You Have Never Had Beef Jerky Like This!

September 22, 2010   121 Comments

A few weeks ago, Snack Girl featured an alarming photograph of mechanically separated chicken. Is this what goes into our food?

Organic Beef Jerky

Well, most jerky that you find at the convenience store is made of pork and mechanically separated chicken. And, it doesn't taste very good.

But, there is an alternative! I recently made a new pal, Rod, a rancher from Wyoming. He runs Rocky Mountain Organic Meats and he can be found fixing fences and making organic beef jerky.

The way he makes it is exactly the opposite of the way commercial jerky is made. First of all, the beef is organic - which means NO feedlots, NO antibiotics or hormones, NO animal by products in the feed. And it means plenty of grass, roaming, clean water (snow melt) and freedom (which cattle really like).

He takes muscle from one of the cows, mixes organic spices, coats the meat with them, and then hangs them in a smoker. The smoke is produced by hickory and apple wood. Then, he hand cuts it and puts in plastic bags for our consumption.

It is an INCREDIBLY inefficient way to prepare beef and that is the way Rod likes it. He believes food needs to be sustainable like water and air - and he just needs a few thousand customers to support his small business.

It isn't easy for cattle ranchers to get a USDA certified organic rating. So, when you see it, you know it is something special.

But, ORGANIC, isn't the reason why I love this beef jerky. This stuff tastes great! It is low in calories and a great source of protein. You can shove it in your backpack or purse and it will keep forever.

(Remember, people used to carry dried beef with them when they had to travel far without any refrigeration available.)

For one ounce of beef jerky, there are 90 calories, 1 gram of fat, and 11 grams of protein.

Also, you have to really chew it. This jerky can't just be shoved in your mouth. It will take you a while to eat it and it will keep you satisfied until your next meal.

Just to let you know, Rocky Mountain Organic Meats also features "beef sticks" which remind me of cheese sticks (see beef sticks). They are great to shove into a lunch box. My kids couldn't chew the jerky, but they loved these.

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My favorite would be the organic honey pepper beef jerky.

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I love love love jerky. My dad makes his own venison jerky which is great. Can't wait to try the Rocky Mountain varieties, and I see they make organic hot dogs, too!

The beef pepper jerky sounds great!

the honey pepper beef jerky sounds good. Maybe I'll treat my dogs with an organic treat too!

The honey jerky sounds fun. This looks like a great snack even though I am not normally a jerky person. Their sausages also look really great.

mmm! I keep jerky on hand and would love to try "real" jerky.

The organic beef honey jerky looks amazing!

FB Follower

It all looks good but I'd like to try the beef sticks or the breakfast sausage.

I just LOVE summer sausage! But everything looks sooo good! Thanks for spreading the word!

The honey beef jerky or the summer sausage would be my favorite.

It all looks really delicious, but as a lifelong New Yorker the one I'd be most interested to try is the pastrami. YUM.

I'm a summer sausage junkie. That'd be my choice.

Any beef, any time, any way!

It's what's for snack time!

I'm a big fan of jerky and usually make my own, but I would love to try the Rocky Mountain Organic Meat Snacks jerky! The spicier the better for me!

Honey beef jerky looks so good!! Great products!

Mmmmm.......beef pepper jerky! Sounds so good!!

The beef sticks look good. I also follow you on Twitter and will re-tweet this post.'s a tie between the honey pepper beef jerky and the summer sausage.

Honey beef sounds awesome!!

Yum! I want to try the hot pepper beef!

I love honey jerky, so that's what I would like to try. But I'm also fascinated at the thought of a hot dog that is good for you! What a concept!

organic honey beef jerky sounds DELICIOUS!

I really want to try the honey pepper beef jerky

I love beef jerky and would love to try this Rocky Mountain Organic Meat Snacks jerky!

Honey Pepper - sounds yummy! And hotdogs - my husband loves hotdogs, but we rarely eat them because of all the junk -but i bet these would be great!

Do I have to pick? Need to add meat to my diet, so if there were a gun to my head --> BEEF STICKS!!! :)

Sounds good.

I am loving the idea of the honey pepper jerky, but also the fact that honey is used as sweetener versus sugar!

