Rocco DiSpirito's "Now Eat This! Diet"

March 30, 2011   218 Comments

Snack Girl likes it when celebrity chefs decide to design recipes for those of us trying to be healthier and lose weight.

Rocco DiSpirito's "Now Eat This! Diet"

Paula Deen, you could take a page from Rocco DiSpirito's latest effort, "Now Eat This! Diet' with his almost 300 pages of beautiful pictures, recipes, and thoughts on how to get healthier.

(Not that I don't love Paula - but I am POSITIVE that "deep fried macaroni and cheese" is going to shorten my life.)

Rocco DiSpirito has been on The Biggest Loser, Dancing With The Stars, and now Snack Girl (I am sure his crowning achievement). The man can't dance, but he can cook and he lost over 20 pounds.

How did he do it? He came up with a bunch of recipes that replaced his favorites with lower calorie versions. This mushroom lasagna recipe doesn't have meat and I know it is delicious.

He was able to shave over 400 calories from one serving! (Lasagna can be a calorie bomb.)

There are a whole bunch of favorites here - mac and cheese, brownies, and a even a cheeseburger. Rocco even uses black beans in his brownie recipe - just like Snack Girl (see here: Healthier Brownies With A Secret Ingredient).

His brownie recipe doesn't use a mix because he is a chef (and he isn't lazy).

Here’s how you can win your own signed copy of Now Eat This! Diet, signed by Rocco DiSpirito himself:

Comment on this post and share the following with us "What is your motivation to lose weight?".

For example, some choose to lose the weight to be better parents, what's your reason?

At the end of the contest, I’ll pick 4 winners (at random) to receive the book and announce them on April 6th, 2011.

No Boil Mushroom Lasagna Recipe

reprinted with permission from "Now Eat This! Diet" by Rocco DiSpirito

YEARS AGO, after she came to Hollywood and became an international film star, Sophia Loren gave the media her most sultry pose one day and reportedly said, “All you see, I owe to pasta.” Americans now know what Italians and others have known for centuries: Pasta is cheap, chic, and healthy. I don’t like diets that give you scheduled feedings of birdseed, so, my friends, thank you for coming back to the pasta fold. This recipe uses no- boil noodles. Mushrooms and no-boil lasagna noodles were made for each other. Because mushrooms release a lot of water during cooking, they essentially steam the noodles, thereby cooking them.

(makes 4 servings)

Nonstick cooking spray
2 cups reduced-fat ricotta cheese, such as Sargento
½ cup chopped fresh basil
2 tablespoons chopped fresh fl at-leaf parsley
1 cup grated Parmigiano-Reggiano
Freshly ground black pepper
4 ounces (about 8 sheets) no-boil whole wheat lasagna noodles, such as Dalallo 10 ounces sliced cremini mushrooms
4 ounces white button mushrooms
½ cup shredded reduced-fat mozzarella cheese

1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Coat the inside of an 8 x 8 x 2-inch baking pan with cooking spray and set aside.
2. In a medium bowl, add the ricotta, basil, parsley, and ¾ cup Parmigiano-Reggiano. Mix with a spoon until blended. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.
3. Line the bottom of the prepared baking pan with two lasagna sheets. Top with ½ cup of the cheese mixture. Using the back of a spoon, spread the mixture so that the noodles are covered. Top with a layer of mushrooms. Repeat the procedure two more times. On the last layer, place two lasagna sheets on top of the mushrooms. Spread a layer of the remaining cheese mixture on top. Scatter the mozzarella and remaining Parmigiano-Reggiano on top.
4. Cover tightly with foil and bake in the oven for 30 minutes.
5. Raise the temperature of the oven to 425°F, and bake for another 15 minutes. Uncover the dish and continue to bake for another 15 minutes or until the top is golden brown.

Per serving: 388 calories, 15 g fat, 34 g carbohydrates, 28 g protein, 3 g fiber, 510 mg sodium, 10 Points+

Now Eat This! Diet: Lose Up to 10 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks Eating 6 Meals a Day!

Now Eat This! Diet: Lose Up to 10 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks Eating 6 Meals a Day!

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What will I win?
A signed copy of "Now Eat This! Diet", signed by Rocco DiSpirito himself.

How do I enter?
Comment below on your motivation to lose weight.

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I have heard wonderful things about this cookbook!!! I want to be a better person all-around! That includes wife, sister, mother, friend! I think this can be acheived by losing weight. It will not only help my physical well-being but all my mental well-being! That is my motivation! If I am a healthy, well-rested person, I can play a better role in my loved ones lives!

I just want to be healthy, be happy, feel good about the way I look, and I want to look good for my husband too! :)

Wow! Lots of talk about this cookbook. Can't wait to see it. My motivation has got to be my health....don't want any health issues that can be prevented!

My motivation for losing weight is self confidence. Looking good and feeling good gives me more self confidence.

I've recently fallen in love! He loves me just the way I am, I know, as I do him. But both of us could stand to lose more than a little. Not for appearances, but so we have as much time on this earth together as possible!

I try to eat healthy and exercise regularly because it just makes me feel better. If I feel better, I'm a happier person. I want my son to learn by example. I will definitely be trying this Mushroom Lasagna...sounds yummy!

My motivation for losing weight is my health. I'm 1 BMI point from being obese, and the excess weight is taking a toll on my knees. I don't want to immobilize myself by continuing to pack on the pounds, so I have to work on getting the weight down.

This sounds like a great book and a must have, especially for a person like me who wants to lose weight but I don't want to feel like I am depriving myself either.

My reason for wanting to lose weight is to feel more healthy and look better and ultimately feel better about myself.

I was tired of being tired all the time! Not to mention having a crap-tastic selection for clothing and not really fitting into seats! I saw him make this on GMA. Definitely going to make it myself!

I want to be healthy! After my grandma was diagnosed with diabetes, I learned if I kept up with my unhealthy eating habits, I'd be sitting right next to her in the hospital. My goal is to get a healthy BMI! I'm well on my way.

