A Green Way to Replace Soda

August 3, 2011   229 Comments

Last week, Snack Girl wrote a post about naturally flavored seltzer and a bunch of people shared their favorite "soda-fix".

Low Cost Seltzer Water

From Nancy:

Buy a SodaStream and get their MyWater flavors (unsweetened, natural flavors). The kids love to "make" the water, there's no cans or bottles to deal with, stuff doesn't go flat because you make it as you use it and it's much more economical.

And, Melissa, Donna, and Shannon chimed in! And, now I am going to contribute because I own one of these bad boys.

This photo above is of my SodaStream that I purchased over three years go. It is so GREEN. It costs about 30 cents a liter, and there are ZERO trips to the recycling station.

The SodaStream uses tap water that I filter and it tastes great. I can adjust how bubbly I want my water, and I use only what I need. No more leftover half bottles of flat water!

AND, they do have natural flavors with zero calories to add the the water so you can make you own flavored seltzer see: MyWater Flavor Essences.

You can always grab some fresh lemon or lime to add a little flavor.

SodaStream is giving away a Start Up Kit to one of my readers (worth $100).

There is one catch. If you continue to use it, you will have to buy refills for the CO2 tank - they cost $30 and will fill 110 liters of water. I use mine for about 3-4 months (but I drink ALOT of the stuff). Exchanging the tanks is super easy and the customer service has been excellent so far.

To enter comment below on your favorite route to conquering soda cravings.

What will I win?
A Fountain Jet Soda Lover's Start-Up Kit (approx. $100 retail value). It includes the winner's choice of black/silver, white or red/silver Fountain Jet, CO2 to make over 100 liters of soda, 2 reusable carbonating bottles, a sample pack of flavors, and 3 full-sized flavors of the winner's choice.

How do I enter?
Comment below on your favorite route to conquering soda cravings.

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Am I eligible to enter?
This giveaway is offered to US residents only.

When do I find out if I am the winner?
The winner will be announced on August 10th, 2011. You will have 2 weeks to e-mail us back with your home address so we can mail the prize.

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flavored seltzers are a great way to not drink soda

I drink flavored water the help conquer soda cravings.

I conquer soda cravings by keeping all different flavored seltzers in my house. I have found so many different brands that make many flavors. Not missing my soda any more!

I keep lots of my own homemade iced tea in the fridge and on the go. It soothes my need for a bit if sweetness.

I keep lots of those little boxes with the stick like envelopes on my counter to help conquer the need for soda!

Right now I drink flavored water or chilled green tea to stop myself from drinking soda. I would really enjoy one of these soda makers!

We drink LOTS of flavored seltzer and I'm always drinking the flat stuff because it drives me nuts to waste what my husband leaves behind! When we need a soda fix we buy the tiny sometimes works as a dessert for me.

I put lemon and lime in my water to help get over my cravings

right now I have lime or lemon seltzer and add a bit of fruit juice to give it some works

I bought a camelbak water bottle and have tried to just keep it full by my side - I don't want flavors running through the tubing, so this keeps me from adding anything extra...but when I need some flavor, I'll buy a flavored water from Walmart...

My Family and I have replaced Sodas with Crystal Light Drinks. It works

We buy flavored carbonated water. I would love to make my own.

To avoid the (expensive) plague of diet sodas, I like to drink tea, especially in the winter! I've been meaning to try flavored seltzer waters!

I love the fizzy stuff, not soda so for me, it's much easier to drink the plain seltzer water and add some lemon or lime. A piece of watermelon also adds a light, fresh taste. Love it!

Having recently been diagnosed diabetic I HAVE to stay away from soda. I drink lots of water with lemon/lime juice, add a little fruit juice to seltzer and sometimes just drink it plain.....don't miss Old Man Soda a bit

I drink lots of seltzer with fruit slices or the occasional splash of juice. We do ocassionally by soda but we try to make healthier choices now that we have kids.

I love soda water with just a small splash of 100% cranberry juice and a little fresh squeezed lime juice.

I have been wanting one if these forever! I would love to win!

Unfortunately, I've yet to find a grand way of conquering my soda addiction! I don't live alone, so it's very hard to say "hey, no more soda for me!" when people keep bringing it into the house! I like the idea of keeping sweet tea on hand. Perhaps I'll give that a whirl!

I am a seltzer addict and must go through at least a 6 pack of flavored seltzer a day. The bubblier the better. I NEED one of these machines!!! Yay that they exist!!!!

When I was trying to give up soda, I drank a lot of the flavored waters..this seems like a GREAT replacement :)

i used to be a huge mountin dew fan. and sadly had to give it up. I switched to drinking more iced tea. hard to do but since i love tea the affine headaches from drinking soda went away after about a week .

