Pop or Flop? Crunchy Snack Review and Giveaway

March 16, 2010   43 Comments

Can a potato chip be magical? If you could wave a wand and do something to a chip - what would it be?

Pop Chips

Clearly, Pop Chips, think they have performed alchemy. They call themselves "craving-crushing" and "an all-natural chip like you've never tasted before". My expectations are very high.

My friend, Danica, suggested that I try Pop Chips, so I e-mailed the company to get a sample (I couldn't find any at my local Stop-N-Shop).

I am a fan of Baked Lays, because while they are not the healthiest food, they perform a service. You can grab a 100 calorie bag of these versus a 250 calorie bag of other potato chips with your sandwich and save yourself some calories.

What about Pop Chips? The manufacturer thinks they taste better than baked chips. I think this is a matter of personal opinion. I didn't like them better - but you might. They are made with 1/2 the fat of regular potato chips and do have a very light texture.

But, healthy? No. They are highly processed and devoid of nutrients when you compare them to Apples.

Also, I have found something else to satisfy my chip craving. A 100 calorie bag of Potato Chips. Yes, they do exist, and they are the perfect portion that makes you savor your treat. And, there is no monstrous bag sitting in your cupboard calling to you.

DO NOT buy your chips at Costco. I did that once and the results were not pretty (as my butt got bigger).

I received a coupon book (coupon for 2 free bags and other deals) from Pop Chips with the chips they sent me. I would love to send this along to a Pop Chip fan.

Please comment on why you like Pop Chips and I will choose a winner tomorrow.

This product was received for review consideration. No other compensation was provided.

Have any of you tried Pop Chips? Do you like them as much as regular potato chips? Please share.

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I have NOT tried Pop Chips, which is surprising since chips are my biggest weakness. My favorite chips are Terra Chips, but I don't get them often as they're kind of expensive in comparison to other brands. They have fewer ingredients, though. I think just oils & potatoes (depending on the type you buy). I might pick up some pop chips though!

Funny, I am going out on my lunch hour to see if I can find a bag, as I have yet to try pop-chips, so I m so curious to try them!

I hear bbq is good! We shall see !

I am addicted to Pop Chips I must say. I am a huge salt & vinegar chip fan and have not found a healthy alternative to these other than the Pop Chips. I don't eat chips often but when I do, I dutifully count out my 22 Pop Chips and enjoy them immensely!!

Gayle has a good point. The flavors are pretty tasty vs. Baked Lays.

There is also a whole-grain variety that is pretty yummy as well. Not sure how they measure up when compared to other "healthy" chips but they are really tasty. I admit, I am hooked.

I love Pop Chips! I am absolutely addicted to the sea salt & vinegar flavor. I think they are way better than regular potato chips, much more flavorful :)

I love pop chips - and they keep coming out with new flavors! The cheddar cheese pop chips totally satisfy my craving for cheetos - so why they aren't as healthy as an apple, they are better for me than cheetos!

I've had the plain ones before. They taste like a muncho, in my opinion. The flavored ones contain way too many ingredients for me to eat them. I would't buy any of them (and I'm not posting to enter the giveaway either). Like Snack Girl, I'd rather just enjoy some real chips in moderation.

I've lost 40 pounds since my highest weight, and I am always looking for healthier alternatives to foods that I used to overindulge in. I have never tried PopChips, but I have heard good things about them. I'd love to try them to see if they are worth it, or if eating portion-controlled servings of regular chips are a better (and yummier!) option.

I haven't tried pop chips yet, but I have heard a lot about them! Like you, I often get my chip fix through Baked Lays... But I love food, so trying pop chips would only be a good idea :)

I like pop chips because they are tasty and a healthy way to get my chip fix :-)

I love Pop Chips. I can only find them in the Salt&Pepper and BBQ flavors where I live, but I had the Sour cream & Onion while I was in NY last summer. I have to be very careful with them, though because I could easily devour an entire full size bag in one sitting. Baked Lays, not so much.

My husband and I love the Sea Salt and Vinegar ones! They taste just like the chips he use to eat as a kid in England. We love to get them but only do it when we have coupons so this would be a great offer!

I like pop chips because they are tasty and get the job done. They are like air in my mouth at first, but then I feel satisfied after! Its nice to have a snack I know is tasty and comes in it's own portioned small bag!

I've been hearing about pop chips a lot and would love to try them:-)cc

My husband and I love Pop Chips. I have a bag each of bbq, salt and vinegar and salt and pepper in my pantry right now. they are full of flavor, which I don't find is always the case with baked lays (only southwestern ranch has a kick). they are always satisfying and I've now got my sister and her husband hooked on them!