My motivation to lose weight is ME. You see I had a couple of health scares in the last 3 months and it finally made me realize losing weight can't be about a bathing suit a dress or to look good for another person. Losing weight has to be about me and my want to be a silly little old lady walking hand in hand with my husband on my 90th birthday (which is still very far away) :) Too many diseases can happen by not watching what I eat... it's about time I learn :)

I have many different kinds of motivation to lose weight - my clothes fit better, I look better, but most of all, I FEEL better. It's amazing how good I feel when I eat healthy and how crummy I feel when I don't!

Watching family members literally dying because of their food choices motivated me to lose 55 lbs and become a WW lifetime member. I'm now within 10 pounds of losing my pregnancy weight gain and regaining that lifetime status. It's hard, but worth it.

My motivation to eat healthy is due to a spotted family history. Cancer, heart disease, yada yada. I want to be here to see my children achieve their dreams and grow into wonderful people.

My seven year old son has stage IV neuroblastoma cancer. I have not taken care of myself since this has happened. Kyle is receiving a trip to Disney World curtisy of the Make a Wish Foundation. I need lose weight so I can fit into my summer clothes before we go.

My motivation is to be confident in who I am - eating healthy directly influences one's body image. I would love to learn these recipes in the kitchen with my mom so that we can both learn the healthy alternatives to our favorite family recipes instead of weighing them down with mayonnaise and cream. I am nearing the age when I will start a family, and would like to start some healthy food traditions to be passed down through the years :)

My motivation to loose weight is so I look fabulous on my wedding day in October! It's approaching quickly and I want to look and feel my best!

SUCH A GREAT RECIPE! I'm so excited to try this and whatever else his book has to offer. My motivation for losing weight/keeping my weight healthy is the idea of getting pregnant soon. I want my body to be strong during this season of life ready to handle whatever life has to throw it's way - as well as already maintain a lifestyle of eating healthy and working out so post baby time won't be quite as challenging.

My motivation to lose weight is to set a good example for my daughter and have enough energy to keep up with her!

My motivation to lose weight is to have a healthy pregnancy! Not pregnant, but would like to be soon!

i saw him talking about this book on the news last week, and it sounds great!

I lost my college weight and am working hard to keep it off because I have a lot of health problems that run in my family. Eating healthy and taking care of myself are the best things I can do for ME!

The pounds have crept on over the last 22 years as I raised four children. Now that they are adults, I can see that my own life is changing as they move on with their lives. I want to have the energy and spark in my life to be a healthy older woman, and a fun grandmother (if and when the opportunity presents itself!) But most of all, I want to be "ME" again, with all the anticipation of new experiences and opportunities to grow through the next stages of life. I'm looking forward to new adventures as I change my habits and watch the weight melt away, revealing the "Me" that is cheering me on and emerging day by day.

I need to get my butt in gear! I used to have a good routine down of eating healthy and exercising regularly. Then as the kids got a little older I found myself getting lazier and making excuses. I would use this book to fuel my fire for getting back to eating healthy. And now that the weather is warming up, I am getting out the walking shoes to get moving at lunch and after work. No More Excuses!

How fun, I just saw Rocco on Rachael Ray's show yesterday and he was talking about his book. I'd love to win a copy.

I don't really NEED to lose weight, but I am always always mindful of keeping a healthy weight because I'm diabetic. I did my losing weight thing a long time ago through Weight Watchers and have maintained since then. It's plain and simple just the right thing to do!

My motivation to lose weight is to have more energy and gain more self-confidence.

To feel better, get healthier and to look better. Love finding healthier recipes of foods I like, but typically don't eat anymore.

I want to lose weight so that I will have more energy and desire to get outside and enjoy nature. I also want to do healthy things that make me feel good about myself.

Now that I'm in my 50's (which I still can't believe) my weight is causing a lot of health issues and yet I still want food to taste good and keep me feeling full. I'd love a copy of Rocco's new book.

my motivation to lose weight? to be healthier and take good care of this body that God gave me to care for! also, in addition, i want to be able to keep up with my kids and be around when they have kids. my mom is not in the best of health and can't keep up with my kids very well, and i want to start NOW so i can be a healthier grandma than she is when that time comes. thanks for the opportunity to win a cookbook, sg. i'm always ready to reinvent my kitchen faves.

My motivation to lose weight has got to be to remain healthy. I am a college student and would rather have a Freshman -15 than a +15 :)

My motivation is to be healthy and to be able to watch my grandchildren grow into fabulous adults.

Where to start? It took a while, but I finally got motivated because my husband and I want to start a family and we both need to be healthier in order to do so. Besides the fact that I feel better about myself when I'm in shape, I'm doing it for him and so that I can keep up with our kids (when we have some!) Plus I'd like the chance to get out on a softball field again ;)

My motivation for staying thin is to feel great. Eating heathlier and exercising regularly helps me to feel my best! Plus, I love the look and feel of my body when it is fit.

I saw a review for this book on another site and was planning on buying it, maybe I'll get lucky and win it instead. My motivation for losing weight is to live a healthier, longer life and to be an example to my son, who is now struggling with weight issues also.

i am actually having a baby, due April 8. I now have 3 reasons to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. They come in the form of 3 beautiful little faces! ;)

My sister is also getting marries in September so I kind of have an additional reason! ;)

My motivation is not to follow in the footsteps of my father and grandmother. At 30, I finally decided to take responsibility for my life and weight so that I would not be diagnosed with diabetes by age 40, the way my grandmother and father were (both ended up dependent on insulin shots). Being PCOS, I was already on my way. It's also the first time I've decided to lose weight for me and for no other reason, person, etc.

My motivation to lose weight is to have more energy. I am not actually overweight, but have put on about 20 pounds since beginning graduate school. Being in a doctoral program adds a ridiculous amount of stress to my life, and I feel better and less stressed when I eat healthy. Having more healthy cookbooks in my life makes it easier for me to find a healthy and delicious dinner to make, as I don't have the time (or mental capacity at that point!) to get creative. Also I am Italian and I love how Rocco is able to reduce the calories and fat in some of my favorite Italian meals! Not an easy feat!

My motivation is my health, and how great I feel when I do take care of myself.

My motivation is to MAINTAIN my current weight. I want to avoid as many weight-related health risks as I can and keep my Asthma in Remission/"at bay".

