Guilt Free Noodles And Rice: How Miraculous Are They?

July 9, 2012   134 Comments

Snack Girl is delving into the world of the zero calorie noodle. You heard me, ZERO calories.

Miracle Noodle Review

A loyal reader, Amy, asked me this question:

I just discovered something called Shirataki Noodles that are extremely low calorie, gluten free noodles. Have you heard of these and what is your take on them? Are they a healthy substitute? I'd love to hear your thoughts before trying them myself.

Yes, make ME the guinea pig :)

The famous shirataki pasta noodles AKA Miracle Noodle are made of a soluble fiber called “glucomannan”. In seven ounces of noodles, you will find ZERO calories.

The noodles are edible but they have been processed from a Japanese yam to be INDIGESTABLE so your body extracts no nutrition from them.

Sounds delicious doesn’t it?

My first problem with these noodles is the price. For 7 ounces of noodles you pay $2.50 for a bag which is one serving. My entire pound of whole wheat pasta which has calories and nutrition is around $2.

Then, there is the preparation which (unfortunately) reminded me of my days working in a science lab. You open the bag and it smells like rotting fish. You rinse the noodles, blanch them in boiling water, and then let them dry on paper towels. Hey, this is a bit nauseating and time consuming!

There seemed to be a test at this point that I failed because I had to get them off the paper towels and into marinara sauce without spreading them all over my kitchen counter. Argh.

How did they taste? They don’t taste like anything which is what you would expect. They do remind one of pasta, but not enough to convince you that you are eating real pasta.

They are far too gelatinous for me. The Miracle Rice is like eating little squid eyeballs (not that I’ve ever eaten squid eyeballs).

Now, I know that these noodles have saved people’s diets because they convince you that you are eating zero calorie carbs. I’m just not sure they are worth it but I don't think they are unhealthy.

My suggestion is to try cauliflower rice which is easier to prepare, has nutritional value, and costs less per ounce.

If you really love noodles, try eating whole wheat pasta in small quantities. At least you get some protein and fiber with your carbs.

Have any of you tried Miracle noodles? What did you think? Please share.

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My little sister has a gluten allergy so she gets a rice noodle in a red bag. And my opinion matches perfectly. :P

My dad likes to fry them, it makes them do funny things.

Horrible! I've tried two times and was horribly naueseas several hours afterward. I had a watery mouth and spent hours over the toilet. I googled "shirataki naueseas" and found many others who react this way to this disgusting noodle. I think I have a reaction to the yam flour. The thought turns my stomach!!

I'm with you!! I have tried these, had pretty much the same experience and could never get past the odor that hits you when you open the bag - no matter how much rinsing. Let's face it, we have to learn to eat real food - otherwise, what's the point?? Whole wheat pasta is an absolute gift if you're a pasta eater.

The review simply serves to reinforce my position on diet: eat real food that you like, but not so much of it. What is the point in eating something with an unpleasant texture, no flavor, and no nutrition?

These are disgusting! Smells awful, slimy. I also tried them twice and had stomach troubles afterwards. If you want to indulge and enjoy a pasta.... Enjoy a small portion of whole wheat (real) pasta.

I've never tried the ones you reviewed but I have tried tofu shirataki noodles which are similar because they are a blend of tofu and yam. They do offer some nutritional value and I find they are best when served in Asian inspired dishes. In Italian dishes they never taste good, probably because of the texture. You are right they that are more expensive than regular pasta though and I'm not sure it's worth the extra cost or time involved.

agreed -- these are gross! tried them a couple of years ago and could not believe people would actually willingly eat them. ugh!

I recently had zucchini noodles at a vegan restaurant, and found them to be delish!…

I second this type of food isn't natural & intuitive for the body. It's simply food for the mind, satisfying the tongue & making you believe you can eat all you want without calories (which are not really the enemy if you know what they are for). Tricking your liver into waiting for nutrition that never comes is not too healthy (artificial zero cal sweeteners do the same). Plus, although claiming GF, still sounds like glue for the intestines. Thnx for the review!


To prepare, wash them in cold water with salt. use your hands. This will get rid if the smell. Then to heat, just add some very hot water and drain.

They still have a weird consistency, but will take care of an occasional pasta craving.

Try spaghetti squash...when the sauce is on it, it is amazingly tasty.

Ann just beat me to the spaghetti squash comment! :)

I agree. I bought these twice. The first time I did as directed and thought they were gross! Then I kept seeing how great they were again on a few sites so I bought them again. They sat in my fridge until after there expiration date because I just couldn't bring myself to try them again. I can't get stand the slimy feel. I love wheat pasta and just eat less. I would like to try the cauliflower and zucchini versions though!

I tried them once before and had a similar experience. They took a lot of work. I'm not sure I even prepared them properly, but after all I put into them, I wasn't prepared to try it again because after one bite, I spit it out and tossed the rest immediately into the garbage. That is time in my life I will not be getting back!

While I'm not fully a fan, I will say that the *tofu* shirataki noodles (which are blended with tofu, I believe) are a little better - a bit firmer, have a bit of a better taste. With cheese, they're not terrible - but I would rather eat whole wheat pasta and figure out a way to cut back elsewhere.

I've wanted to try these, but just can't get past the weird texture and smells - even through the bags! I decided that if I want pasta, I do what you suggest, have 2 oz. of whole wheat pasta - tastes like PASTA, has the nice starchy mouthfeel I'm after when I'm craving pasta, etc. And it has nutritional value and requires no gymnastics to prep! Thanks for being our guinea pig, though - you've confirmed what I thought and saved me $ and heartache!

thanks for the information. I saw this and I was wondering about this. I am glad I did not spend (waste) the money on these things.