I like popchips. I received a free sample box from them with 4 bags of each of their flavors. The bags are 100 calorie bags also. My favorite are the BBQ. I dont eat them often, but I find them satisfying and enjoy the crunch and salty flavor. I didn't like them the first time I tried them, but on my second try and so on, I have really developed a liking for them... The make a nice coating for "fake-fried" chicken too - especially the flavored chips.

I do like popchips. I have only tried two flavors though. There are not easy to find in my area, but I do enjoy them more than regular potato chips.

I love Pop Chips! The salt and vinegar are the best! I agree they aren't a healthy product but they satisfy my salt craving without all of the fat and greasiness. Yum!

OMG! I loooove popchips and think they are way better tasting then any baked chip product. Those will satisfy the taste for salt and crunch but really do not come close to resembling a chip. Popchips work well with dip, and more then anything they do not make me feel like I am compromising. I love these chips as though they were doritos, lays, or any of the lot of them

i love popchips. i agree though that they are nutritionally devoid, the ingredients are similar to pringles, which we all know it's great for us (NOT). but it totally does satisfy the occasional potato chip craving! :)

I like Pop Chips because they aren't greasy like other chips sometimes are. Plus, they have a good variety of flavors and they aren't as unhealthy as other chips.

I really like pop chips. As soon as Hungry Girl introduced them to me I went out a bought a bag. Love the bbq and salt and vinegar flavor. They stack up really close to reg. chips. I wish i could find the 100 calorie bags.

I love pop chips, but have a problem stopping at 22 chips :-)

I think Popchips are fantastic - and they are coming soon to the SnackAisle. You are quite right about these being a matter of personal taste. If you are looking for GREAT Potato Chips - that are REAL Sliced Potatoes (sorry baked Lays!) you should Try Kettle Baked Potato Chips - they come lightly salted in a 100 Calorie bag, but also for flavor lovers, no one does Salt & Vinegar like Kettle Brand, and their Baked potato chips come in Salt & Vinegar, Salt & Ground Pepper, Hickory Honey BBQ, Aged White Cheddar (my personal favorite)

much better than baked lays i think its the flavors but i give them thumbs up it u need a crunchy snack

Eh, there's been too much hype over pop chips. They don't even have the same texture and crunch as real potato chips (the crunch is more like that of rice cakes, only thinner).

Pop Chips are AWESOME and addicting. You can order single serve bags fom Amazon...I am hooked!

PopChips are pretty good, when you consider the other chip options available in our campus grocery store. I was never a big chip eater in the first place, though, so the texture of these is a good change for me. I like them because they're a salty crunchy snack without too many calories so I don't feel guilty grabbing PopChips AND an apple.

I have not had the chance to try pop chips yet, but I am in love with baked lays!!! They are so tastey!!!!!

I love pop chips because growing up I loved those chips called Munchos. They are super unhealthy and I think that Pop Chips taste just like them!

I love Pop Chips because they give me that crunchy salty craving filler without too many calories.

Pop chips are DA BOMB because you can snack on them guilt-free. They also taste great with pickles. Just sayin'. ;D

The first time I tried POP chips was on a road trip this past August.I had heard of them through a tv personality.My husband and I love the, taste and the texture.The"Pop"of the chip!We never liked baked chips so this turns out to be a great alternative for us when we are craving a salty,crunchy treat!My favorite flavors are the BBQ-sweet n smokey flavored and the Sour Cream N Onion.

I like to use them to dip into my creamy homemade hummus. The hummus is so light, it just works better with a light popchip, rather than something thick and crunchy like a pita chip.

I don't LOVE chips but I find that PopChips are a healthy alternative if ever I am reaching for a good compliment to a sandwich!

I haven't tried them yet and would love to. I have seen them on different blogs.

I like Pop-Chips because they are 'healthier' than regular chips. Plus, the packaging is stylish. Third, so many of the bloggers I read enjoy them - they MUST be good:)

Why do I love popchips? popchips are crisp, airy, and convenient. They have a few vegan flavors which makes me smile since most vegan chips are bland, plain, and downright boring. I LOVE popchips and since I'm a college student on a budget they are an indulgence I can't afford :)

Pop chips are good but if you like Pop Chips, try Glenny's Soy Crips! They have a more satisfying bite, great flavors, and a whole large single serving bag is 140 cal with 9g of protein! Protein in a chip! Awesomeness. Pop chips are pretty tasty though they do little to enhance my nutritional intake.


I have tried popped chips from Trader Joes (only 1.99 per bag) because I am always trying to find replacements to the fattening foods I love and am in constant search for a chip replacement. I love them! I think baked chips are gross and have never liked most alternatives before so I'm pretty happy about these. Actually, the only barbecue chips I like at all are Hawaiian Luau bbq chips and these are surprisingly similar in flavor. I like em better than Lay's bbq or any other. Yay, finally (although the per serving calorie count is not much lower the amount of chips per serving is much higher so this is a great alternative)!

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