Now that I'm 30+, I'm more aware of my family's health history. Many of the ailments that my kin suffers could have been prevented, with proper diet and exercise. I'm doing what I like to call "preventative maintenance".

I also enjoy the added energy that I have and how clear my skin looks by cutting back on fatty foods and sugary substances. (I'm a candy addict, so...imagine my grief!)

I really want to experience optimum health and hopefully teach my kids to be healthy from a young age so it's not so much work for them!

I am the grandmother of 14 wonderful grandchildren and of one great-grandson who is the smartest kid in the world. I am almost 64 and am active and healthy. I want to stay that way so that I can live long enough to see my great-grandson, Howie, graduate from college! And those others yet to come as well! :)

While I have many motivations for losing weight - my biggest one right now - is that I want to get pregnant again. I was overweight when i got pregnant with my first son, and don't want to tip the scales at almost 200 w/baby #2! I was able to get myself down to 130 after I had my son - but slowly have been gaining the weight back! Now I need to lose it again!!!

This cookbook looks wonderful! Yay for Rocco! My motivation? My 10th wedding anniversary is in May and we're celebrating by renewing our wedding vows on the beach. The adorable little sundress I've found has become my ultimate motivation!!

I really don't need to lose any weight since I have a very active life - I'm always looking for healthy recipes to make for my friends and family, though. Almost everyone I know eats a LOT of junk food and I'm hoping to convert all of them to a healthier diet.

I have a few motivations to lose weight and keep in shape. First, I want to feel good about myself and have energy. I feel much better when I am eating well (eating fruits and vegetables and not binging on fast food/restaurant foods. Second, I want to feel comfortable in my clothes. I lost 50 lbs a couple years ago and bought all new clothes, and it was quite expensive. I don't want to have to buy a whole new wardrobe again, especially going up a size!

I started Weight Watchers at the end of October and am slowly losing the weight. I feel more motivated that I have in a long time. I go to the gym more than I used to since losing 28 pounds. I've got more to lose and with new healthier choices in the foods I eat will help me along. Whoot Whoot!!!

I am always looking for new recipes to keep me inspired on my weight loss journey and this one sounds like a winner to me!

My husband and I will be trying to start a family within the upcoming months. My motivation to lose weight is to make pregnancy a bit more bearable by starting off on the right foot!

My motivation to lose weight is to set a good example for my kids and be around for them as long as possible!

My motivations are to be a better role model for my children and to be halier than I have been in the past.

I'm 29 years old and for the first time, my cholesterol level is within the normal range-- a 159! without pills! Good ole' exercise and eating right helped! Would love this cookbook to maintain my healthy eating habits!

My motivation to lose weight is to honor God by taking care of the body he gave me.

i love veggie lasagna recipes! especially when i do them in my crockpot.

i am working on maintaining my current weight, and trying to get my cholesterol down.

I am eating healthier so I can enter my 30's with good habits that I can share with my (eventual)kids

In the fall of 2009, at the age of 45 I was diagnosed with breast cancer (ladies, make sure you go for your annual mamograms, they can save your life!). I underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy followed by reconstructive surgery in 2010. I had a hard time coming to terms with everything and was overwhelmed at work on top of everything else. In the summer of 2010 I found and joined a survivor dragon boat racing team, which enabled me to turn many corners I could not turn on my own. I dare say it changed my life. Unfortunately during the off-season I became even more swamped at work (late nights, weekends, tons of stress eating). I am now working extra hard to get back into shape for our upcoming race season --- to remind myself of just how strong I am and to hopefully provide hope for other women who have been where I've been.

I would love to win this! That recipe looks so good! My motivation for losing weight is first for myself, but the overall picture is to be here and more healthy for my kids and family!

I want to be more fit and healthy for my little boys--I want to keep up with them and I want to stick around for a long, long time!

I am losing weight for several reasons; To feel better about myself, to feel better in my clothes, to be a healthier person and hopefully live a healthier life, and to be a good example for my children. Would LOVE this book!

I tweeted about the giveaway!/Stacie1977/status/53125496606699520

I follow you and posted on facebook about my motivation to lose weight!

I am very excited about this cookbook! I absolutely love to cook, and am always looking for the newest ways to make recipes lower in fat, lower in calories, but high on taste. I like to try to figure out ways to make my favorite high fat/high calorie foods healthier in any way I can. a few years back I got my DTR (Dietetic Technician) degree, and during my time in school I gained 30 pounds. not very impressive. after that, I realized there was no way I could expect patients of mine to follow a healthier lifestyle if I wasn't willing to do it myself. I currently work in a different field, but still want to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I tend to always struggle with that last 10-15 pounds, but with better food options I know it'll be easier. no more boring 'plain baked chicken breasts', bring on the goods!!!

My motivation is to be healthy and strong!

My motivation is to stay healthy. My major in college is Exercise Science so I have learned about all the benefits of exercise and being at a healthy weight.

I have many sources of motivation for managing my weight. First, I value feeling good and being able to take advantage of recreational and social activities because I have good physical health. Second, I am a Health, Nutrition, and Culinary Arts teacher. High school students are especially sensitive to perceived hypocricy and I believe I need to demonstrate a good example by practicing what I preach. Third, I am a mom and a wife and I believe I have a responsibility to those I love to live a long and happy life; I don't want to give them reason to be sad over a sick or dying family member. Finally, I also believe I have a social responsibility to do my best to prevent diet related diseases (most triggered by obesity) that put a strain on our health care system and drive insurance costs up.

This past 6 months I went through a life/death period. I got life and I want to loose weight to keep it that way. I feel good but I know I could feel better if there was less of me, I go to the Y 5 days a week and cooking different would sure help .

I am motivated because of my health. My blood sugar has been through the sky along with my blood pressure and now with eating better foods and less of them I have both of them much improved.

I want to look great at my nephew's wedding reception this summer! Starting April 1st on my be healthy eat healthy. I have his first cookbook and love it. It's how I've been cooking and want to continue to do so.

For me it's less about losing weight and more about being in shape. I love the way I feel when I work out and I love that I can run and walk up stairs without being out of breath. Also I was very athletically inclined growing up and now I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life as I'm about to turn 30. So that makes me happy. :)

My motivation is eat healthy, feel better and be a good example for my family and friends and if I loose weight that would be great!