I also liked you on FB i honestly didnt realize you had a page there :D

I have a hard time beating my diet soda cravings...I would love to try this as an alternative! Thanks for all you do on this site!

I have tried to deal with a family soda addiction by just not bringing it in the house, switching to tea, and water. It is still hard to not fill the need at the drive thru. I think this would help!! Thanks!

I do love soda but try to conquer my cravings by adding lemon or crystal light to my water.

I haven't had a soda in 2 years and I do it mainly through always having water with me (in a reusable bottle of course!) and drinking lots of iced tea in the summer and hot tea in the winter. I tried bottled flavored sparkling water but it just hurts me to use that much plastic.

I haven't drank soda in years, but for a treat I'll drink club soda with a squeeze of lime and lemon in it.

I used to be addicted to coca-cola. I switched to diet by drinking half regular and half diet. I am currently trying to give it up all together, but find the thing holding me back is the lack of caffeine (awful headache). I've been cold brewing iced tea every night to help with that. As long as I remember, i don't have to drink any soda.

Homemade iced tea with a bit of sweetener and milk. YUM. I also buy concentrated lemon juice drink and add a bit to my water for a great tasting lemonade!

I'm on day 4 of no caffine and It's been pretty easy. I drink v8 fusion lite, has some calories but it has the fruit and veg which I need more then the caffine!

I have bottled water in the fridge (and we definitely recycle the bottles). It seems to be the best method for me to stay hydrated and not really want to have soda.

I use Crystal Light drink mixes and similar brands when I'm looking for a little extra flavaaa. But ever since seeing a demo of these soda streams I've been wanting one so bad! Such a cool concept/idea.

I put a little Simply Orange flavor into water and purchase flavored seltzers. But so fun to be able to make them from home.

Take sparkling water and a few drops ruby red grapefruit Juice for a refreshing drink at work or on the go!

I keep a jug of iced tea at home and at work in the fridge all the time during the summer.

I have cut out soda completely after finding out I had become diabetic at 24. I needed to get all the crappy sugar out of my diet and that was one of them. My house is a soda free zone and my friends know this. I love my brita filter for fresh water and I love my little MiO pods to give it a little flavor when I'm having those bad days of craving soda.

I drink flavored sparkling water. That can get expensive and I feel bad about consuming so many plastic bottles so I would love one of these.

Black cherry seltzer is my favorite.

I'm a huge seltzer fan and find that it really helps with soda cravings. Drinking plenty of water always helps too. But I have to say that once in a while, there really is nothing better than an iced cold fountain diet coke.

They only way I've found I can avoid drinking soda is if I just don't buy it. So if it's not in the house I don't crave it. But when my husband (who loves soda) buys me my favorite kind then it's very hard to stick to my water.

Since your post & My purchase of the Polar Seltzer, my DH now refers to you as "Snack God" LOL. And we've been talking about getting one of these machines! And to win one, would be...\(*o*)/ yippie! Thanks for the Great Info...SnackGod! LOL

Cheers Magic `*>~[

Iced coffee and iced latte are my go-to drinks instead of cola. Yum!

If I choose to drink a soda i make myself drink twice as much water as soda I drink that day. Really deters my soda drinking!!

I drink water with lemon, my daughter does mio, my husband is trying to replace soda with Gatorade. This machine might help,me wean him off pepsi!

I love sparkling water with a little lime, lemon and strawberry juice added. so good.

I follow you on FB

I am currently trying to break my Diet Coke habit. I drink lots of water, but still drink a couple of sodas a day.

I drink water with lemon, or sparkling water if I need the bubbles. :o)

I don't really drink soda, but am trying to overcome my southern "sweet tea" addiction - this would work great!

My favorite is the cranberry flavored water! However, me and my dad looove making our own homemade soda, but it's just so time consuming and takes so many bottles and it's bad! This machine would be wonderful to get us back to that (:

If I think I want soda, I first drink a glass of very very cold water - I find that I usually want soda because I am tired and thirsty (and the answer to that is simply conquer the dehydration!) If I still want some, I go for a quick walk to distract me.

I make lots of lemon and lime aid. It starts off really strong and I add more water every time the pitcher is half empty I add more filtered water, until I can hardly taste the lemons.

We drink a lot of fruit infused water and I like sparkling mineral water too!

I keep a pitcher of cold water in the fridge and we drink Crystal Light.

We have been taking baby steps conquering the soda habit in my house - about 6 months ago, we made the switch from regular to diet, but I'm not convinced that's any better for you. My husband hates the "taste" of water, but I think he just needs the carbonation. This would be a fabulous way to convince him. Not to mention, the cost of soda seems to be going through the roof recently!