Organic Beef Sticks would be my choice! Thanks for the great information.


It all looks good, but the Organic Pepper Honey beef is the one I want to try.

I follow you on Facebook!

I follow you on Twitter!

The pepper jerky and the summer sausage both sound great!

The Honey Pepper Beef Jerky sounds delicious!!

I would say the breakfast sausage or the hotdogs.

Hot Pepper Beef is the way to go - the spicier, the better!

The organic honey pepper beef jerky! I love beef jerky (especially asian kind) and it always makes me super super super disappointed whenever I give in to the craving and buys something from the supermarket. Always taste like crap, super hard to chew, tons of tendon, and just overall...crap. -_-;;; I need to get from my mom her recipe. it's SO GOOD.

in any case, I'm already a follower of your fb account. :D

The Organic Beef Snack Sampler looks good to me! And Gluten Free!

It all looks AWESOME! I think the peppered jerky would be great and the beef sticks.

I'd get the beef sticks - I am doing Atkins and love all this selection of meat!

Oh man, I am so glad to find this site! My boys love jerky and beef sticks. I love that there is a better alternative for them. Can't wait to try these!

The honey pepper jerky sounds yummy!

Definitely the organic honey beef jerky, but, the sampler would be fun to try everything too! :D

I am licking my chops over the organic rack of lamb.

Would love to try the beef pepper jerkey. This organic jerkey sounds delicious and I'm sure it tastes even better!!

I loved peppered jerky, and would love to try this organic brand, you make it sound delicious. Thanks for the post Snack Girl!

I love jerky, especially peppered jerky but don't often buy it because it is so processed. I would love to try this brand.

Mm definitely honey beef jerky!!!!!!

I LOVE Summer Sausage, so that would be my pick!

My family loves beef jerky. It all looks really good, "the beef snack sampler" would be a great way to try several things.

The Organic Honey Pepper Beef Jerky sounds good!

Omigosh. Beef jerky sound delicious right now! I haven't had jerky for a long long time and that sounds perfect. I love salty snacks vs. sweets.

beef pepper jerky!!

We will have to try this it sounds great! Always looking for a healthier beef jerky...It is so great for road trips!

Looks and sounds great! Will have to try the pepper beef jerky!

I'm dying to try the honey jerky.

They all look good! I am most excited to try the pastrami.

Oh my -- they all looks so yummy. What to pick, what to pick? Okay, I'll go with the organic breakfast sausage! Great contest Snack Girl -- thanks!

I think the honey jerky sounds great!

I would like to try the honey pepper beef jerkey. Also, I follow Snack-Girl on Facbook and Twitter. My twitter account is @RnnrGirl, and I also tweeted this. :-)

Honey Pepper jerky, Snack Girl! Thanks for the give-away!

I would like to try the honey beef jerky -- looks great!

The beef pepper jerky sounds wonderful! And I love that he labels gluten free items sicne I am gluten free!

Organic beef sticks would be a huge hit with my whole family!

I'm sold on the pepper jerky!! and it's gluten free:-)cc

I would like to try the pastrami and my husband loves summer sausage. The beef sticks look interesting too, good for traveling.

The honey pepper jerkey looks great!!!

I would TOTALLY go for the honey pepper jerkey! YUM!

My DH is a big bow hunter and LOVES to keep jerky on hand while he's in the deer stand. I'm sure we'd all love the honey pepper jerky.

Mmm... pepper beef sounds fantastic!

Wow, it so great to see a cattle rancher that really cares about his cattle! I will always buy organic meat when I see it in the stores. So, if I had to choose and it was very hard to do that, I would love to try his honey beef jerky. It sounds so yummy! Thanks for all you do!

I'm on a weight loss journey and I'm always looking for snacks that I can take with me and will keep me from getting hungry. The Pepper Jerky or the beef sticks look like they'd be great. Though the sausages look very appealing. Actually pretty much everything on the site looks like it'd be great to try.

Summer Sausage looks great as well as the beef jerky! yum!

The Organic Beef Pepper Jerky looks awesome! I absolutely love beef jerky but hate all junk they put in it normally.