My motivation to lose weight is to be healthy when my job of being a stay at home mom ends and a job outside the home begins. I am determined not to have a bad back or bad knees.

Sounds good I will try it. Book sounds interesting also. Adding more fiber and less fat helps with the dieting and is a healthier way to go also. Enjoy your articles very much. Thanks.

My motivation is to provide healthy, nutritious food to my family. I love to cook and eat but I learned some very unhealthy habits. I would like to teach my own children some healthy habits instead.

By American standards, I'm an average weight.... but my motivation to slim down is so I won't have to shop in the plus-size section when I go to France this summer!!

My motivation to drop a few pounds..or well..lets say about 15lbs, is that it is from being pregnant and having my son (he will be 2 in July..yikes). After a complicated delivery and complications with my c-section, which was open for 3 months after I had him, I wasn't even given the OK to exercise until my son was about 7 months! Add in work, school and taking care of him all day long (the other stuff i do at night), I dont take much time out to take care of myself..without me being healthy and happy, I doubt I will raise a happy & healthy kid! So when it comes down to it, my son is my motivation! <3

My father died at 57. He had pancreatic cancer, diminished lung function, and Type II diabetes. He had been 75+ lbs overweight, though when he died he weighed just 90lbs. His father died at 48 from a massive heart attack. My father's mother died at 65 from a myriad of diseases (her heart basically stopped). She had been diagnosed with Type II diabetes (well over 100+ lbs overweight). My aunt, my father's sister, has had both knees replaced and is on her way to a hip replacement. She is currently 51 and 100+ lbs overweight. I could go on, but you get the picture (I am 43). I have been deluding myself for years and now I am afraid.

I want to lose weight to live well, even if I don't live longer. I am terrified of being so disabled as to need oxygen, a wheelchair and assistance with daily movement (and other intimacies). But it's not just about losing weight. It's about living my own values and doing the absolute best I can for my body. After years of cheap, trashy food, I want to feed my body the absolute best I can. For the past two months (and into the next 6 months) I am transitioning to vegetarian, buying local, and steering clear of as much junk as possible (ok, I just ate a piece of cake).

If the rest of the book is anything like the Mushroom Lasagna, it has to be a winner. I have a lot of back problems and I know that if I can lose some weight it will help. Also, my daughter is returning from Iraq in July and I would like to be a little slimmer for her.

Last summer I was miserable because I was heavier then I had been ever (other then when pregnant)! On top of that my 12 year old is prone to being on the stocky side and was struggling with it. I decided to give myself until the summer to lose the extra weight (16 lbs). Slowly and surely it is coming off! We have been eating better and he has been riding his bike more after school instead of plaaying the video games. He also plays 3 sports so he isn't a total couch potato! He and I have both lost 12 lbs and feel so much better! Only 4 more to go - new recipes would make it more enjoyable!

My motivation to lose weight:

I just want to feel good for once in my life. I've been overweight since I was a child so I don't know what it feels like to be truly healthy & fit. I've lost some weight over the last couple of years but I still have a long way to go so I will use all the help I can get.

I want to lose weight just to be healthier.

Eh, while I'm sure it can help you lose weight, I'm skeptical due to the amount of branded food products he touts in his cookbooks.

Hubby and I have been trying to lose weight for a year . . . we're still trying! I would love some fresh, healthy ideas for getting thin and healthy. WHY? We have 10-year-old twins that we want to play with. The 4 of us will be testing for black belts in karate in August of 2012 - we need to be thinner to be able to perform better!

I'm always on the quest to be healthier and keep on track with my weight. I still think if I was a foot taller this would be easier, alas it's not the case ^_^ Cooking healthy is a big deal in our home since my hubby is diabetic. Diet plays a huge role in how he feels each day so I'm always looking for new recipes and inspiration to cook good meals for us. Thanks for all the tips! I always look forward to your posts.

I do it for feel better and live ong er for my children and spouse

My motivation to lose weight now is to fit back into all those clothes I bought when I lost the weight the first time! I'm having trouble because I'm focusing more on eating healthier than eating low-cal. I like seeing recipes that are both healthy and low-cal! And I LOVE Rocco!!

I want this book!! My motivation to lose weight is to raise my self esteem, I want to feel good about myself, and I just wanna be healthier and live a long life!

My motivation is that summer is coming! :-)

I want to get back to doing lots of trail running this summer and I don't want it all giggling when I run! Healthy eating in MODERATION is the key.

This cookbook sounds wonderful.

I have serious vascular issues with my legs that I thought could never be resolved. I've recently changed my eating and my exercising habits. Once my purple legs were a constant source of pain and it took me almost 5 minutes to climb a flight of steps. In only two months of healthy eating, those Barney-legs are starting to look human! My motivation to eat healthier stems from the fact that not only do I want to be able to run and play with my 4- and 7-year olds, but I want to be able to run and play someday with my grandchildren!!

Oh Yummy - that looks good! I'd love to have this book. My motivation to lose weight (I've lost 30 lbs already!) is to have more energy in my daily activities & to achieve my goal of Black Belt in TaeKwonDo. 6 more months until I test. Pick Me!

I want to lose weight for my health. Now that I am eating better and have more energy and feel better overall, I am even more motivated to lose weight!

Thank you for the giveaway =]

I'm going to my college friend's wedding in July and on vacation with my family in Aug - to HAWAII!!!! bathing suit thoughts motivate me every day!!!

I am struggling to lose the weight. Both of my parents had hypertension and Type II Diabetes. I did inherit an appreciation for good food, so these recipes will help me tremendously.

Losing weight was my New Year's resolution (as it is nearly every year). Well, it lasted for about 4 days before I was "cheating". So, on Valentine's Day (not sure why that day) I decided to get serious. I have 4 kids and the youngest is 5. My current weight is what is wasat my highest pregnancy weight. I am miserable and therefore my attitude reflects it. I want to be a healthier and happier person and I know losing weight will help me to achieve that goal. I started weight watchers on Feb. 16th and have only lost 6.6 lbs. I also joined our YMCA and am trying to be committed to exercising. Lisa - your website is definately keeping me motivated! Thanks!

