blog!

I went on a Trader Joe's diet ... TJ's has incredible food and if you are busy and not the greatest cook (that's me), you can find many wonderful items to purchase.

Among many other items, here are some must-haves at Trader Joe's:

I never enjoyed grocery shopping until TJ's opened up by me. Nope, I do not work for TJ's.

Love the haircut! I have the same problem when it comes to documenting what I eat. Whether it's counting points or keeping a food journal, I always end up overeating in a major way. For whatever reason I do much better to just eat and forget it. Thanks for all the great posts!

Glad to hear someone else has troubles with keeping a food journal. Same thing happens to me...I become completely obsessed with food and my remaining points. For me, I just try to find some balance and forgive myself for my missteps.

You sound and look great. Inspiration is the word that comes to mind.


you look great, and it sounds like you're very happy (and healthy!)

Ditto on the food journal. When I journal, I end up spending the entire day focused on food and very little else gets done. It's frustrating.

Yeah for you! Really enjoy reading my Snack Girl emails that come, actually, I look forward to them. Thank you for all the research and ambition. Myself, my husband, and our 5 young children are definitely benefiting from it.

My husband and I went on the "Biggest Loser" at the beginning of the year. He lost 33 lbs and I only lost 5. After that was over, I went on my own and just weighted myself every week and I am down 13 lbs. It's so true, if you don't kill yourself over it, it comes somewhat easy!!! You look great.

Hi Lisa

I am looking forward to getting you a copy of my new book, e3 for LIFE. I believe you will find it very helpful on your journey for better health.

I love you commitment and look forward to helping make it a little easier to see the results you desire.

Your Friend In Health


Awww, you look BEAUTIFUL!!!! Congrats.

Congrats on feeling healthier. I started with a 15 minute walk 3x week and built up to daily 30 minutes (the dogs needing exercise helped...a lot). After a few years (and a few dropped sizes), I added pilates and that has really made me feel SO much better. There's nothing like not tipping over when you do the 'flamingo' put your socks on...because WOW, your middle muscles actually hold you up.

As for the journaling. It makes complete sense to me. There are a lot of studies which prove you move in the direction of what you focus on.

So, whatever works for you to make you feel well, YAY!

Bravo, Snack Girl! You look wonderful! I am also 41, and struggling with my weight, turning "40ish" and the daily challenges that raising four children can bring. There is no time for myself...sigh. You have inspired me to take better care of ME.

It's wonderful to have a husband who makes you feel beautiful!! & it's even better when you feel it yourself. Way to go!

You are looking good amazing how as you hit the forties, you start to rethink your old habits. Keep up the good work Snack Girl.

I think you look beautiful and healthy! Well done on trying to eat healthy and getting the rest of us to as well! I love your blog!

Exactly what Heidi said! Good Job and fantastic blog & great haircut!

you look beautiful, Snack Girl: happy and confident. and you should be very proud of helping so many people.

You look fantastic! Love the new 'do.

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