I used to drink soooo much soda thinking that I had a bad soda addiction.. Until recently I found out that it was actually a craving for carbonation. I'm not sure if carbonated water (like Seltzer or flavored seltzer) is comparable to plain water on a nutritional-basis but it sure beats chugging coke!!

I am so glad I really don't crave soda... However when I do I drink unsweetened iced tea :) or seltzer or those little single serve packs of mix in a glass or even chocolate milk!!

I keep sweet tea in the fridge and my water bottle glued to my side and only drink a Diet Dr. Pepper on super special occasions ;p

Would LOVE this! My stack of flavored seltzer cans is threatening to collapse before I get them to the recycle center... Just retweeted your tweet...

awesome giveaway - especially because i ALWAYS crave diet soda! lately i've been making a rule for myself: drink a certain amount of water at specific times during the day. this way i'm less thirsty and less likely to go for the soda!

I add a dash of orange or apple juice to my glass of seltzer.

I mostly drink plain water, and slowly, those soda cravings went away. However, when I'm bored with it, I'll change it up a bit with lemon, lime, or cucumber, or make some iced green tea. I also love sparkling water on occasion.

I make a giant pot of tea every week & add some honey and fresh mint while it is cooling on the stove.

my friend got this nifty machine a year ago and loves it. I love my flavored seltzer it does for sure cut down on the soda and (as we say in Boston) diet tonic.

I drink Chai Tea to curb those soda cravings. It's got that spicy flavor and a little milk added in gives it a smooth yummy taste. I've been soda free for 5 months now and am working on the rest of my family!

I love love love soda. However I got so used to coming home and drinking a mini can of Pepsi that I would really want more. But then I did some research after looking at the ingredients. I was like O_O. The most effective way to replace soda for me was: to stop buying it. Whoever I would go grocery shopping with would be sent into the soda aisle while I got something else. However, my love of fizz has made me realize the power of seltzer! I've never really liked it but I do mix it with either homemade juice if I have time or with the healthiest 100% organic and sugar free etc. You can adjust your fizziness! With an 8 ounce cup I usually do about a little less than 50/50 juice-fizz ratio, but that's because I love the fizz. Another good way to avoid soda is always getting water or unsweetened iced tea (I personally love unsweetened iced tea) while eating out. If you must have soda, opt for the mini cans. Believe it or not that's what 1 serving size is, I believe they are available in Pepsi coke canada dry, orange soda, and a few others. Believe me, after you don't have it and then try it again, it won't taste as good as last time ;)

I drink San Pellegrino to cut the cravings. But they are CRAZY expensive :(

I'm a Diet Coke addict! When I decided to stop abusing my body, I started creating flavored water. My kids and I enjoy customizing "spa water" with slices of lemon, lime, oranges, cucumber, and any combination of those. It's not exactly the same, but it beats plain flat tap water!

flavored water

Usually it's just the bubbles I miss, so I drink sparkling mineral water. Or if it's the caffeine I think I need, I'll have some coffee.

My husband and I haven't drank soda in two years. When we need a little fizz we buy Klarbrun or La Croix. This is perfect!!!

I actually just drink carbonated water but can't stand to see the sodium in each can. I do drink a lot of water, but know I would drink even more if I could carbonate it myself. I've seen these all over while I was living in South Africa and have wanted one ever since! Love the concept and I know my 4yo son will too as he loves his 'bubble water'!

I need this in order to kick my diet coke habit!!:D

I love flavored water (and I actually like the Mio flavorings too, I know bad!).

this would be perfect for my daughter. she loves the treat of a soda but this would be so much better for her!

I'm learning how to fight the Soda monster. Although I have switched to Diet Coke but have been learning to drink more flavored water & Water w/fruit in it. Its SO hard but I know its for the best. I do NOT let my children drink any kind of soda or even carbonated drink so its only far right? This would awesome to win I'd even share w/them Ha.

club soda either alone or with lime juice.. sometimes I add fresh mint too

Tweeted about the giveaway -Elliesworld Thanks again for the chance.

I am an iced tea junkie. I use an Iced Tea Machine and add lemons and sweetener into the pitcher so i is ready to go (I group up with a 'sweeten your own' family). As long as I have a giant jug of that I'm good to go at night. During the day I keep water bottles full of it to drink at work.

I mix some fruit juice with carbonated water, yum!

I drink flavored water (like Vitamin Water Zero and Aquafina), plus plain club soda with a lime and flavored seltzer. Love it all, and I don't miss the soda much!

I'm ADDICTED to Polar Seltzer water. My favorite is Pomegranate... and I like the new tropical flavors they just put on the shelves for summer. I try really hard to stay away from soda so seltzer water is a perfect alternative.

