Why Don't Americans Serve Eggs Like This?

May 9, 2011   83 Comments

Why did it take an Australian to show me the light on a low calorie, delicious, and fast breakfast? Where has this idea been hiding?

Soft Boiled Eggs

Perhaps, the United States is just lame-o when it comes to egg cooking. How many of you have had a rubbery omelet in the last week?

My husband is Australian (Crocodile Dundee), and he took me to breakfast in Melbourne and I had (get this) a soft boiled DUCK egg. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

I am not going to name my DH "Crocodlile Dundee" - even though it is very tempting. The most successful blogger on the planet The Pioneer Woman named her cowboy husband, "Marlboro Man". Since, I want to remain married, I think I will call my husband "Matt".

It still took me almost 3 years to attempt soft boiled eggs at home.

Why? Because, you need the right spoons and egg cups - and I didn't have either.

1. You need proper spoons to get the egg out of the shell. A teaspoon will not work as well as an "Egg Spoon". Trust me - I tried it. The only place I could find them was - see below

2. You need "egg cups" to hold the egg when you eat them. I went to Williams-Sonoma and they wanted to charge me $14 for ONE egg cup (French china). Who has $14 for one egg cup?

There are a couple good sources for egg cups. First, try your favorite Salvation Army or Good Will, just like fondue pots, people get rid of these because they never use them.

Another good source is eBay - see here: Egg Cups on eBay.

BEWARE: eBay is a great way to procrastinate doing other things you should be doing - like writing your blog.

If you have never bought anything on eBay, it is like an online "garage sale". There is a bunch of random stuff from all over the country, and you will love some of these egg cup choices. I think I wasted 20 minutes looking at all of them.

The egg cup in the above photo was purchased at IKEA. I couldn't believe I found them there.

You scoop the egg out of the shell with the cute spoons. You do have to crack the egg in a certain way for all of this to work (it takes a couple tries before you become an expert). I found some great instructions here: How To Crack a Soft Boiled Egg.

For a mere 63 calories, you get this creamy and nutritious treat. I have mine for breakfast with a few "soldiers" of Toast. Just cut your 100% whole grain Toast into strips to dip in in the egg. YUM!

Soft Boiled Egg Recipe

1 egg
salt for pan

Buy the freshest eggs you can find. Bring a small saucepan of water to a boil and add a dash of salt. Lower egg into boiling water with spoon to keep it from cracking.

Set timer for 5 minutes for a runny egg, 7 minutes for a harder one, and 10 minutes for a hard boiled egg. Remove egg from water with spoon and rinse under cold water. Place in egg cup and crack. Enjoy!

63 calories, 4.4 g fat, 0.3 g carbohydrates, 5.5 g protein, 0 g fiber, 62 mg sodium, 2 Points+

Have you ever tried soft-boiling an egg?

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We Live on boiled eggs here in the UK. You must have soldiers with it - toast cut into strips to dip in the yolk.

I grew up on this! My parents came from Sicily in 1968 and we called this "uovo bagno pane"..which translates to "bread bathed in egg"! I loved this meal so much I started an egg cup collection!

My Gran used to make these with buttery toast soldiers for breakfast when she would visit! We had Adorable egg cups :) I wish I could find some at the goodwill or SA!!!

That reminded me of that one show on TLC. I can't remember the name of it, but the guy that puts himself in the dessert and shows how to survive in such situations. He got an ostrich egg and put it water over a fire. When he cracked open the top it looked like the egg you have pictured. It looks delicious.

I just looked on the IKEA website but they did not have them :( The one you show here is so cute! And I wonder if the small "cranberry" spoon that came with my silverware would work? It is a little wider than a regular teaspoon. My 7 year old son loves it for soup. I guess we'll have to try it.

Hi Marcy - IKEA would only have this in the store - and it was a year ago -so who knows. did you look at eBay? They have some that are "buy now" that are cute and cheap.

I first had soft-boiled eggs as an exchange student in Bavaria in the 70's. My German mom made me an egg every morning, and she had a special way of cutting off the top of the egg perfectly! I like to hunt for vintage egg cups ... there are some really neat ones out there! Thanks for reminding me of this healthy staple!

My parents are immigrants from Europe which is probably why I grew up with these. Took me a long time to find egg cups for my own household. I do so love a 4 minute egg! Grapefruit spoons work really well to crack the shell as well as to scrape the sides of the egg. Thank you for reminding me about this! I just had eggs over easy and strawberries. Yum. Eggs are such a perfect food!

My parents come from Italy and soft boiled eggs were a staple for me for breakfast growing up. We never had "egg cups" or "egg spoons" My mother often served these eggs in a shot class with an espresso spoon...which is how I still serve them, works just as well, much less expensive!

These eggs look like they are under cooked. I could never eat an egg that way. I prefer mine scrambled with mushrooms,onions,green pepper,a half a slice of deli ham (sandwich meat)...and a bit of melted cheese ontop. The more vegetables in it,the better.

Soft Boiled eggs are the standard worldwide except for in the US. If you want the layman's version, just soft boil them, and carefully peel while still hot (whole egg) and then you can mash the egg on toast. I realize this is not as fancy, but it works - and no fancy dishes are REQUIRED like an egg spoon or egg cup. I also like to mash them as they are often served internationally - with cheese. and finally, I have also mashed them in a cup - a small expresso cup, with salt and pepper, and eaten them with a fork. They all work - no special dishes required.

I really don't like soft eggs,, ditto @ Arlene because they do look undercooked.

Ooo, I'm totally going to try this! I will try to resist buying those adorable egg cups and spoons until I make those eggs a few times though.

if you don't want to procrastinate for 3 years, just use a tea spoon, i've been using these with great success my whole life. a handy option for a makeshift eggcup is a shot glass. works for me.

I am so way into eggs lately. Healthy low cal high protein. I have never had a soft boiled egg I am more into the medium/medium well boiled egg. I love the idea of eating it with the egg cup and spoon.

I've been eating soft boiled eggs for my whole entire life. I can even remember my Dad feeding me them when I was a toddler - and might I add - all without an egg cup or egg spoon in sight!!


We had soft-boiled eggs as kids back in the '50' cooked them perfectly....yummmm

My mother used to serve them in a shot-glass :-)

Not new to me. I love soft boiled eggs w/ wheat toast. (the real wasy with the egg cups or by just chopping them up w the toast in a small bowl!)

My Irish born mother made these for me often. Now i make them for my daughter who loves them. You definitely need the cups, but we do use regular teaspoons.

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