How Do You Define Results? Snack Girl Challenge

July 9, 2010   10 Comments

As we come to the last few weeks of the Snack Girl challenge to lose 10 pounds, I have been reflecting on that goal.

Challenge: Week 9

Probably because I know that I'm not going to make it. Here are my results for the last week:

Nine Weeks

174 pounds - (-3 pounds)
38.5 inch waist - (- 3.5 inches)

No change in the waist, but I lost a pound!

Okay, so the end of the challenge is July 31st and I am going on vacation for a week! Vacation is tough because you don't want to have self-discipline and say NO to to the bread and butter that is sitting beside that lobster you are about to inhale (I am going to Maine for a week).

BUT, this is my first REAL vacation in almost 2 years. I am leaving the computer at home and I plan to relax and enjoy my family.

My weight loss goal of 7 pounds in the next 3 weeks does seem self-defeating.

Let's look at what I have accomplished versus what I haven't. On May 21st, I wrote this post : Snack Girl Works Out, where I discussed the lack of exercise in my life.

Well, I changed that. How? It was incremental and it started in January when I rented Jillian Micheal's Shred Work Out from the library.

I had to do a bunch of stuff before I decided to plunk down my $20 for the video and these 3 pound weights. I had to get a sports bra, decent shoes, find my shorts, and the TIME for 20 minutes every other day.

Last week, Annabel posted about her 150 pound weight loss (see: How Annabel Lost 150 Pounds) and she talked about not being afraid to try new things.

This work out is a new thing for me, and it actually works! I tried going out to a spin class and a yoga class (which I still want to do). But, consistently, I have stuck with this work out DVD.

Why? Because, it fits in my schedule and I LIKE IT! Yes, I will keep doing it because I feel challenged and because Jillian Micheals reminds me of my swim coach in high school.

I have felt my shoulders broaden and my energy level increase. So, if I only lose 3 pounds after this 3 months, I will still be proud because I have created a great habit.

The habit is 20 minutes every other day and somehow that was enough to make me feel SO MUCH BETTER. I hope to add more exercise to my life but I have to start with where I am.

I would love to hear about new things that YOU have tried that have helped you get healthy.

Please share!!!

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So around the same time I accepted this challenge, I became a beachbody coach for the discounts on all the products like p90x and chalean extreme. But going from lazy to a health and fitness junkie isn't easy. The toughest part at the beginning was changing the way I ate. I would eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, was working out but didn't see much results. So I mentally challenged myself to eat healthier by cutting out red meat, sweets and carbs (rice, bread, cookies...) I've also started drinking Shakeology every morning for yummy! This drink definitely satisfies my sweet tooth! Sofar, I've been active each day and have tried turbo jam, taebo and recently Insanity. The beauty of DVDs is exercising in the comfort of my own home! I've lost 6 lbs and plan on losing at least 10 more. Good luck too you all and feel free to check out some of the products on my site!

First, don't beat yourself up on only losing 3lbs. You lost 3.5 inches off your waist! That is great! One of the things that they talked about a WW a few weeks ago is that a pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle, except the muscle takes up less space. You've lost SIZE which means you're doing great! I've lost just over 5lbs in 8 weeks doing WW, but I haven't exercised as much as I should. I need to focus on that now. And I have to say your snacks have helped me tremendously! I just finished some leftover corn on the cob for my lunch - which I rubbed with a lime wedge & sprinkled a little salt. The remade apple pie has been perfect for me to take to work. I 'assemble' it in microwave container and heat it at work. Perfect mid morning snack! So don't feel defeated by the scale. You're setting up good habits that will help you to slowly, safely lose weight in a healthy way.

Hi Lisa

I had to make many sacrifices to lose over 30 pounds, reverse my pre-diabetic state and eliminate my depression, and it was not easy.

It took me almost 10 years to get to where I am today. You don't have to take 10 years and spend thousands of hours, all your energy and lots of $$$$ to start looking great and feeling fantastic.