I gave up soda many years ago by drinking lots of water with lemon. It became my favorite drink, though now I drink more unsweetened green tea.

I always hear the Bob and Tom radio show advertising this product and have always been intrigued! Glad to see it featured on the site and think it's a great way to help protect the environment. I'm pretty good at conquering my soda cravings by drinking tea and water and NOT purchasing soda to keep at home. I try to treat soda like my parents had it when they were young...a treat only and not a go-to beverage. Since fountain soda tastes sooo much better than the canned or bottled stuff, I usually forgo the diet and get the fully loaded thing IF I am treating myself to a fast food or restaurant meal on the weekend. I find it much more tasty and refreshing when you get it from a fountain and only on "special" occasions. :)

I have been drinking Polar seltzer while on vacation in Maine and it's delicious. Would love to economize and treat the environment a lot better by using Soda Stream. I badly need to kick my diet soda addiction because it's affecting my health. Thanks for letting us know about the product, Snack Girl!

The last post on seltzer type waters, encouraged me to buy sparkling water at the store this week instead of the usual diet soda ... I like it! I'd love to be able to do sparkling juices, etc. to help get the kiddos off of orange pop and root beer!

I drink half then give the other half of the can to my hubby :)

I like to add fruit (lemons, limes, strawberries) or cucumber to plain water and then get it icy cold.

I gave up soda years ago and drink plain water or home made iced green tea. Every once in a while I'll have a soda for dessert.

I love sparkling water with lemon or lime but haven't quite kicked the diet soda habit. I would love to try one of these.

I've been drinking ALOT of tea lately and am loving it. I'm working on perfecting a sun tea.

slices of lemon in very, very chilled water help!

Good for all of you who are kicking the soda habit -- regular and diet! Really, if you don't win this SodaStream, buy one (use the 20 percent off coupon from Bed, Bath & Beyond) Once you have it you will find lots of ways to use it... plain, with fruit, with juice, for parties, for the kids, etc.

I am addicted to Sugar Free Cherry Limeade! When I get a soda craving, I just reach for my water bottle and pour one of those babies in there!

I try to drink plain water or iced tea instead of regular or diet soda. I'd really love to kick my husband's heavy chemically-laden diet soda habit!

I just add a lime wedge to carbonated water and I'm all set!!!

I have been drinking just plain water or snapple. I am definitely missing some fizz. This sounds like the perfect answer. Thanks.

I drink a lot of sparkling water with a squeeze of citrus.

I love my unsweetened ice tea or sugar free naturally flavored sparkling water. The bubbles in soda are what I like~so sparkling water or seltzer are good substitutes! I like the fruit flavors: peach~apricot, black cherry, honeydew melon. Yum!

I have never tried this but sure would like too. Right now I just drink water and throw in a lemon, lime or my vitamin B and I'm good to go.

I infuse filtered water with various herbs. Having a SodaStream sounds awesome. Lots of room for experimentation

I drink sobe water to conquer my pop cravings! And I'd love to have a soda machine and so would my 3 kids!! :)

I haven't yet kicked the soda habit so I'd love one of these to help.

I love any flavored seltzer water or even plain is refreshing, served ice cold!

Sometimes I just have to give into my addiction for caffeine free diet coke. I NEED it. (Isn't that terrible?) I substitute Crystal Light caffeine free iced tea, but sometimes I need the fizz.

I struggle with my daily addiction to Coke Zero. But, I love bubbles. Carbonated flavored seltzers are my favorite "coke buster"

I'm currently pregnant and rarely drinking soda these days. I made my transition by going from diet coke to diet caffeine free coke, then from there switching to flavored waters and now I drink just plain water most of the time. When I'm really wanting a little fizz though I try to go for something caffiene free. I'd love to have a green option that would allow me to make a delicious drink! Great giveaway! Thanks:-)

I mix seltzer with a little bit of grapefruit juice or lemon juice (organic of course) and some stevia, and ice. Yum!

I use flavored seltzer water. Sometimes added a zero calorie flavored pack.

I got myself down to 1 Diet Soda every other day by using Crystal Light and Mio. I don't think one every other day will kill me any time soon.

I go to the farmers market, pick out out something great lets say watermelon, and i'll make a (agua) from it. An agua is fresh fruit juiced with some water, a little sugar (if needed) and usually a touch of lime juice. So refreshing it'll make you forget you were trying to conquer soda cravings in the first place, but i bet they'd go great in the Sodastream.

My bff has sodastream and loves it, so Im a bit jealous of hers, but lately, I've been getting seltzer and using "MIO" to flavor it. So yummy and saves me a ton of calories from regular soda!

