Snack Girl's Top Healthy Snacks - Birthday Celebration!

May 4, 2011   18 Comments

Few people know of the origins of Snack Girl. It has been said she is from a different planet (or at least she shops there).

Best Healthy Snacks

Actually, the story is simple. My husband and I started Snack Girl in May 2009. When we launched, we were called Snack Snoop.

I thought "Snack Snoop" was a brilliant name, until a few people informed me that they thought of Snack Poop when they heard it.

oops. is now TWO - count 'em - ONE - TWO years old and I just wanted to celebrate with a list of the top snack recipes on the website over these TWO years.

Now, should you get Snack Girl a present. Absolutely! I love gifts! And, for my Snack Girl birthday, I would like you to share this list with your friends so that they can get some healthy snack ideas and stop eatin' those Doritos.

Put down the Doritos!! (or mail them to me)

And, for my REAL birthday in September, I like cash :)

Here are Snack Girl's biggest homemade snack recipe HITS (in reverse order):

10. mangolassib This Smoothie Will Blow Your Mind

9. miniminipizzab The Tiniest (and Yummiest) Pizzas on The Planet

8. sweetpotatofriesb Never Eat Fast Food French Fries Again

7. ricekrispieb This Is Not Your Mother's Rice Krispie Treat

6. applechipb Got Apples? Try This Awesome Healthy Snack

5. roastedbroccolib My Friends Use To Laugh At Me...And THEN I Made This Broccoli Recipe

4. kettlecornb Makeover Kettle Corn Into "Can Do" Corn

3. brownieballxmasb Give the Gift of A Healthy Snack (Your Friends Won't Even Know Its Healthy!)

2. Homemade energy bar Energy Bar Recipe

1. homemademicrowavepocornb DIY Microwave Popcorn: Healthy, Yummy, and CHEAP

I just want to thank YOU, my loyal readers, for continuing to show up and share your ideas and support with one another and me. I read each of the comments and questions that come my way and I am inspired EVERY day by YOU.

Now, I will send you all a present (except now there are over 60,000 of you every month) so how about an air hug?

Please share your favorite healthy snack ideas, suggestions, or comments on how to make Snack Girl even BETTER!

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Happy Second Birthday. I remember the first one.

Congratulations Snack-Girl! I enjoy stopping by here every morning. My favorite snack lately is a small piece of organic dark chocolate dipped in peanut butter! So satisfying for such a little bit!

AIR HUG!!!!!!......Congrats on your BDay!!!!

Happy Birthday!!

Happy B-day Snack Girl

Happy Birthday! Love your website!

Happy Birthday, Snack Girl!! Congratulations and giant cyber hug to you!


You still keep me checking in every day.

I just discovered your website yesterday...just in time for a birthday. Happy happy birthday! I am such a snack girl myself and thrive on tasty tidbits. I actually made the poached eggs for breakfast this morning!

happy birthday!!

Happy Birthday...thanks for the list and all the time you spend researching and sharing your healthy tips with all of us! You are such a funny and refreshing person-- I always LOL reading your WONDERFUL Snack Girl emails! THANKS!

Woo! Happy Birthday! ^^


Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

Congratulations! You do great work here :)

Thanks for your insights, research, and most of all your real-life opinions, truthfulness, candidness, and sense of humor. You bring a smile to my face when I read your stuff. XOXO Happy Blog Birthday XOXO!

happy blog day!

Happy [late] second birthday! Love your site.

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