My motivation is all about improving and maintaining my health. In the past, when I put on a few pounds, I could lose them very easily. Today, that is not the case. While I believe anyone enjoys good food, now that I am older, I realize that eating food that is good for you should be more of a priority.

After a lifetime of yoyo dieting, I finally decided to get serious - for health reasons, to feel/look better, and boost self esteem. Seems it's a never-ending quest for ideas, tips and tricks to help me stay on track. Thank goodness for Snack Girl!

My motivation is to be healthier overall and be here for my grandchildren and children.

My motivation to lose the weight and now to keep it off is my health and my families health.

My motivation to continue on my weightloss journey (I hit 50 lbs at my WW meeting today!) is my 13 month old son. I want him to make good choices about what he eats and love healthy foods.

My motivation are my kids

Follow on twitter. @lindalatina

Fann on facebook

My motivation to eat healthier is to live a longer life. I would like to get off of my medication for Diabetes and be able to control my blood sugars with diet and exercise alone. I am always on the lookout for new and tasty healthy meals to make.

My motivation to lose weight/eat healthy is just trying to control the things that I can and let God handle the uncontrolable.

My motivation to lose weight is my health - I have Type II Diabetes and losing weight will greatly help! Also ... I have 3 children - my youngest is 4 and my oldest is making me a grandma in August ... I want to be around for my kids and grandkids!!!!

My motivation to lose those last few pounds from having kids is that I'm sick of having a mushy tummy and thighs! I want to feel better about how I look!

And I just have to add that if I win one of the books, I just might have to spend some time drooling over the cover - he's definitely easy on the eyes! ;)

I already follow you on FB.

...and I follow you on Twitter too!

My motivation to lose weight is my clothes have definately gotten tighter and my self image needs a boost.

I already "like" you on FB!

I don't have motivation to lose weight, but rather motivation to maintain my weight and eat healthily...few processed foods and lots of real food. I feel healthy and happy when I eat good foods.

I just want to be healthy and not uncomfortable in my clothes and not feel so dissatisfied with my appearance. I want to feel proud of my body.

I've recently lost about 30 pounds and it was long overdue. And losing weight motivates me to get healthy in other ways too.

I have several reasons for wanting to lose weight, but I think the tipping points were finding out my cholesterol levels were borderline high at age 27, and realizing I weighed more then I did at the end of my last pregnancy, and 90lbs heavier then I wanted to be. I have since lost 17lbs and 20 inches and working out everyday. I would love this book as ffood seems to be one of my biggest challenges.

My motivation to lose weight is my healt. I enjoy being active and staying active is very important to me. With added pounds, it is very difficult to stay motivated and active.

I have been trying so hard to lose these last pounds and am getting bored of the same old breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. This book would be so awesome to have and try out recipes that sound sooo yummy! Good luck everyone on their weight loss journey! One pound at a time! :)

I turned 43 and BAM! ZAP! YOWIE! ...started gaining weight. On the plus side, my friends no longer hated me because I could actually join into their conversations about low-cal recipes and losing weight. And really, who likes a friend who has weighed 120 pounds since they were 20 and can eat whatever they want whenever they want? NO ONE is the answer. So, now fast approaching 48, I have managed to hold steady at 150, infinitely better for my energy levels and blood pressure than 160 was. I no longer aspire to 120 but 140 would be great! AND, I love to cook. If you want to score big with a hostess gift at my house, bring me a cookbook!

My motivation to lose weight is to get rid of my muffin tops and to eat and be healthier.

My motivation to lose weight: a few years ago I developed high blood pressure and realized I had gained 1/3 of my normal adult weight over a few decades (and I'm not counting 10 pounds gained BEFORE that post high school). That's 35 pounds--105 to 140!

I've taken/kept off 30 of those pounds and my blood pressure is pretty normal now. I'd love to take off the last 5 but am also realistic about the last time I maintained a weight five pounds lower was over 25 years ago. So maybe, maybe not about that!

My motivation is to lead a long and healthy life, as well as more vain things like look rockin at my brother's wedding this summer!

My motivation started last year when my sister got married and I was in the bridal party. After we got the pictures back, I saw how I looked in that dress and was upset. I would see myself in the mirror and other pictures before but it never hit me like it did then. I have since lost 50 lbs and am still losing.

I lost over 100 pounds a couple of years ago (and have kept it off). There were 1001 reasons, but the one that tipped the scale (pun intended) was that I began mentoring some young women, and I couldn't show them the way if I hadn't found the way. So I joined Weight Watchers & a gym. Two years later, the evidence of my newfound freedom (through Christ) was plastered on my much skinnier self! Yay! :o)

And thanks for both the blog & the give-away!

My motivation has so many layers. First it's for the jeans factor, closely followed by a deep desire to show my children a better way to relate to food than I learned. Third - I have learned I love exercise, moving and feeling good. Eating well has opened that door for me. These recipes are such a huge help, as I love to make new things, but desperately need healthy choices to add to my recipe binder. Thanks so much for the great ideas on this blog and this fun giveaway!

I have been working hard over the past 4 months to lose weight so that I can be healthier as I begin my 5th decade. ;-) I also appreciate chefs who take healthy eating into mind when designing recipes. I look forward to browsing through this book!!

I'm trying to eat better and lose weight so I can keep up with my kids better. They have so much energy and I want to be able to participate in more activities with them.

My motivation to lose weight is I want to be an active grandma with my grandkids, not one who has to sit on the sidelines.

I began my weight loss journey two years ago with a total of 80 pounds to lose. I was sick of the way carrying around the extra weight made me feel. I was always tired and I didn't feel like the best me I could be. My number one motivation to FINALLY lose the weight (after carrying it around for seven years) children.

I realized that not only was my weight holding me back from being an active mother, but I was also supposed to be a role model for my two little girls.

With a lot of hard work and dedication, I lost 80 pounds in 16 months and have kept it off since! I count my calories, get adequate amounts of sleep, and exercise. I have made a lifestyle change and REFUSE to go back to where I was when I started!

I have lost weight and kept if off for the last 4 years. I am currently trying to lose that "last 10". I want to eat well, so I feel good and can take care of myself and my family. I also like to be a positive role model to my kids. I'd love to get a copy of the book!