We also have replaced soda with crystal light drink mixes.

I'm horrible at drinking just plain water and staying away from pop, so I bought some Crystal Light and it's helped a TON!

I kicked a bad Diet Coke habit about 8 months ago with the help of a Sodastream. I tried to limit myself to one Diet Coke per day, but I often had two or more. I kicked the habit before, but always went back after a few weeks. Now I only drink soda rarely and never buy it. I replaced it with plain seltzer from the Sodastream, often supplemented with fresh lime or lemon juice or a small splash of 100% cranberry juice. I also have become a tea drinker, and chai tea with milk and honey is my favorite. Interestingly I have lost a significant amount of weight since giving up diet soda. Bed Bath & Beyond sells the refill canisters for around $15 when you turn in the empty ones, and you can use one of their coupons to get it for even less.

We buy cartons of San Pellegrino in the glass bottles at Costco. Also, most soda fountains have a tab for both 'water' and 'soda' on the machine somewhere (typically on the same tap as something else) and you push something up top instead of triggering the regular soda with your cup underneath. So, our kids see us getting soda at the fountain like everyone else and we also call the seltzer water or soda water 'soda' so they think they are like everyone else. So far, it has worked out great. The only actual sip they had of regular soda they thought was way too sweet and didn't want it!

I drink way too much soda and am trying hard to break the habit this would be perfect for me

water, green tea, and seltzer for the bubbles. Ohh, also wine and champagine in the pm.

When I crave soda, I just reach for a flavored water or seltzer. :)

I conquer my soda craving by having a Coke Zero! I try to keep it to once a day, but this would be great!

Usually my quickest solution is to get seltzer water and squeeze fresh lemons and limes in, or add seltzer water to fruit juice.

I have made a rule to only order water when I go out to restuarants, since that is where the majority of my soda consumption is. It saves money & reduces consumption. :)

I would LOVE to try one of these. I've pretty much weaned the family off of regular soda as there is nothing "good for you" about it! This sounds like a fun, healthy alternative! Pick me, pick me. :-)

I admit I drink about 1 diet coke a day. It used to be more but when I got serious last fall about losing a few pounds I started drinking more water and crystal light and I'm sure it helped me get to my goal (all the sodium)!

I would love to win this. I have a steady stream of preteen and teenagers coming through my house and they know there are always drinks in the fridge. I am constantly looking for soda sales for this reason! If I could get them to use this we would all win!!

We drink flavored water and Crystal Light...but we haven't found a good replacement for soda yet...

It's normally the carbonation that I crave, so I drink flavored seltzer water or sip on green tea. I would love to have one of these to make my own without all of the additives!

YAY! I love mine as well, owned it since last year thxgiving period and it is THE BEST INVESTMENT I HAVE EVER MADE. I even bought one for my dad. :D

for me I drink soda for the bubbliness, not for the sugar, so it's easy to conquer my need for soda...just make some cold seltzer water! for some odd reason in my mouth, the bubbly coldness gives me a sense of slight "sweetness" (even though there's obviously no sugar) and a lot of refreshingness!

also i sometimes mix 3/4th oj with seltzer water to cut down on the sugar and add a bit of refreshing bubbles to my oj. it reminds me of a mimosa...but without any alcohol :D

side note, if you do your co2 refill exchange at bed bath & beyond, the tanks are only $15. The $30 pricetag should be for completely brand new tanks (ie if you didn't bring an empty one back to trade with them). This is great too since that means i never have to deal with getting rid of empty co2 tanks! (mine's the 60liter tanks tho, I have the Genesis. maybe yours is the more expensive larger tanks?).

the only sucky thing for me is i do still waste seltzer i drink straight from the bottle ^^;;;

I think I like the bubbles more than the actual soda and I try to limit myself to 1 caffeine free soda a day. If I could only make my own and avoid all the calories and quit wasting moolah...

I always keep iced tea on hand. That way I have that sweet flavor without needing the soda. Haven't had soda in my house in 4 years. This soda maker sounds amazing! I would love to have one.

I drink flavored water both with bubbles and without which I buy at big lots which makes it a lot cheaprt. I also like to drink juice or Lipton Green tea. I also drink propel Zero or Crystal light pure to go

I drink water with Lemon or I drink green tea.

I love putting fruit in my water! Or drinking green tea

Id like some soda. I use orange or apple juice as my "soda treats." I simply gradually stopped drinking them over the years and occasionally buy fruit juice as a substitute. Other than that its water or milk on my cereal.

I try to drink water instead of soda. I have a hard time drinking plain water, though, so I usually infuse water with cucumber or lemon.