Just curious did you ever test the 0 calorie peanut butter product by Walden Farms I want to say? Also the kabocha shots by Celestial Seasonings?? Thank you.

I have tried different versions of these and I don't mind them. I have found shortcuts to preparing them and have used them in order dishes. I can't eat pasta either. The processing of grain that results in pasta is really no different than the processing that results in these types of noodles.

I agree with you. They're pretty exciting when you first discover them, but not really worth the work. I wonder what the Japanese use them for?

Tried them, and couldn't get past the smell. I'm not a fish lover, so it was a double whammy for me. I like the idea and really wanted them to work out, but I won't buy them again. 😓

A few year back these became popular.. I will not eat these things.. Actually I couldn't eat these things they made me gag as they [sorry to put it this way] remined me of big mucus balls..


Ugh. This goop does sound pretty unappealing from several perspectives. :P

I caught this… a while back and it's a great way to mimic fettuccine with zucchini. And I'll echo Lisa's suggestion for cauli "rice" (and cauli "mashed potatoes"). My wife used to make both and they are really good.

Thank you so much for taking my suggestion and posting about this! :-) Based on your feedback, I think I will pass on these noodles. They sounded too good to be true, so I'm not surprised! Thanks for being our guinea pig...your site has really been a helpful tool in my weight loss journey!

They are $2 a bag at the health food store in my area. I usually split one bag between my fiance and myself. We add veggies and meat and use the noodles as a small pasta 'base' for the meal or as a side. I drain them and then soak them in coconut milk for a little - the smell and aftertaste of said smell are gone after that. I blanch for about a minute and do not go the paper towel route - they are too sticky. I actually throw them in a skillet with a spritz of olive oil and whatever sauce we're using to let them soak up some of the flavor because excess sauce slides off with their texture. You can't go into it thinking this is going to replace a good Italian dinner but for one person eating low calorie and another eating low carb, they are good as an occasional different meal.

We don't eat pasta frequently enough to worry about the price, plus we are only cooking for two. That said, we love the House Foods brand tofu shiritaki noodles. Yes, they have a weird odor when you first open the bag, but I rinse them in a colander, nuke them in the microwave for two minutes (two packages), and rinse them in the colander again. I have no idea what they taste like without sauce, but with my spaghetti sauce they taste just fine, I doubt I'd be able to tell the difference if I didn't know what they were.

I am with you. Ick! I tried them twice and even after I got past the smell, the texture was nasty.

the other food "girl" (Hungry Girl) introduced the House Foods brand Tofu Shirataki Noodles a while ago, and endorses them. a package is 2 servings, but since each serving is 20 calories, I usually eat the whole bag. they smell a little weird but not fishy, and I've never had digestive issues with them. there are 4 shapes right now, I prefer the fettuccine. I microwave the noodles a few times in water and drain them in a colander, then microwave the noodles with spaghetti sauce and maybe some Parmesan cheese. a quick dinner for one!

I use the tofu shirataki noodles that look like spaghetti all the time. I make my own pasta sauce with turkey meatballs and the shirataki noodles are great!!! The smell is nasty but after I microwave for a few minutes it is gone. I can have a full plate of spaghetti and meatballs instead of a half cup of whole wheat pasta. I have lost 60 lbs. at weight watchers. I microwave them in a plastic strainer in a glass bowl to help get rid of some of the moisture they soak up when rinsing. They are sort of tasteless but I think are a wonderful alternative to calorie laden pasta!!! My husband really likes them also. I haven't tried the miracle noodles. I have only used the tofu shirataki. They are pricey but worth it to me. I do think they need something with a lot of flavor on them like spaghetti sauce. Worth a try in my opinion, especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Totally agree with Martin and GirlinTheRaw! Eat real food, but portions that are less than we think they should be. It's not easy to learn how to eat, especially when it's my brain that's usually trying to tell me what to eat -- and not my stomach and the rest of my body.

hungry girl RAVES over them and that's what prompted me to try them...i just can't get with it though. the smell and the prep. over it! would rather eat the real thing or spaghetti squash.

I have tried these and they are okay but they will never take the place of pasta. The first bath I got did not have the smell but the second batch did. Not something I want all the time. I'm just gonna stick with the past and just have it once in a while.

I made zucchini "pasta" last night, but using a julienne tool to cut the zucchini into noodle shapes. Saute in a pan with some olive oil, garlic, onions & I threw a handful of canned mushrooms and whatever smelled good from the spice cabinet (try Greek seasoning) and had a great meal. It even cooks down to make it's own sauce. It isn't the same as pasta but it was close enough for my craving last night (& this is from a true carb addict!).

I've used these before and have found if you open the bag under hot running water over a colander it takes care of the smell pretty quickly. And then of course, following the product web site direction and drying them thoroughy on a towel or kitchen cloth, before dry frying them in a hot skillet makes the texture come out a lot like japanese rice noodles. Of course, then next trick it to spice with asian flavors, like teriyaki, or chile sauce, soy sauce, etc. They really do take on the flavor of whatever you cook with them. I find them excellent chopped into shorter strands and added to hot & sour soup, or egg drop soup. I would not use them with italian or cheese sauces, as I think it just wouldn't work.

Sorry some of you didn't like them! excellent for those of us neeedin a gluten free option.