My motivation to lose weight started nearly 30 years ago. Just didn't care to carry around the extra pounds and found that it wasn't that difficult; however it did take some willpower.

The college cafeteria food helped also :-)


My kids :)

I'm pre-diabetic, just turned 60 and need to get a grip on my health. I love to eat though and making swaps is a realistic way to lose weight without feeling deprived. I've seen Rocco on Biggest Loser and like his approach to cooking. Love your blog. Debbie

Thanks for sharing this great info! It'd be wonderful to win a book, but just knowing it's out there so I can go get it on my own is priceless.

Why I want to lose weight? Well, one for health reasons. And two, because I'm cheap and really don't want to have to replace my old wardrobe in its entirety. I have some really nice clothes with some good "wear" left in them, and it would kill me to donate them because I couldn't get off my duff and fit back into them.

My motivation will be to cook healthier for my 3 girls (well, 3rd one arriving in late June;) ) - and to lose the pregnancy pounds after she arrives!

This cookbook looks awesome. My motivation started a couple of weeks ago when I saw a recent picture of myself and finally realized just how unhealthy I looked. I knew I was overweight but really hadn't "seen" myself until I really saw myself in this picture. It's funny how your brain can trick you. Thanks to getting a HUGE reality check I am now on my way to fix the weight issue with lower calories meals and much smaller portions, this book would definitely help me on my journey!

Keeping healthy and living a long time for my family motivates me!

i want to be healthy, im the heaviest i've ever been and i know i have to do something about it.

My motivation to lose weight is for many reasons. One of which includes completing what I started. I am a natural procrastinator and have decided to give WW one last try. The other very important reason is to be a healthy weight to have a baby. I am 44 years young and know if I lose some weight it will increase my opportunity to have a child. Finally health. My grandfather and uncle both passed away due to complications due to Diabetes at 60 years young. I want to break the pattern and live past this age. I know even at 44 being the correct weight and most importantly eating healthfully will allow me to be successful in my journey

My husband's step-mom was hospitalized a couple weeks ago after suffering a heart attack & ending up in a coma. She was one of the healthiest people on earth!!! We just traveled to California to see her & this made my husband & I realize we need to make a change!!! We need to get healthy & show our 4 boys the way by leading by example! I also happen to LOVE Rocco & would love to have his cookbook to use as a tool for my family's journey to health!

my motivation is to compete in a triathlon!

I want to be healthy. I'm tired of getting exhausted just from climbing the steps out of the subway! Also, clothing is cheaper in smaller sizes!

i'm getting married in a little over 5 months! i don't want to start off my married life unhealthy! now is the time to change!

my motivation is my family, i want to lose weight so I can be as healthy as possible!

i follow you on twitter too,

My motivation is that I turned 41 today. I have been overweight all my life. I am now sitting at home for the past 4 weeks recovering from surgery and I have been doing some hard hard thinking about living healthy and eating right. I want to live to see my next 41 years. I came across your website and I enjoy it.

My first three years of college, I gained about 20 pounds. My senior year of college, I lost 40 pounds. Nothing feels as good as loving your body - I have a new confidence that makes me feel like I'm on top of the world.

Would love to try the recipes in this new book and want to keep in shape in order to be fit, healthy and most importantly feel good about myself! :)

I actually just signed up for Metabolic Research Center. My main motivation is my four year old son, but my other motivation is to show my soon to be ex husband that it was all the stress he was putting on me that kept me fat! Almost to the wonderful 100's!!!

This looks like a fabulous book full of neat ideas to be healthier and prepare nutritious meals for the whole family too! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

My motivation is my health. Whether I'm losing weight, increasing my fitness, working out to support my activities, or adjusting my diet for optimal energy, I primarily want to be healthy while eating food and drinks that taste good as I live to eat (quality, not quantity).

my motivation was simply want to fit into the closthes hanging in my closet. I did not want to continue purchasing bigger and bigger sizes.

My motivation is a lesson I learned from my son. My son Zechariah died of Congenital Heart Disease. He was born with a special but literally broken heart. He couldn't help the way his heart was. I however can help how my heart and my health are. So I choose health.

Two years ago my husband had a minor heart attack. We changed the way we ate at that time. Both of us have enjoyed some weight loss, but still on our journey. Almost losing my best friend motivated me to make sure we both lived more healthy!!

Well, right now I am not really trying to lose weight, but rather I want to eat healthfully and fuel my body right. My motivation for this is to feel my best, so that I can run faster/farther and develop a stronger yoga practice.

My main motivation for losing weight is my daughter. She has Prader Willi Syndrome, and unless something major changes, she will always be insatiably hungry and only able to have between 500-700 calories a day to keep from gaining weight.

I want for our family to eat healthy without feeling the sense of deep loss that comes with lack of flavor and exciting combinations. We will all eat the same way she does (slightly larger helpings) and I'd love to learn some new techniques for packing the food with flavor.

I already "like" you on facebook :)

My motivation to lose weight at first, was to look and feel better (in clothes). I use to be 15+ lbs overweight, but after I lost the weight and am maintaining the weight, I realized that I should eat healthier! If I went back to my old ways of eating, no doubt I would gain all the weight back...then maybe some more too! So I try really hard nowadays to eat good-for-you foods and eliminate things from my diet such as soda and chips (I've been able to avoid it pretty well! 5 cheetos, and a few sips of 7-up in about 9-11 months!)

After having cancer twice last year (uterine then malignant melanoma), I'm even more into limiting the amount of chemicals going into my body. Good, smart cookbooks are but one tool in the arsenal. ;)

Well.. I guess for me as I approach 50 it is harder to keep my weight down. My excercise is limited, because of fybromyalgia, so I really have to watch my calories. I love eating healthy and would love to cook healthy food my family would be happy about eating!

My motivation to lose weight comes from all the things that I can do now that I couldnt do when I weighed 429 pounds. I have taken off 169 pounds, and am still shrinking. I am motivated by the thought of all the new things I will get to do when I get even smaller.

Like the above commenter I too have fibro and another connective tissue disorder called ehlers-danlos, so I track my calories carefully to get the most bang for my workout buck. so a new cookbook would rock my socks!

My primary motivation to lose weight is to be the healthiest I can be, but I also want to look good and get back into those size sixes that are hanging in my closet!