I try to drink water period. I am a coffee in the am and find water just to flat to drink.

concore soda cravings my favorite would be to keep tea in the refrig.

Iced tea and coffee - and lots of it. Also some good old fashioned water.

My daughter and I don't have much trouble sticking to pure water (I have to have my coffee, but that's another story). I would love one of these machines! My husband has a serious soda addiction, and he drives us crazy with all his 2 liter plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

I love these. I just got one in June and it has been great although I do not drink a lot of soda I loved the fizzy flavored waters!

We usually buy sparkling mineral water instead of soda, but the cost can add up as well as the plastic bottles. I've been dying to try a soda maker! =)

Well first off, Out of sight out of mind.. stop buying it.. Stick to water, or green tea :) Consider all of the calories.. that does it for me :)

I am a soda addict!! I have yet 2 find ANYTHING that can curb my cravings for it! I am a mom of 4 boys & am hoping 2 teach them healthier ways 2 eat & drink. I have been interested in buying 1 of these machines but have been leary due 2 the fact that everything else I have tried hasn't worked 4 me. Due 2 recent health issues that have popped up I am ready 2 try anything!!!

I've been drinking a lot more tea recently. I do use sugar, but a large class is only 1 WW Point, so it definitely beats out the soda that would be about 4-6 Points for a can.

I drink vitamin water zero, but after reading your review of this, I am super excited about the idea!!! I love fizzy drinks, but had given them up since I can't find a low-calorie natural soda I like.

I love drinking flavored teas or waters. Would love to try this though!!

I've realized that the reason I like soda is because I want something to sip on- and so I've switched to iced tea and seltzer with a squeeze of orange, lemon or lime. I also have a nifty pitcher with a tube in it for fruit- the water filters through the fruit, giving it extra flavor.

When I REALLY want soda- sometimes you just crave it!- I go for a regular soda watered down with either water or seltzer water. I know it sounds weird, but its a good way to drink soda without all the sugar. I barely notice it's not a "full" soda (kind of scary to think of how much sugar regular soda has!) and I save myself from a good amount of calories and sugar :)

I still drink diet soda, but I drink lots of water as well.

Everything with bubbles and without calories makes me happy!

I try to conquer my soda fix with seltzer water. It helps but I'm still trying to kick the bad habit.

I try to just avoid soda, but still have it every couple of weeks when the craving gets too much. I would love to have this to be able to have fizzy drinks all the time!

i've been crushing on this gadget for the past month. vanilla all the way!

I'm strange I guess because I no longer have soda cravings! Is be interested in trying this for sure though!!

We use natural fermenting to make real lemonade and ginger bear, no need for any carbonated stuff.

I tend to drink an occasional diet coke when I go out to fill up so I don't eat so much of the overabundant food... but overall I am more of a tea drinker.

I got addicted to Diet Pepsi about 11 years ago. After all the evidence mounting against artificial sweetners and insulin resistance, I decided it was time to stop especially with just recently losing my mother due to complications from diabetes.

I have been diet soda free for nearly a month. It's definitely the "burn" of the bubbles that I crave. I have been beating those cravings with Canada Dry Raspberry sparkling water. When I'm out and that's not available it's unsweetened iced tea or unsweetened iced tea mixed with a little lemonade. I've also been drinking water with cucumber slices and orange slices. So refreshing but I still need my bubbles! This product would be WONDERFUL!

I love this idea. I need to drink more water & I desperately need to stay away from the asparatame that they put in the diet sodas. I've been buying club soda, but I like this idea better.

I dislike sweet sodas, but when I get thirsty shopping I always give in and buy a diet soda, which is not good either, but the new drink made with stevia was actually quite good! I can't remember who makes it, Snapple or Sobe?

My wife and I drink regular club soda. Sometimes we'll squeeze in some lemon or lime or even a little Crystal Light Drink Mix To Go. More refreshing than sodas...

I drink sparkling water such a San Pelligrino, or the citrus flavored ones from Deer Park & Perrier.

I buy the flavored selzer water. It has the fizz of soda and so far it has satisfied my "need" for soda. I would love to be able to win this sodastream and make my own ! : )

I rarely have soda at home. It's my treat to have it when we eat out. At home, I drink water almost exclusively. When I want some flavor in it, I pour in some lemon or lime juice, and sometimes I use one of those little packs of True Lemon, which is crystalized lemon. No calories, very little else.

I freeze slices of citrus fruits and throw them in selzer water. It cuts down on the amount of acid and makes my dentist happy.

I mix seltzer water with fruit juice

I love adding a small amount of pomegranate juice to a lot of saltzer water, tastes great and has the fizz of soda!

Even though I add lemon or lime juice to ice water, I still miss the fizz of soda.