Japanese cuisine revels in the taste of fish, so it is not a problem for them. I like them, but you really cannot treat them like Italian pasta. They work much better if you prepare them in Thai, Japanese or Chinese dishes; then you aren't fighting the texture or flavor. Yes, wash them and drain them. I boil them for a while--they are indestructible. Then, include them in a stir fry of sukiyaki-type dish. If you like those flavors, you might love these.

Hungry girl raves about lots of things that are really terrible for you. Eat real food and your body will thank you.

If you get the tofu type, they are real food and very healthy!!!

I am with you Lisa - I think those "noodles" are GROSS! Have you tried Kelp Noodles? They are awesome and made from Seaweed. 20 Calories a serving! I have a blog post using them if you are interested.

Thank you for posting your review, I shared it on my GF facebook page.

No one loves pasta more than I do, so I tried the shirataki noodles once. I prepared them as directed, took one bite and threw the whole thing out. I thought they were horrible. Having said that, I'm sure there are people who like them. I'm just not one of them.

I actually like the Tofu Shirataki noodles (not zero calorie--20 calories per serving/40 per bag) which aren't quite as gelatinous. Konnyaku cakes and shirataki noodles are something I grew up on. The fiber is soluble (like the fiber in oatmeal) so it helps with cholesterol in the same way. Traditionally you simmer them in a sukiyaki sauce and serve them with sukiyaki beef (the non-tofu, clear ones that have been repackaged as "miracle" noodles.) I actually had people raving about these at a potluck once. I used the black shirataki (speckled 0 calorie kind) did all the parboiling, after they were dry I used out-of-the-shell edamame, some seaweed and Newman's Own Lite Sesame Ginger Dressing to make an Asian themed salad. Marinating it overnight with salad dressing worked well. They're actually good but not as a pasta substitute. For pasta, I prefer to use a high fiber/resistant starch pasta. Normal texture as opposed to the whole grain stuff, 130 calories per 2 oz dry, 18 g fiber--it's not for the gluten sensitive or celiac folks but I prefer to use that than "zero calorie" for when I want pasta.

I don't use that particular brand, but I love them. Yeah, they're a bit of work, but I make Fettucini Alfredo using Laughing Cow cheese (and toss in a few shrimp. I can have my favorite dish for very few points. Nancy (above) had good comments about how to fix them.

I've tried the noodles and agree with your description. I'd rather have spaghetti squash any day.

I like them as a no calorie substitute.I never bothered to dry them off on a towel..I just let them sit in the colander after rinsing and running in the microwave for a minute or so.I have not found the rice yet, but I get my "noodles" from the Asian markets in my area and they are $1.49 a bag.

I do happen to really like these... I like the squid eyeball texture, LOL! But the problem is... they cause extreme GAS PAINS, so bad that sometimes I feel like I have to go to the hospital because I feel as though my stomach has exploded! So yeah, I stick to spaghetti squash when I need my noodle fix. Much better :)

These are horrible!

I saw a similar product on Groupon and was kicking myself for missing the deal. Now, I'm glad I didn't order and saved the money!

In the winter I use spaghetti squash in place of or mixed with noodles. In the summer I use zucchini - just cut it in strips with a vegetable peeler and let it drain well and then squeeze extra moisture out in paper towels. Put a raw tomato sauce on it and you have a healthy, low calorie, and very digestible meal.

I am absolutely a proponent for eating real food that tastes good. However, I work with kids on the Ketogenic Diet for seizure control and this is a product that fills a void for these patients (when topped with butter, heavy whipping cream, butter and more cream...)

NOT Good grief why would I not want nutrition or soy?

I use them to make chicken noodle soup. Adding them to some chicken broth, chicken breast, scallions, and shiitake (watch your mouth) mushrooms makes a wonderful low carb soup.

Yes, I have tried them and NO! I do not like them. They smell made me physically ill. I would rather eat noodles made from zucchini or bean sprouts.

I think I'm one of the few people who likes shirataki noodles. They are best served in in a more asian style, like stir-fried with a soy-based sauce. Konnyaku potato, which the shiratai noodles are made from, has been eaten in Japan for a long time, so I think of it more as a traditional Japanese food rather than a diet food. I rinse mine a couple of times in a strainer and most of the fishy smell disappears in my experience.

GOOD alternative:

Kelp Noodles :

Unlike the shirataki noodles, which smell horrible, the kelp noodles have no smell, and actually no taste either.

They're a bit crunchy, but I think in terms of nutrition, they're very edible.. I just mix it with pasta/meat sauce.

I tried these last weekend after reading the rave reviews given by Hungry Girl. Gack! Texture funky, taste not that great, smell even worse. I'd rather give pasta up forever than eat these again.

Hated Miracle Noodles! They had the most horrid texture and smell. Now I just have one serving of pasta or spaghetti squash.

Right on as usual, Snack Girl!


Shiraki noodles are a staple at our house. I like the Miracle Noodle brand best because of zero calories and carbs and no tofu. You are right, you do need to rinse well and boil them, really about one minute. After I dry them I add to so many dishes, stir frys, soups, salads and add interesting sauces. I think they are great!! Found so many recipes on their Facebook page to help in my weight reducing and maintenance program. Hope this helps.

