Healthy Game Day Snacks

January 30, 2017   5 Comments

It is time to start thinking about healthy game day snacks.

Healthy Game Day Snacks Recipes

If you follow this blog closely, you know that I live in Massachusetts AKA home of the New England Patriots.

Yes, my dear readers, I have a team in the Super Bowl and I am getting fired up for my game day party. My kids love it because they get to watch TV and eat at the same time (which never happens in my house because I have a new couch).

I will not be ordering Dominos or eating buffalo chicken wings because I have created so many easy, healthy snacks through the years that people have expectations about what I will serve. Below, you will find a couple of my favorite replacements for buffalo chicken wings because I love them SO much.

Dips, I find, are the best way to go because you can serve them with a platter of vegetables and no one will complain. My cauliflower crunch bites are also a big hit because they are warm AND crunchy (take that cold chips).

The game is so ridiculously long that it is better to put the food in the kitchen and make people walk to it so they don’t sit there mindlessly stuffing their faces. I am one of those people who will eat almost anything if it is front of me (even if it is a stale cookie).

Put out small plates and make people refill them so they are a little bit aware of how much they are consuming.

BTW, if any of you Atlanta Falcons fans want to talk smack go ahead. It does look like it is going to be a close game and the commercials are always interesting.

I will be wearing my lucky socks and my friend, Amanda, has to leave the room every time the Patriots are about to score. She is bad luck. :)

What do you serve for healthy game day snacks?

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I love your posts. I lost 65 lbs last year, now hard part. Keeping it off. That means no dips, chips, etc. You give me healthy options that are good. Thank you so much!!!

These recipes sound great!! Can't wait to try them. Thank you so much!!

Love this and will probably make one of them for the party we always attend to make up for all the over the top food that is there every year!

Not an Atlanta fan, just not a Patriots fan (it's a Baltimore thing lol) so I will be on the Falcons band wagon this year! Don't be mean to Amanda, let her stay in the room lol ! :)

These are all good ideas esp the smaller plates. I'd use salad plates for this event. I like to take a tip from Pinterest and add a little dip in the bottom of a short glass then arrange a bouquet of veggies in each. This avoids double-dipping and looks cute. Clear solo cups are popular but I'd go with 'old fashion' glasses to reduce plastic. My favorite healthier dip is simply Stonyfield greek yogurt mixed with salsa. Pretzels rods for dippers are nice too. But, I can't help think, 'here we go again'. Its no wonder dieting is so hard when there is not one month without some national holiday, pastime or tradition involving party food. I'm not against partying but the weather's been mild in NE so far, and I personally enjoy sitting a few out and doing something radical, like a hike or a walk on the beach, or a car-trip to a fabulous used bookstore like this one open 363 days. I still adore all the tips & recipes here! Am I the only one trying not to have another snack-attack?

Great ideas for yummy snacks. Will be making a few of these!

I live in Bend, Oregon but I am a born and raised in Massachusetts and I LOVE my New England Patriots....even more after my almost equally favorite SeaHawks are done for

the season LOL :~) :~) :~)

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