Top Ten Inspiring Breakfast Ideas

October 29, 2012   18 Comments

Does your family start to complain when you suggest the same thing for breakfast every morning?

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

My two kids will have me standing there WITHOUT MY COFFEE pitching them breakfast concepts until they decide they like one. How did it get this way?

Well, for starters I don’t buy them what they want (Cocoa Puffs) so that puts me in the position of creating breakfasts that are fast and that they will eat.

Some of these ideas won’t work for kids, but may help you hop out of bed excited to eat a healthy breakfast. Most of these do require some planning, but once you do it you will be glad!

1. Rock The House With Your Toaster Oven

2. Wake Up To These Pumpkin Pancakes

3. turkishbreakfastb Rethink Your Breakfast: Turkish Style

4. Pizza Without Guilt

5. Have You Tried Baked Oatmeal?

6. oatpancakeb Heat Up Your Pan And Make Some Healthy Pancakes

7. softboiledegg2b Good Morning Sunshine! Wake Up With This Egg Dish

8. granolamuffinsb Try This Trick For Some Healthy Blueberry Muffins

9. poachedeggb A Simple Way To Dress Up An Egg

10. upgradedbreakfastcookieb The Healthiest and Easiest Breakfast (Bye-Bye Breakfast Cereal)

What keeps you inspired to make breakfast?

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Thanks for the ideas! Sometimes it's hard to wake up and you are just not sure what to eat!

I went to a cooking demo recently, and they made this *amazing* breakfast dish called "CADA": it was a bowl of raw almond, a bowl of shredded coconut, a bowl of dates and two apples blended together. The texture was a bit like a sweet, chewy, moist tabouleh salad, for want of a better description. It was delicious. They recommended eating it with yoghurt, though I liked it just as it was.

Istara - What are the measurements for each bowl? 1/2 cup, 1 cup?? How many servings? Do you put in food processor? Would like to try this.

I found a recipe online which called for a "handful" of each ingredient and one apple. The bowls they used were perhaps about the size of a cup and a half, so perhaps two handfuls, hence the two apples?

I've also seen suggestions to add walnuts and ginger, and one woman at the class said she had tried adding frozen raspberries (I think as a replacement for the apple) with some success. Also dried apricots and prunes. You can really experiment with it apparently.

I also want to make it but I need to find a strong but affordable blender first!

Istara - Thanks. I have a bullet that I will try this in. walnuts sound good in it.

Can you please let me know how it goes? I am trying to work out if I could make it in a "chopper" rather than a "blender" (I don't quite understand the difference). Choppers seem to be much cheaper though.

I've been raving about this breakfast for 3 mornings now...A home-made "Pumpkin Granola" I found on the internet and made Friday! It's one of the best b'fasts I've ever had [and looks so adorable in Ball jars when I open my fridge]. I've had it layered:chopped apple, plain yogurt, granola, and today just sprinkled on hot oatmeal with skim needs no sweetner and has no table sugar! That amazes me and my somewhat sweet-tooth.

Here is the site:…

I see no reason to buy boxed cereal ever again, been making oatmeal-based granola for a coupla years now but this recipe is the best I've encountered. I'm thinking of trying a sm. applesauce in place of the pumpkin puree for another variety oh, and I DID increase the quinoa to 1/2c and the oatmeal to 3c...wanted a big batch. Try this, you won't be disappointed.

istara. Okay I will. Hopefully will not lose electric with Sandy coming in my direction. I love the new Bullet I got because there are 2 blades (one low, one high) and it really chops, blends perfect. I never had very good results using a blender. I believe it was around 78.00 at Bed, Bath and Beyond, then I had 20% off coupon which helped.

I found it was well worth it. Threw blender out.

Oh good luck with Sandy, people all over the world are thinking of you! If the bullet does the trick then I am sure the chopper I have seen will do (it's called La Moulinette but I can't find any reviews, though it claims to chop nuts).

How funny, I was wandering around my kitchen this morning wondering what I should make for breakfast, and realized I was tired of eating the same thing (and also wishing that someone else would make breakfast for ME, ha)

istara, okay just now able to try to it with what I had on hand. Took 1/2 cup pecans, chopped, added 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut and 5 dried figs, chopped again and then last 1 apple (did not peel). Really good as is is you have a sweet tooth. Will have to get some Greek yogurt when I get a chance. Also want to try the Pumpkin granola.

Thank you Istara, Sue, and Lisa for this interesting post on morning starters, now I want to try CADA, have a new cuisinart which should do the trick [BTW 100. from Amazon]. I mean who doesn't love coconut? I'll pick up unsweetened coconut from my health grocer this week. This has helped me stay off weather channel a bit; we're in coastal CT, just windy/rainy now 3pm, not too bad [yet].

My easy breakfast is 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese with a dollop of plain yogurt (for probiotocs) and fruit of some kind--whatever is on hand--cantaloupe, canned pineapple, frozen berries. I generally have 1/2 a peanut butter and banana sandwich on WW bread right when I get up and then pack the CC and fruit to eat mid-AM at work.

also are great oat cereals (made with a hot water a day before) then added fresh fruits, no sugar and olive oil (yes, exactly! - olive oil) + chia seeds; similar version: cuscus + fruts and chia seeds and other seeds

I guess a smoothie is a great option if you don’t like to eat too much, and it’s a good way of getting in a couple of fruit servings.

I used to feel like that in the morning too, now I’ve gotten used to eating at a similar time each day, and I couldn’t go without eating. Actually I love your healthy ideas for breakfast. It is quite inmportant to ear in the mornings. Eat the breakfast as a king, dinner as a prince and supper as a pauper.

Good list. It seems important to serve your family a variety of healthy foods to keep active and keep their appetite. Thanks for posting.

Thanks for the list. Though we prepare healthy food, it may be unhealthy to prepare the same dish for almost every day. Nice post.

I saw a recipe for "big" oatmeal. I think that was the name. It called for old fashioned oatmeal, not instant, almond soy milk and other things. You cooked it very slowly and got a delicious cereal and large portion came to 5 WW Points. Does anyone have this recipe.

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