I love Shiritaki noodles, for what they are ... Shiritaki noodles!!! They are not spaghetti, nor are they intended to taste like pasta. I can appreciate that many people are turned off by the liquid they come in, or the somewhat unfamiliar texture they present. Considering their natural derivation, as well as the fact that they are a low carb food, try them before you have a negative opinion. We all know quick fixes do not work, and if something sounds to good to be true, it often is. You cannot just heat up these noodles, throw on sauce, and expect your favorite food to be present immediately. Be creative! Invent your own recipes, and adjust the ingredients to your own personal taste. Asian themed recipes work best, as others have stated prior. I am not saying everyone will become of a fan of Shiritaki noodles, instantaneously or even over an extended period of time. Most importantly, I think a lot of the negative reception of these "noodles", is derived from the fact that they are not going to compose a steaming bowl of your favorite Italian pasta dinner!

I personally love them. They are great for people who believe in volumetrics. The rice makes a great fried rice dish and the noodles are great in stir fry. Get over the smell, it goes away if you rinse well and par boil like the directions states. If you want to feel full, a lean physique and want to look ripped 365 days a year, I'd give them another try ;) Just sayin!

I keep reading all of these great things about them, and your post seems to be the first honest post I've read about them. Thanks!

I 'll just whole wheat pasta instead :)

I so much agree with your review. I am on the adkins diet. I have done great. Thinking these would be a great way to try my low carb alfredo sauce was a good idea. Turned out I felt like I was eating worms. They were wierd in the package and looking at them on my counter drying made me loose my apetite. Then I tried them.....I threw them out and just drank my sauce. I concluded that they are NO miracle.

I tried the zero calorie/zero carb Miracle Noodles, rinsed them off, patted them dry with paper towels - heated up garlic oil - and poured them in the pan - I loved them in an ez garlic sauce with shrimp and broccoli. delish. Will definitely purchase them again. Free shipping w/ Amazon Prime, too.

I am eating a bowl right now! Being on a low carb diet, these are so wonderful to have. I boiled 2 cups of water with boulion cubes, a can of chicken, and a bag of "miracle noodles". I rinsed the noodles THOROUGHLY, then drained them and added them to the broth as it was boiling for a few minutes. I just wish they weren't so expensive. As long as you don't mind the texture, and let the sauce or broth do the flavoring.

I ate some shirataki noodles tonight. This was my second try. Took a couple years to try after the first experience.

Don't know if this was a different brand than my first try, but I liked these! However, I think it was the manner in which I cooked them- rinsed in cold water, then put in boiling water with spinach, after a few minutes cooking, I turned off heat and added fresh miso. The noodles had hardly any of the creepy "pop" of the first experience, thereby eliminating the part I most disliked.

I would not have thought to use these in anything but an Asian style soup. No way for Italian pasta dishes.

My only complaint? NOT filling! But with 0 calories, how could they be?

I've tried these ones and the ones that Hungry Girl sponsors that are made out of tofu. I usually like tofu so I was sure I would enjoy them. NOT AT ALL. The texture of both is disgusting and the smell is so off putting and I just can't get past it. I would rather spend the calories of regular pasta or eat spaghetti squash (which is not really like a noodle at all, but for some odd reason I really love it).

Gosh, I guess I'm the odd man out. Just made spaghetti pie with them and love them. Make my own version of spicy peanut noodles and just plain old chicken soup. I love them. Then again I really don't like the mouth feel of whole wheat pasta. Tastes, to me, like eating grass (not that I've partaken of grass, mind you)

I tried them; never again. They are indeed as disgusting as they sound. They are definitely not tastless, but I do not was to say what they taste like -- too gross. By they way, they come out looking exactly the same as they did going in -- one large lump of disgusting worms,

I have used the same type noodle...they are called Skinny Dip Noodles. I actually enjoy them. I use a lot of the recipes on their website and really like them. Just in case you want real pasta, you can buy Dreamfield's past and for 5 carbs per serving they are also an excellent choice. I had weight loss surgery so I don't eat much pasta anyway and when I do, these are the products I use. And oh yes, I have also had the spaghetti squash and like that too....just depends on my mood. I know not everyone will like them but how much you enjoy them depends on your approach.

I agree that initially they can put you off but if you wash in slightly salted water as a previous post has advised then strain in a colender add to a rich asian dish and they can taste delicious.

Remember the health properties are second to none so it is a bit of a trade off.


I got my noodles yesterday. I fried them with a very small amount of butter, and then added a prepared bolognese sauce. The one I did was the spinach noodles. I actually thought they were very good.

The best way, IMO, is to quickly rinse noodles in colander. Pre heat and coat a cast iron skillet with 1 tsp olive oil, then "stir fry" the noodles. Add what ever seasoning you like and the noodles will absorb the flavor.

I add small sliced peppers, garlic, and parmesian cheese to get an Italian taste. You could add just about anything after stir frying the noodles. I would stay clear of heavy red pasta sauce and lean toward a fresh tomato, basil, olive oil, parmesian cheese "sauce".

I've also added soy sauce or other Asian seasonings with great results.

Pre-"frying" the noodles is the key. Then add to soups, etc. If you boil, per instructions, that's when they taste bad, imo.

HI, I prefer Miracle Noodles and all their varieties instead of whole wheat pasta. When adding generous portions of veggies and moderate amounts of protein like fish to a meal, you are getting plenty of nutrition!

You are correct bellerose, there is quite a variety available and it is good to see that Michael and MsRat3 actually enjoyed them with their interesting recipies.

As I said in a previous posting eating Shirataki is very much a trade off, some people cannot stand the sight or smell, others enjoy eating them. It is all down to individual choice.

What is not in doubt are the health benefits associated with them.

Best wishes to you all.

My last batch I rinsed, then sautéed with truffle oil, added pesto sauce and a and full of salted peanuts. Yum....and I lost 2 pounds that day.