The reality is, the only way to successfully lose weight and keep it off long term is to not restrict yourself in any way. That is at the heart of what I teach through Power of Food.

What happens if you restrict yourself? I have been on many diets in the past and each one left me feeling more guilty and frustrated then when I began. This only brought about the same results over and over again. Failure is not a fun thing to experience.

No restrictions is the key to long term success and I have developed a simple 3 step system for making it easy to experience success and feel pure joy and happiness along the way.

I would love to share this 3 step system with you and your audience if you are interested. Let me know if you want a guest blog post. I would be happy to share.

Have a great vacation and lets chat when you return.

In Good Health

Adam Hart

This sounds like what I'm about to write in my blog. I have been trying to lose the 15 pounds that I have gained and get back to the same fitness level that I was at this time last year. The one thing that was the most helpful last year was the 30 Day Shred!

Have a great vacation and we'll be shredding when you return!

Hi Lisa. I enjoy your blog. It took me 8 weeks before I started seeing any wight loss difference when I started. I've now lost 35 pounds over the past 6 months, 10 to go. The only things I've done differently are that I've stopped drinking alcohol, made sure I do some kind of cardio workout at least 5 times a week, and reintroduced fat into my diet. The last one was an eye opener - I am a serious carboholic, and including good fats must be lowering the GI of my carby diet, making me feel full for longer. Enjoy your vacation.

I echo Adam's comment. Don't restrict yourself, and go enjoy your vacation. Besides, it's okay if you don't meet your goal right on time. It's all about the journey - not the destination. You want to teach yourself sustainable, good-for-you habits. You LIKE your video, and you have other healthy wishes, like spinning. Keep that up! Go enjoy your vacation, and if you want, you might feel good during that vacation if you keep up some sort of exercise, but it can simply be taking a walk after dinner or something. In a strange place, this isn't even like work - it's sightseeing! :) Then remind yourself that you have your video when you get back.

Where I am - for the first time during our challenge, I think I *gasp* lost weight! I am down 2 lbs. I'm scared to say that, cause it was just today that I was down, and I'm afraid it's like a fluctuation or something, but it's still the lowest I've seen the scale in a long time. I've done the 30 day shred 3X this week, which is more intense than previous workouts, and increased my lean protein. I feel stong!

You know, since you're on vacation you may find yourself outside doing more activities, exercising more, and not sitting at the computer. Therefore, your choices for food may be just fine and you may even LOSE some inches as well. My fear this coming week is that I'm staying at a college dorm and going out to dinners where everything is already paid for. I plan on putting in long walks to help off set some of that. Can't wait to hear from all who are trying. And as for checking in..started the end of June and have lost 23.8 lbs. I so want that 25 before I leave!!!

Thank you, Lisa, for your website and all your ideas that help us learn to eat healthy. You helped me lose 25lbs in 5mo. One of my new tricks is portion control. Like you, on my vacation I did not want to do without, (actually, I never want to do without), and portion control has been the best way for me.

I eat 1 or 1 1/2 pieces of bread; half of my pasta or whatever I am eating (maybe a little more than half); and I don't take the other home. I never consume the calories that I leave on the table. Yes, I learned to leave 1/2 of my single scoop ice cream. But, I said to myself "nothing taste better than being healthy". Portions control has been the biggest change for me; exercise at least 3 or 4 days a week; and "tweaks" and "tricks" that I learn from you and a couple of other places. Again, thank you for your help; and enjoy your vacation.

I think you are amazing!

Getting into the routine of exercise is one of the hardest parts - i would say having done that you have made a huge accomplishment! So great job!

One pound of fat is the equivalent of 3500 calories - so you need to be in a deficit of 3500 calories to loose one pound.. Try to cut 250 calories from your diet every day, and burn 250 calories a day through exercises - whether its the Shred DVD, a brisk walk for 20 minutes, or doing 3 10minute stints of exercise when you have the time (think jumping jacks, pushups, and lunges while waiting for the water to boil while making dinner)

Good job on your results and accomplishments and inspiring so many other people to try to be healthier!

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