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November 16, 2009   1 Comment

Diets that advise you to stop eating Potato Chips and start eating Celery Sticks are asking too much! Celery Sticks, while crunchy, do not taste anything like a potato chips.

Baked Lays

Of course a small bag of Potato Chips is going to set you back 280 calories which is not a trivial amount. And, if you buy a bigger bag (let's say one from Costco) who knows how many you will eat.

Eating Baked Lays is a great first step toward eating healthier. While these chips aren't the best nutritionally, they do taste good and save you from 140 calories of fat.

My advice is to buy the small bag when you have a chip craving, or if you are offered chips with your sandwich (like at Subway). Just eat the small bag and see how you feel.

The plan is to break the bad habit (eating lots of high calorie chips) with a new lower calorie habit.

Do not buy a big bag of Baked Lays and eat them feeling virtuous. Baked Lays are a highly processed food and they lack nutritional value.

After eating Baked Lays for a while (maybe a month), I would start eating carrot sticks with Yogurt Dip. Don't expect too much of yourself on the road to eating healthier.

You have plenty of time to make better choices and you will! If you are anything like me, you don't have the time to slice carrot sticks when you have a chip craving. Don't worry about it - just grab the Baked Lays.

What is your favorite packaged chip? Please share with the rest of us!

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1 Comment:

I LOVE Baked Lays, especially the BBQ!!! Have you all tried Pop Chips yet? I didn't poke around enough to see if you did, but, if not, you definitely NEED too. They are by far my FAVORITE potato chip substitute.

It was great to meet you at the Food Blog Festival! let's stay in touch.


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