Hay I tried them and for the price i paid i was determined to love i had them with a stir fry ( rice) and I had a chicken catchatory..( noodles) ...i don't know about you but OMG i was so pleased and will try again. Loved the free calories ladies!!!

everyone should try carbnotta pasta it tates better then real pasta

I tried, I really, really tried to like them. But I have to be honest, no amount of rinsing, or dry roasting, or boiling made them anything other than disgusting. It wasn't the test - it was the texture - which makes me think I am eating eyeballs. Ugh. Sorry.

I just tried the fettucine noodles, and I actually really enjoyed them; was not sure regarding the initial fishy smell but the rinsing seemed to get rid of that. The texture did not put me off and the consistency was good with the sauce (I heated up salsa)

As a pasta lover and big eater, these are going to be very helpful to me...

I've used them and like them. I drain the liquid from the bag then dump the noodles into a bowl of water. Stir them around in the water to rinse then drain. Heat a skillet then add the noodles to it to sort of dry fry them to remove remaining moisture. It isn't a lot of work, doesn't taste or smell fishy or weird and works great with sauce.

Noodles aren't the same since I lived in Asia for a year

Hey. I just tried these and I don't like them. I've been using slendier slim which is the same stuff but available in woolworths and Coles in australia. you have to rinsd well but they wirk...BUT the slendier slim brand smells less and has larger sizes, the miracle rice was too small and fell through the cracks in the colander. I like the wok ready noodles best as the spaghetti stands out as definitely different from regular pasta. The wok ready were more of a stand alone product. I do like that it takes 2 min to 'cook' so was easy to throw in stir frys. Unfortunately though, I would stay away from the miracle brand

Tried them today. Amazing!!!! Mixed with organic tomato basil sauce and heat on pan. Great experience:) love it :D

These noodles taste best, in any recipe, when someone else prepares it for you and does not tell you what you're eating...I'm not kidding!

Munching through a bowl of these now. Cannot see what the issues is with them. Yes it's like chewing on small elastic bands but I added a small amount of seasoning and it's like having a noodle soup. My wife bought these to help beat her Carb cravings but cannot stomach the texture of them. Personally have not issues, but I will agree on the price is a bit steep. Oh add no smell of fish when I opened them. Then again I do not have the habit of smelling stuff that's been sealed, as the odor inside can be a by product of being sealed and 9 out of 10 times the smell passes very quickly.

I just bought these noodles last week and decided I would try them today, as I've heard they can cause some stomach issues (bloating, gas) for some and I had no plans. I DO agree that upon opening the bag, and pouring the noodles into a strainer to rinse. I DID take a whiff because it is only natural, right? Yep, I was like UGH… If these taste as fishlike as they smell, this is NOT going to work. As soon as I rinsed them with cold water, the smell completely disappeared. I prepared some turkey meatballs and cut them up, while boiling the rinsed Miracle Noodles for 3 min. As far as the whole laying them out on a paper towel…. My instructions did not list that, so after boiling in the lightly salted water, I poured them into the strainer again. I put TJ's Vodka sauce in the already hot pot, added my cut up turkey meatballs and then poured the Miracle Noodles in. I stirred it up and added some garlic powder and parmesan cheese. I took my first bite and I was slightly taken back… only slightly. They are chewier than pasta… but honestly with zero calories and all of the benefits of Glucomannan, I don't have a problem with a little bit of chewy. It seemed that by the time they had sat there for a bit, they had even become a better texture. I have just gotten off Nutrisystem and it left my stomach a wreck. I am usually a fast eater, but I noticed with these, I took my time and I was completely full after. Preparing them this way not only made them have nutrition, but they were tasty too. I'm really excited about cutting down my dinner calories, as those are the ones that really mess me up. For the record, it's been 5 hrs and my stomach is fine. In an asian inspired dish, I truly don't think you would notice a difference with these noodles (taste and texture). I'll give that a try next time. I definitely recommend giving them a shot.

Just a quick update. Seeing the price over online seller's can hit the pocket, one packet in the UK sell's for £3:67+ did some poking around. If you have a Oriental cash and carriers or Big Super markets you can find these for as little as £0:70. Buying online you are paying for the novelty factor, where buying them at stated shop's you will pay a much lower price and if you buy a bulk order you can haggle the price or get a discount. Just thought I would put this out there if people are looking at buying a month's supply or more but are put off by the price's.

I use these noodles all the time, I find them much quicker to prepare than regular pasta. I rinse them, let them drain for a minute. I have a skillet ready with sauteed veggies and whatever meat I choose, then toss the noodles in for a couple minutes and add whatever sauce I choose. I think the hot dry skillet helps the consistency be more like regular pasta although it's not exact.

It's interesting to see so many negative comments. I actually really like them. My package said to sauté them in a skillet after boiling to remove the moisture. I added some soy sauce, chili pepper, and avocado oil and sautéed on high heat for just a few minutes and they were delicious. I didn't think the prep took all that long. I do agree that they're pretty over priced for the amount you get though. I'll probably keep a few bags in the cabinet for emergency pasta cravings, but won't make them a regular staple in my diet. It's very seldom that I need to eat/feel full without consuming calories anyway.

I'm trying to cut out all grains from my diet but I love rice/noodles so I think these are a great way for me to satisfy the occasional craving without actually eating grains.

Maybe I don't have the smell gene to detect the fishy smell, or maybe my nose is just weird enough not to be bothered enough. Just made a delicious dish where I sautéed onions, garlic, and shredded cabbage w/a little coconut oil & other spices. Then blended in a package of miracle noodles, added a few drops of fish sauce and a few squeezes of a lime over the pan. Yummy! I wasn't really going for pad thai but it did have a little thai flare, especially with a last minute sprinkle of crushed peanuts.