I <3 La croix! They have some good flavors and of course the fizz of soda w/o sugar/sodium/caffeine!

I drink alot of Crystal Light and Unsweetended tea.Once you get uses to drinking unsweetened tea it isisnt that bad I dont even miss the sugar anymore.

I just drink a lot of water. Once you get used to that the taste of soda is just too sugary and intense.

I drink flavored water or seltzer to stop myself from drinking water. I use Crystal light, or iced tea as a sweet substitute

When I gave up soda, I was a cola-addict. Had to have at least one every day....for years! Once I decided to quit, I went cold turkey, and used iced tea, then went to just plain ice-cold water. Now, soda makes me feel so gassy I can't stand it. Having a way to adjust the level of bubbles would be awesome!

I LOVE soda (aka Coke--I live in the South and everything is Coke). I have never been able to wholesale remove it from my diet. I can get it down to one a day but that's about it. I try and drink a ton of water but I always find myself longing for a Coke. They are so yummy!!

Trying some LaCroix flavored seltzer.

I drink flavored water and sweet tea!! I work with a doc that has this machine and she will hook me up when the soda craving comes!

I conquered my diet soda addiction by switching to seltzer and sparkling water with flavor enchancers, then did away with the artificial flavorings and sweetners by switching to pieces of fruit or tiny portions fruit puree from my freezer. I'd love to have a SodaStream so I could stop buying seltzer.

I have switched to flavored seltzer. I also saw a great idea on Pinterest...freeze lemon, lime, orange, cucumber, etc. slices in an ice cube tray and add to water. I do keep a large pitcher of water with cucumber slices in the refrigerator all the time.

My favorite route to conquering soda cravings is lemonade (Santa Cruz is good) with seltzer or club soda (easier to find in ND).

Vitaminwater ZERO especially the bloodorange-mixed berry flavor. Has some caffeine in it.

ICE COLD well water kills the soda cravings for me. I crave soda when I'm VERY thirsty and ice water just knocks it out of the park... :)

I do not allow myself soda unless I have had my daily allotment of water - 48 oz minimum - and then I can have a soda. Typically that means no soda for me!

Carbonated flavored water for me...and I hate buying all those plastic bottles. This is FANTASTIC!!

i usually always need something bubbly after dinner or something heavy that i ate. i love 7up (seems like the healthiest soda :P my my guilty pleasure)but i usually buy Polish/European bubbly carbonated water called Naleczowianka. they sell in it many supermarkets especially Euro ones but if i need something sweeter i add a bit of raspberry syrup or lemon! best when served cold :)

I drink Crystal Light and Snapple drink mixes instead of soda when at home.

Kick the craving w/ gum!

I am definitely a Coke addict. To over come this, I have tried every type of juice and flavored water but this. I would love to give this a try!

I don't know what I can add...I usually just drink plain water but there are times when I do crave a carbonated drink but don't know where to turn. This sounds like a great alternative!

I simmer lemons and limes together in a gallon of water, add it to another gallon of green tea and keep the mix in the fridge to drink over ice.

I don't know...I usually just give in to the soda craving. My friends make fun of me because I always say, "I need some bubbles." It's the bubbles in soda that I love so much, so this would be great!

I conquer my soda cravings by drinking Sobe Lifewater. Love the black & blue berry flavor. Pick me to win the SodaStream! We were just looking at one of these to purchase last week!

It's really hard for me to conquer my soda cravings. I usually try to add lemon and sweetener to my water for a little bit of flavor, or I will drink Gatorade instead. Another option is using the powdered drink mixes to put in a bottle of water. Some of those are really good!

I've tried making my own soda and failed, but that's fine because I'm addicted to pretty much every commercial soda. Still, there is nothing like an old-fashioned soda fountain...

CHEW GUM! I love the
Melon Mint kinda flavors &
Cool Colada!

Conquer soda cravings- oh no, I love soda of the zero calorie variety without any caramel coloring! But... when I am trying not to drink so much of it, what I have done is drink carbonated water. I think this soda steam is awesome I can have my Carbonation and drink more water. Go figure. Who knew calorie free could be as easy as my kitchen?!!! Lol. Please please please oh pretty please pick this entry. My five boys and I could use the motivation. Thanks HG for everything.

Sliced lemons or lime with some mint -- great summer refresher. During the winter, I love seltzer and would love to try to SodaStream!

I've been drinking seltzer with mint and lime to conquer soda cravings

I'm a big iced tea fan now ... I keep a BIG pitcher of iced tea in the refrigerator at all times! So when the soda craving hits (usually when i get home and it's super hot) I just pour out a tall cold one ... mm! (Would love to try that soda machine though!)