I have his first "Now eat this" and love it. I guess my motivation to lose weight was I just got tired of buying bigger clothes. So 2 1/2 years ago I walked into my first Weight Watchers meeting, and it was life changing :)

I have heard about this book and would like it to help me cook better for my husband who has been diagnosed with Dibetes. Losing weight would be a blessing for both of us.

I'm getting married in November so I want to feel healthy and look good! I'm trying to cook more, so this book would really help :)

I gained weight after my divorce. I gained weight with the stress of being a single parent. I gained weight when my parents died. I could go on but, we have all been there. When I was at a healthy weight, I felt & looked better physically, had more energy, spent less on clothes, and felt better about myself.

It is time to change the destructive cycle of stress and bad eating habits. I am finally starting to lose weight. I think Rocco DiSpirito’s cookbook would be a great motivator! One thing I like to do is to eat good food. The recipes in this cookbook look like they would be tasty and healthy!

I have a grandson now and another grandchild on the way. I want to crawl, slide, swing and run with them like I did with my kids. I want to lose weight and become physically fit for longevity.

So I can get pregnant and have a baby! I've been overweight for long time and it's a daily habit of changing those old habits to the new healthier ones. My husband and I decided we'd work on me losing the weight first, then working on getting pregnant so my pregnancy will be easier - or at least that's the goal! :)

My motivation to lose weight is my own happiness. I know how unhappy I was at 402 pounds, and while I'm certainly not devoid of issues now, the 165 pounds I've lost so far have boosted my energy, bettered my attitude, improved my sleep, and have had a immeasurable effect on my confidence and self-esteem. It's so worth it!

I love to cook, and I also love to exercise and eat healthy, but the grass is always greener, there is always another goal to reach, there are always about 5-10 pounds that i would love to shed that are so hard to get rid of. I want to look good because it makes me feel good about myself.

Losing 100 pounds let's me know that I will be around so much longer for my wife and baby 11 month old baby.

Thanks for the marvelous post! Cant wait to try the lasagna! I, as well, love Paula Deen, but she's killing me ;p My motivation is my two precious grandsons. Recently gaining weight, since my brother passed, has not allowed me to be as active as I would like to keep u with them! And we all know when kids are involved, the extra energy is a must!

My motivation to lose weight is to fit back into the clothes hanging in my closet! AND to be a good role model for my children.

For my health. I've had six kids in 10 years and my body needs help bouncing back. I've LOVE a copy of this cookbook.

My Motivation to lose weight? Energy, self-confidence, but mostly I want to live a healthy lifestyle! I try to eat right and exercise regularly to set a good example for my two girls. Thanks Snack Girl for helping with your website!

I am trying to lose weight so I might be able to get pregnant. I can't concieve due to a few other health concerns, and taking off the weight will help with some of the side effects and symptoms of those.

All the food looks so delicious. Saw the Black Bean Brownie Recipe in a copy of Woman's World magazine. Trying them out tomorrow.

I am motivated to lose weight to feel more active, energetic and vibrant!

I'm motivated by friendly competition! A girlfriend and I set a goal, and when we reach it, we give ourselves a treat. Last time we enjoyed 30 minute massages!

Two reasons. First and foremost, I want to lose the weight to be healthy and give myself the best possible chance at living a long life. Both my parents died young - my father from cancer and my mother from a heart attack - and I want to do what I can to give myself a chance.

But secondly, I will totally own that I think losing weight will make me happier.

My motivation for losing weight is I am just tired of carrying around all the extra weight. Just walking up the stairs is getting to be a chore.

I do not necessarily want to lose weight; I just want to find my "happy weight" and STAY there. I am sick of the roller coaster of weight gain and loss and would like to not have to spend so much brain power focusing on it.

My motivation to lose weight is just life itself. I want to be able to live a full and healthy long life without limitation. I want to see my children grow up and my grandchildren too.

To be healthier and reduce my blood pressure and cholesterol.


I just want to be able to MOVE without being in pain or out of breath all the time. 40 down, 50 or so to go!

My motivation to lose weight is having more energy and self-confidence. I also want to be an inspiration to those around me.

My motivation for losing weight is my wedding. I started WW last July and have lost 22 pounds to date. I also have done my first have marathon and I'm training for my second one now! Plus I plan on doing numbers 3 and 4 this year! With the wedding 425 days away its time to pump this plan into high gear! I have another 30 pounds to go plus marathon number 5 and maybe 6 to do before I get married. And the eating right won't stop once the wedding has come and gone. I'm going to start my new life healthy, happy, thin and sexy!

My motivation to lose weight is that my husband and I are hoping to add to our family in September. I am now considered of "advanced maternal age" and I jut want to be as healthy as possible for my hopeful addition. 25 pounds off, 50 more to go!

I am passionate about eating good for me foods, and I want to lose weight so that my body can function at it's optimal level. It's like not taking care of your car and then wondering why it keeps breaking down!

Snack Girl - I love you!! You are smart & I am thankful you share those smarts with me!

I am trying to loose weight (more than 100lbs) to improve my health & my life first there by improving the life of my son.

First and foremost, I really just want to be a healthy and happy person. The weight loss natural follows. When I am eating healthy, and my body feels healthy, then I know I will look healthy too. The Eat This Not That books are a great way to make seemingly small changes that create big results. I cant wait to see more of these recipes!

My motivation is my 2 year old daughter and my new baby due in October. I need to be healthier for them, but I LOVE to eat. This might just be the cookbook I need to find that perfect balance.

Since my husband passed away almost three years ago (April 6), I have gained a lot of weight. I decided over the weekend that if I keep living like this, I am going to join him sooner than I would like to. So, my motivation for losing weight is to honor his memory by getting healthy and to do all the things we planned to do before he passed away.

My motivation? To live a long and healthy life!