The texture of the noodle was firm enough, and the sauce flavorful enough that I didn't notice anything off from the noodles. I don't know what digestive repercussions I'll have later from this shortcut, but I did only rinse the noodles before tossing in the pan. I didn't boil & paper towel pat.

I'll try other variations...

I didn't think these were bad at all.....I resisted smelling them set them in a strainer and ran cold water over them while I made my sauce. I put marinara with garlic and onion on them...a spoonful of cottage cheese for some protein...and I thought they were really good! I cant eat pasta so this was a good substitute. They had no taste by themselves.

I wouldn't even think of using anything but the Pasta Zero brand. Yeah, they're still 2.50 a package, but when you want pasta without points and you want something that tastes pretty good, you'll pay it. You do need to watch the label though because not all of their packages are zero calories. No smell, no weird texture, no elaborate use instructions.

They were horrible! The look of them had me fooled, yet the consistency felt like rubber glue. Gross.

Hi! This is a very late comment, but I wanted to share: I recently tried these and found that they work really well if you use them and cook them as I do.

If I want to sit down and have a big bowl of pasta, this is not the answer. I agree.

But I LOVE this when in "rice" form because I can the texture of a carb and no additional calories.

1. If you think this is what fish smells like, you are eating bad fish. But anyway, just stick in a strainer and rinse with cold water. Easy.

2. DRY fry them with some coconut oil on high for ten minutes in a deep fry pan or wok.

3. After ten minutes, add some chopped onions, stir fry seasonings, and a bit of soy sauce. Stir and cook for a few minutes.

4. Then I add in my veggies, frozen or fresh. Cook until everything is close to as cooked as you want it.

5. Add 2-3 eggs and stir up.

Voila! Egg fried rice with only protein and veggies. Delight!

Spaghetti Squash with diced tomatoes,evoo, and parmesan is a good alternative if you are craving a noodle texture. You also get nutrition and fiber. Thought about trying Miracle "Noodles" after seeing them on extreme weight loss. Think I will pass on them. Eating whole wheat and controlling my portions is preferable. Thanks for this post!

Hi everyone, first let me say all these comments are terrible, and so is this article. Its 100% misleading. Shirataki noodles aka Miracle noodles are AMAZING!!! I've been incorporating them into my diet for years. They helped me shed over 100...125 to be exact. I love pasta, I love food. Sometimes we need a little help. I would prepare these noodles in soups, tomato sauce, soy sauce etc etc. They helped me turn 400+ calorie meals into 100 or less!! Yes they smell like fish when you open them - NOT rotting fish. Quick rinse under cold water and they smell like nothing. Cook them however you want. They have a texture similar to squash pasta. They aren't gross and they will only hurt your stomach if you arent used to eating large amounts of fiber. I have always been a vegan, so didn't bother me one bit and I ate sometimes 3 bags of these a day. The only thing I got out of Miracle Noodle was a big bowl of noodles, a full stomach, and a 125 pound weight loss. I am super healthy and happy I found them. Yeah, so if you're not into that sorta thing....that's your loss. I found my miracle!

I am big into low carb food for the purpose of weight loss, being gluten free & needing to be on low carb diet to address elevated yeast markers in my gut. Really enjoy miracle rice and angel hair spinach pasta, with auto ship Amazon has for $14.25 for 6. One package is enough for 3 meals for me. I love chalifower rice, I make mine from recipe on Skinny taste. Also I have a spiralizer and pretty much daily make a noodle dish from zuchini or diakon radish or large red radishs. Last week I made spagetti from zuchini with spicey marinara sauce & meatballs withparm cheese & I thought it was mind blowing devine. I can honestly say I did not miss the wheat based pasta. I think it is a sad state of affairs to be driven to eating zero nutition food items to give you comfort & give you a feeling of fullness. I have currently lost 10 lbs in 7 weeks eliminating most grains, sugar (note I do allow coconut palm sugar in small amounts) I eat mostly fruit & veg some nuts in controlled portions & beans. I also eat fermented items daily. Note instead of drying noodles on a paper towel I dry saute them in not stick pan. The joy of low carb life style is hudge, I do not feel tired after I eat & generally have more energy.

if you put pasta in the fridge then reheat it, it causes a 50% lower glucose reading. That's because putting the cooked pasta in the fridge changes the carbs into " resistant starch, which your body doesnot break down. Check it out on the Internet!

I love these things! I buy direct from the company for a huge savings and on auto-ship will save even more...

The ingredient they are made from has had extensive scientific research done on basically acts like soluble fiber. So, beyond weight control, they do have positive effects for diabetics and also in transporting toxins out of the body. For those of use who have problems with too much oatmeal, this product does have its place.

Also, I'm on a low protein diet for kidney problems. I do a stir fry at lunch which is very satisfying! They absorb flavors very well and help with feeling full.

There are other yam products out there, but they don't have the research on them that this product has...can't tell how they are actually produced.

I do whole grains and do mix these with buckwheat (a pseudo grain), barley, or brown rice as part of my stir fry with veggies and a good, non-GMO corn tortilla as a base with some salsa on the tortilla and spices. YUMMMY!!

I find that rinsing them and then frying them in a pan w/o any oil for about 10-15 minutes to really dry them out takes the umm questionable fragrance out and also improves the texture. the tofu-shirataki ones are better in texture than the plain shirataki. and rather than use them in western dishes - they feel more appropriate in asian dishes to substitute rice noodles.