I love beef jerky and would love to give this a try!

I love beef jerky, and the organic beef pepper value pack sounds delicious!

I absolutely love beef jerky! My boyfriend would love the peppered one...

I would love to try the beef pepper jerky! I used to often eat the jerky sold in stores but it's been YEARS because I no longer wanted to put that stuff in my body - but the Rocky Mountain products look great. I'd even let my twins try them.

Thats looks amazing,,, my daughter just asked me the other day, can You find some natural jerky, She would really LOVE to try that. I want it! :)

the honey jerky sounds yummmm

hancoci_s at msn dot com

i follow you on twitter

hancoci_s at msn dot com

I would love to try the organic beef honey jerky. I love snacking on jerky!

The honey beef jerky looks really yummy!

It is a hard decision! I think the honey jerky sounds so yummy! My daughter would like the breakfast sausage and my son really likes beef sticks. They even have doggie treats (bones) that my three 4-legged "kids" would love.

Great website!

Honey Beef Jerkey sounds delicious!

The Honey Pepper Jerkey sounds intriguing! I'm placing an order - my husband's going to freak out!

Sampler pack for me! That way, I get to try several different flavors!

Wow. We get some nice jerky up here in VT but this stuff sounds amazing. I'd go for the peppered stuff. Property tax is due this month but next month I may have to order some of this.

I have to choose a favorite? I guess sampler pack, so I don't really have to choose! I'm excited that they're gluten-free. Yay!

I like you on Facebook, and I follow you on Twitter!

Hard to choose!! Beef sticks or honey jerky look amazing though! I like you on FB and Twitter

Organic Beef Garlic Sausage

I follow you on Twitter @rachelflavin

The honey jerky sounds good!

Never heard of "honey" jerky! That sounds awesome, all of them do!

I don't think I can pick!!! They all look delicious.

We've been looking into buying a quantity of grass-fed beef after reading David Servan-Schreiber's book, AntiCancer. He cites research indicating that grass-fed animals -- rather than grain-fed animals -- provide us with meat higher in Omega-3 fatty acids which help to reduce inflammation in our bodies, and that, in turn, reduces our risk of cancer.

In my opinion, everyone needs to read this book. It could help to drive our demand for foods that are more whole and natural.

The organic pepper beef jerky!

The Organic Beef Honey Jerky sounds tasty!

I'd love to try the beef honey jerky, but I know my hubby would like the peppered.

I'd really love to try the organic beef sticks! I've always wanted to try making my own, too. I do follow you on Twitter (Heliotropist) and am a fan on FB too.

Honey jerky would be my pick! Wyoming and WY ranchers have a warm place in my heart - especially if ORGANIC! WY was my hubby's home state and where his granddad ranched for decades. :)

I would love to try Rocky Mountain Organic Meats. There's really so many snacks it is hard to pick one, but I think I'd have to try the beef sticks first. I like snacks that I can take on the go, and you certainly can't beat organic meat :)

Organic Honey Pepper Beef Jerky is sweet & to love it!

Summer Sausage - Mmmmmmm!


Organic Beef Honey Jerky looks delicious. :)

Organic honey beef jerky sounds delicious as do all the others!

The Honey Pepper Beef jerky sounds awesome! :)

I follow you on twitter, too, @girlinchucks

The honey beef jerky sounds amazing! I also follow you on twitter @kyten

Honey pepper beef jerky! Looks perfect for the current camping and hiking season.

Yum! In for the contest... great stuff!


Honey Beef Jerky sounds best!

I follow you on Twitter!

Just commented on your Wall about Rocky Mountain Organic Honey Beef Jerky!

I will be trying the Organic honey beef jerky (gluten free)and am looking forward to it!

Are you familiar with Tanka Bar & Tanka Bites? It is prairie raised buffalo mixed with tart cranberries in a jerky/pemmican like preparation. Sooo tasty, only thing that keeps me from eating more is the price.

While visiting South Africa, the meat markets totally had a dried meat section, they called it Biltong. What is nice about Biltong is that they use vinegar to cure the meat instead of Salt. Beef Jerky without all the salt. Very tasty and healty

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