I am a full time mom, part time substitute, part time baker. I own my own baking business, and it's SO difficult to lose weight! I have successfully lost, and maintained 70lbs over the last couple of years. I'd like to peel off another 10. I've learned a LOT in the last couple of years about who I am, and what I stand for, and it's difficult to maintain that frame of mind in a sea of naysayers. ;) I have 2 little boys that are my inspiration, as I don't want them to be embarassed of me when I am in thier school. I want them to learn to be strong, confident boys, who are healthy both mentally and physically. I teach them about food, and exercise. My father passed away when I was 28 - he was only 58 years old. He died of a massive heart attack, and his mother died of the same at 61. I want to be here for my kids. I want them to be proud of who I am, and I want to be a role model for them. Plus...working on me is a lot easier than tormenting myself mentally for NOT working on me. ;) I'd love the new book!

Love him! Heard the interview last week on Sirius Martha Ch. :)

I follow snack girl on Facebook.

Just looking to get back to a size 8. Free food at work is my BIGGEST downfall.

I would love to win this book! My motivation to lose weight is to feel better. I had gotten so heavy that it was becoming difficult to walk from my car to the store without getting out of breath. I knew it was time to make a change or die. My motivation to continue is how much better I feel after losing 43 pounds. I can only imagine how awesome I will feel once I get the full 150 pounds off that I need to lose!

Love your posts and my motivation is I have started over at the age of 50~ I just got divorced last year, lost my home this past month, but have realized it is not stuff that makes a person happy~ It has to come from inside and I am working on me~ I am getting back into dating and it has changed so much in 30 years!!! I want to do this for me this time and I know that self esteem is huge for all of us and I love it when people can look at me and say you look great~ I lost four pounds last week so I am on my way to a new me!!!

I just want to look on the outside the way I imagine I look. When I look in the mirror I wonder who that fat girl is and it makes me so sad when I realize it's me.

Absolutely, my biggest motivation(s) are my kids. The ability to match their energy and enthusiasm is something I strive for. And losing weight and staying healthy is something I need to do for them and for me!

I want to feel better about my be able to fit into nicer looking clothing. Also to be healthier for my family.

For me, it's simply a matter of eating to live instead of living to eat. I'm tired of letting my weight dictate how I live my life. I would always make decisions based on how comfortable I would be doing something - riding a roller coaster, sitting in a booth at a restaurant, taking the elevator vs the stairs. I started a journey on Jan 10, 2011 - I am down 25 pounds so far and feeling great!

I am doing Weight Watchers (again) after the birth of my 2nd boy last August. I want to get to my healthy (pre-pregnancy and then some) weight to be a good example to my boys and to lead an active lifestyle with our family. I also want to feel good and confident and energetic, which are all things that seem to come when the pounds come off!!! :-)

I don't actually have to lose weight-- but I need to eat healthier to have more energy, be a good role model for my kids, and stay thin. I am happier when I eat good food!

I have been overweight for about 14 years. It has effected me mentally as well as physically. I am ready to make a permanent change to get healthy & in shape this year! I want to be happy about who I am! I believe this will help me in all aspects of my life. I will be a better wife, mother, daughter & friend. I do not want to be embarrassed about the way I look anymore! I will get healthy this year & make it part of my lifestyle!!! :)

I graduate from nursing school in May and it's time to put the focus back on myself. I need to live the life I preach to my patients and family!!

I want to live to see my children grow old, get married and have grand babies

This recipe looks awesome! My motivation for losing/maintaining weight loss is giving my body the best possible chance for a long, healthy life. I work as a nurse and am incensed by the prevalence of obesity and its associated complications in this country.


I have a laundry list of reasons for getting healthy, but a few stand outs are that I am turning 40 this November and I really want to be fit and fabulous at forty. I have an 11 yr old daughter that I need to set a good example for. I love being outside and I want to be able to do more experienced level hikes. I want to feel better!

I have seen you on the Rachel Ray show and want to follow your recipies so I can eat healthier and lose some weight,while still eating good tasting food.

I have been trying to figure out a way to cook healthy "comfort" food for me and my SO for quite some time. I used to eat a very healthy diet because I was diagnosed with a heart condition in highschool. Diabetes also runs in my family-my brother almost died at 18 from an undiagnosed onset of diabetes. Hormonal problems tend to run hand in hand with gene pools with this medical history, and I am no exception. My SO, the picky eater who I have had to negatively change my diet for and I have been trying to have a baby for quite some time and have not been able to. I can think of nothing we want more. We both need to get healthier to see if we can have one naturally. He has a degenerative disc disease which means he has no fluid on some of the discs in his spine, so they have fractured and rubbed together causing him pain every day. He will only eat "comfort" foods so that is all I cook. I've been desperately searching for a solution to our diet so that he can loose weight to help his back and so that we can both get in the shape we need to be to have children. I cannot think of a better time to introduce these types of meals than when we both so desperately need a change and we want to start a family who we want to teach to eat healthy from the start.

I weigh 210 lbs. and am 60 years old almost 61. I have lost my 20 year old son to a motorcycle and I lost my husband and have had breast cancer. I went to food "Bad Idea". I only have my daughter and a 4 year old grandson left in my immediate family still living with me. I would like to live long enough to see him with his own family. So if I cook healthier and lose weight we all benifit.

I broke my foot last year and I don't know why but I've gained so much weight since! It's terrible! I breathe more heavily, my feet hurt much more than when I was thinner. I don't think I've ever been this out of shape in my whole life! I NEED HELP. Ok so I bought Rocco's book and I was so excited about it. I've made one thing so far. Decadent Lemon Bars. I don't know about anyone else but to me and my family these were SO nasty. I mean N-A-S-T-Y. Idk I'm quite the baker and I'm just spoiled on real, full fat, delicious ingredients. I almost threw up when I tried the lemon bars, no lie. We threw them away. I'm making the chocolate (bean) cookies next. Yum.... Hopefully.

I want to be healthier and be around for my grand children and great grand children.

i made the decadent lemon bars....can you say disgusting???? i must revamp this recipe and take out the trash

doc says I need to lose about 35 pounds

Love this cookbook! There is an initial cost as many of the ingredients probably aren't in your current diet. Once you work these meals into your lifestyle the cost of your grocery bill returns to normal. Well worth the initial investment!

The mushriom lasanga is exellent. I want to be able to look at myself in a mirror and not be disgusted with what I see.

I am going to try your recipes to lose weight. I love to cook & saw you on TV.

Let's see what I lose in 2 weeks. Thank you for your heath recipes for good food.

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