I posted a comment on here some time ago and said I didn't like shirataki noodles. However, at the time I posted, it was based on some kind I bought at an Asian grocery, not actual "Miracle Noodles." Then some months ago I was in a local grocery and they were sampling the spinach herb fettucine Miracle noodles in some kind of marinara sauce. I was really surprised when I tried them, as the texture was much, much better than the noodles I'd previously tried. I've since bought and eaten the fettucine syle miracle noodles and prepared them with Italian style sauce on a few occasions when I was trying to cut down a bit on calories and carbs and have found them to be passable substitutes for regular or gluten free pasta. The texture of the miracle noodles was just so much better than the other shirataki noodles I'd tried, which were creepily crunchy no matter how much I cooked them.

No, they are not fantastic, and I would never say I loved them or make them my first choice of food. But if I'm feeling the need to cut down a bit on my intake and/or need more fiber, the miracle noodles are certainly on my list of foods to eat. They are leagues better than the generic shirataki noodles I'd purchased previously.

However, since Miracle noodles also cost about 2x as much as the generic type, they're not really a good choice for making a regular part of the diet unless you don't mind spending $2+ per meal just for the noodles.

In reference to the last post about cost...I initially was put off by the cost aswell but persevered as it made my diet much easier....then I got my gas bill....I do heaps of stir frys, at least half my meals and the cook time without having to boil the pasta went down and the only has appliance I had was the bill went from $371 to $69 in one quarter. I no longer care that they cost more. Hope this helps

Try black bean noodles. They taste better

Lol- I guess I am alone here... But I absolutely LOVE these. They do smell like rotting fish, but if you follow the directions, they are wonderful. They are completely tasteless. If I am in a hurry, I just pour marinara over them. If I have some time, I make veggie stir-fry. Really you can chop them up and add them to anything and double your meal. You feel satisfied and without the guilt. I do the hcg diet every spring, there is NO way I could stick to it without these.

I bought them once and as soon as I opened the package I smelled fish. In the garbage they went. If I crave rice, I grate cauliflower. If I crave pasta, I cook spaghetti squash. Aah, much better.

I love the angel hair ones in a Thai tom yum soup. Delicious. Except today I ate an entire package which I never have done and I am having major gas and some stomach cramping. It took about 5 hours to get like this after I ate them. I had no idea they could do this. I will only eat half a pack from now on.

Spagetti squash. My favorite substitute. Cut them in half and cook in a microwave container with a little water and suran wrap for about 20 minutes. Then use a fork to shred the squash going side to side on the half squash. Make sure its cool enough or just use an oven mit like i do. I love it plain too. :-)

I liked them! I boiled them in chicken broth and dried them on paper towels. I put them in chicken soup. I did not think the smell was bad. I had a good experience with them.

Hi Hanna,

I have just purchased the slendier slim brand and will be making PAD Thai from there Noodles. Glad to read that you did not get sick from eating them and enjoyed them, as I am making them for the first time for hubby. Currently on special at woolworths 2 for $6.

These things are GROSS to say the least. If I wanted to smell rotting fish I could go to the dumpster (exactly where these nasty things ended up) I got the $20 variety pack and threw them all out after working with the first pack. Don't waste you money like I did.

Quick update, the fishy smell does rinse out but takes awhile...however over the last year about 9 more brands have launched near me ....the smell is less with these brands

Shirataki noodles are a staple at our house and have been a life saver for me. I love them because of zero calories, zero carbs and no soy. I rinse them in hot water in a colander and make spicy, creamy spaghetti sauces, Alfredo sauces, and "mac-n-cheese" to toss them in. The rice & ziti noodles are better than Shirataki spaghetti noodles, in my opinion. They soak up the flavor of whatever you cook them in, and taste better on day two!

I was eating this as I read your review. I thought I could convince myself they were edible if I read a good review. When I got to your "little squid eyeballs" I gave up. Too funny.

My husband and I have tried them. We like them in Italian food and soup. Had them last nite with chicken caccitori and YUM! We are seniors and need to watch calories. Cost is a little high though for us. I have to look for deals on them. We feel they are beneficial and good for us in the long run.

The rice is awesome under asian recipes...noodles just ok...would rather use spaghetti squash.

I ate a package last night with some Asian sauce and boiled chicken. I laid in bed for hours with a stomach ache.

I had them one other time in spaghetti sauce and some veggies mixed with a little cheese and had no problem - it was delish. So...I think they are probably easier to digest with other veggies combined together. I bought a whole bunch online (expensive) - so I have to eat them - I just will mix other veggies with it.

I loved the noodles from Miracle Noodle

I have to disagree with most of the posts here - I actually like the noodles! The issue that was mentioned about drying them on paper towels is not accurate. The package says to rinse them well then put them in boiling water for two minutes - this completely got rid of the fishy smell. Then, after draining them well, the package says to put them in a dry pan - no oil - on low heat to dry them. This worked like a charm. Once they were dried I simply added some sautéed garlic and olive oil and cooked broccoli florets. Once plated, I added Parmesan cheese. There was no fishy taste at all and, while the texture is closer to a Lo mein or other slippery Chinese noodle than to pasta, it was still quite enjoyable. I think it would be great in any Asian dish it Thai dish l. I am going to try using them in Pad Thai next.