I do not particularly like soda, so I have no problems not drinking it. My 10 year old LOVES it, and flavored seltzer and anything bubbly. I hate buying the bottles and cans, because it feels so wasteful.

I make homemade ginger ale, that my son and husband both like. This is the recipe I use, but I only put in 1/4 cup sugar, more ginger, and more lemon or lime juice.…

But my son would love the soda stream!!

I've never tried seltzer but now I'm really interested. I limit my soda intake nowadays to only on special occasions like when we go to an amusement park.

I guess I'm old school. I like good old water with maybe a slice of lemon or lime to get rid of my thirst. The SodaStream sounds very tasty! I'd like to try it!

my favorite soda replacement is sun-brewed ice tea... with lots of lemon or lime! i even make popsicles out of it, yum.

To curb my soda yearnings, I drink chilled Crystal Light or tea. I still "cheat" and have soda binges but NOT like I used to.

Fizzy Water with a splash or juice or lemonade!

I've never been a big soda drinker but I really love beer. At night I can grab seltzer and still have the fizz without all of those calories.

I love polar seltzer but being able to make your own at home is great! And mix and matching flavors is a treat!

Flavored water... either with a wedge of lemon or a slice of cucumber.

Water filtered from my frigde with crushed ice. Sometimes lemon or lime wedges added.

I am SO incredibly addicted to soda and it makes me absolutely crazy. I am trying so hard to cut down, so I am first getting rid of the caffeinated sodas. I have habitual times that I reach for a soda (multiple multiple a day. sigh.) and every week I am replacing one more "soda time" with water, crystal light, or fruit/veggies. I would LOVE this replacement!!

We drink Crystal Light or tea to conquer the cravings at our house.

I drink diet soda and it makes me drink less

I started getting Crystal Light on-the-go packets, or the equivalents of other brands. I've found that they actually keep me more hydrated and are more cost effective, but I do miss the carbonated bubbly goodness of soda. This would be a wonderful prize to win!

We use carbonated water mixed with a tad of 100% fruit juice :)

Ive been addicted to Coke for over 50 years and the only way I overcame my fix was by substituting a flavored fizzy drink called "Crystal Bay" sold by Publix here in Florida. However, I found that simply being calorie free with no caffeine is not a guarantee of a healthy product. Here is the listed ingredients found on the bottle: carbonated water, citric acid, natural flavor, potassium benzoate, sucralose, acesulfame potassium, ascorbic acid, and calcium disodium edta. Other stores offer similar drinks sweeted with aspartame (yuck). I bought my first case of La Croix last week at Costco's. I have also seen the fountain drink maker at Beds and Bath store and will get one eventually.

this looks fun! wish i had one so that i wouldn't have to buy several different types of soda for the mr and sparkling water for me!

Sadly I'm a diet coke addict. Love to have this so I can go clean.

What I like to do to conquer those soda cravings, is I blend up frozen strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries in the blender, and instead of adding milk or juice, I add seltzer. Tastes great and good for you too!

i drink kombucha now instead of soda :)

i follow you on twitter and i tweeted :)

I drink lots of water infused with fruit and sometimes cucumbers, mint and ginger, so refreshing

I buy fancy hand mixed herbal team mixes from various sellers on Etsy. It makes me feel like I'm getting spoiled at a spa as I brew either hot or cold tea to drink!

I try to conquer it by drinking water with lemon in it. Or drink cold tea.

I am in the ranks with the people trying to conquer diet soda. But it's true that it's not the flavor that sucks you in- it's those wonderful bubbles. This looks like the perfect solution.

Even though it's not natural, I use Crystal Light in my water to keep me from drinking soda.

I do a lot of lemon in water to help... that and green tea, but I admit I sneak in diet soda still even though I wish I didn't!

We mix 1 part Crystal Light Lemonade or fresh grapefruit juice to two or three parts club soda for a refreshing drink with some zip.

I am all about hydrating. The addition of a lime wedge means I can suck down a lot more water without getting bored. And, if there are bubbles in the water, it's much more filling, so it cures my munchies much better. Think cool, natural lemon/lime seltzer with a sprig of mint....ahh! So refreshing!

For every bottle of soda I drink, I fill the empty bottle with water and drink that also. It's not much, but it's a start.

I add a splash of lemon or lime juice to water to give it a bit of extra taste!

I love Crystal Light drink mixes! they are so flavorful!!!

I'm reading all about the terrible things in soda, but I still crave it! Would love to try these natural options.

I love orange flavored sparkling water!! Thank you for spreading the word about sparkling water.

I drink Propel which I feel is much better then drinking soda. It is very difficult to get over soda though.

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