Well, I happen to be the odd person out and love them! LOL I pour them out of the bag into a wire mesh colander. I rinse for a couple of minutes with cold water. The noodles I do boil for 1 minute and then rinse again. I do NOT use paper towels. I just let them drain in my wire mesh colander. THen I put them in the dry skillet and let them dry fry a few minutes....then I add marinara sauce, or soy sauce to them. Yes, they smell funny right out of the bag. But I never smell or taste anything fish when I've prepared them. Also, the rice I only drain and rinse....just like the noodles. I do not boil the rice. I dump it straight in the skillet and let it dry fry too for a few minutes, then add to it what I want. Personally, I love them.

These pasta substitutes are more like school paste than noodles. I detest them! Too expensive, time-consuming, and no matter what you put with them they still feel slimy! Ick!

HELP ! Get them out of my system. My trainer suggested I add these to my diet, after a month of procrastinating on buying them, I ate them, didnt mind the taste and the preparation. But at night I had severe bloating pain to the point it hurt to walk and the following night at 3am, when I had the sensation that i will be having a bowel movement, I had severe pain, dizziness, shivers, and I couldnt get it out and prayed I would just fall asleep. Its day 4 and I am still suffering from severe bloating discomfort. I read it slows digestion down.. i think they are just residing in my intestines for 4 days. If it persists tomorrow, i will be going to the urgent care. Have you heard of anyone else having this type of side effect ?


Sorry you are experiencing that. I've never heard of that before. Possibly it's another reason and just coincided with the time that you ate them. Get well soon.

This happened to me too. They made me horribly sick, weak and nauseous. It started several hours after eating and I was up all night feeling shaky, stomach ache and awful!! It is these dreaded "noodles!"

I have been using the House sharataki noodles ( ones made from tofu and yam flour) for years. I just make sure to rinse them well with cold water. I shake them semi dry in a strainer that has a cover.then I pat them lightly with paper towel. I then sauté it with garlic,mushrooms,onions and mini diced peppers. This is all done in a non stick pan that is sprayed with a little EVOO. I serve as a side dish with broiled salmon. Sometimes I add soy sauce instead of the oil with some sugar free apricot jam . I have no problem with the taste or texture of it when done this way ...give this item another try... you may change your mind

I have a cupboard full of these and finally tried them tonight with grilled tofu and satay sauce. It all ended up in the garbage. I couldn't stop gagging, it was like eating squishy worms. I will stick with beans and throw the rest of the wannabe noodles in the trash.

I had the Ziti brand miracle noodle and got extremely upset stomach and nausea. However, I have the House Foods brand shiritaki noodle and only experience nausea if I have two whole packages worth, the nausea is very mild also. Any of the tofu noodles is totally fine though.

TOTALLY agree. Like chomping on raw squid. Just gross. The Miracle here is that I didn't throw up while trying to eat these disgusting "Noodles".

You have to rinse them for several minutes. Then place them in boiling water. After it comes back to a boil, boil for 2 minutes. Drain well. Dry with paper towels. Next and this is most important to them having a nice texture. Heat a dry fry pan over medium heat. Place the noodles inside. Get rid of all the moisture this way. May take 2-4 minutes until the sizzling sound has disappeared. Then add your butter and spices or cheese sauce or whatever you are adding to it. Something very flavorful is best. If you cook it this way, the texture is not slimy and nasty. That's how it was for me the 1st time I tried it before I did the research. This is VERY filling. Don't try to eat more than a serving size because then it might cause you problems. Stick to half a package at most. I have had it with added butter, consume concentrate, and spices. It is also great with a Keto cheese sauce. Enjoy!!

Great stuff! I get it for $2 at Whole Foods. Preparation is a breeze! It smells a bit fishy but not like rotting fish.

was hoping these noodles would be the low carb answer to my pasta loving diet. was very disappointed. followed the directions on the package and while the smell wasn't as bad as others describe the taste was awful. I would call it chemical calamari. they are awful don't waste your money

Coconut aminos do an amazing job at creating a soy sauce flavour without containing any soy and the almond butter could almost be mistaken for peanut butter in this dish, especially when mixed with the rest of the ingredients. You could also use cashew butter or tahini. Whilst the vegetables are cooking, prepare your shirataki noodles by emptying them out of the packet and rinsing them well with warm water. Add them in with the vegetables.

i have a package of these in my cupboard and they must have gotten pushed to the back. they have an expiration date of May 2018 on them. has anyone used these that far passed the expiration date and wondering your thoughts on this. the package is still sealed tight.

I have tried two brands.

(1) To those saying "just eat less of grain-based noodles", yeh... right... for some of us, processed carbs cause cravings.

(2) Not all brands have the same color, consistency, or smell

(3) Nausea may be avoided, they say, by becoming used to the food (perhaps like acclimating to beans to avoid flatulence). I'm not sure if it is akin to a probiotic or lectin issue, but perhaps the nausea can be avoided by boiling (as some beans need cooked carefully due to lectin content to avoid causing nausea). I haven't boiled, and have experienced nausea with two brands. My daughter boiled, no nausea for her or her boyfriend. If anyone knows, let me know!

I get them all the time and use them in soup. I rinse them in cold water to remove the earthy odor. Easy to prepare, zero ww points.

I don't know why everyone is hating on Shiratake Noodles. Just follow the instructions. Dump them into a bowl of water, rinse them thoroughly. Cook for just about three minutes in boiling water, they are already cooked, overcooking makes them tough and rubbery.

I use them in sesame noodles, lo mein, mostly Asian-style dishes. I wouldn't really use them as a replacement for western pasta, the color and texture are very different, but they are great for a lot of uses, and taste good to me.

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