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January 13, 2016   12 Comments

Sugar is the new fat in the battle against obesity. Frankly, it is about time.

Sweet Smart Points Snacks

Most of my most popular snacks have featured fruit to help cut calories, add natural sugar, and make a sweet treat nutritious.

For the past five years, I have offered PointsPlus values to Weight Watchers members to support their efforts. Now, SmartPoints is here and things are different! Sugar costs MORE.

What do you do when you have a ton of content devoted to one program and it changes? You bang your head against the wall and then you buckle in.

All of these popular snacks from the last three years have increased in points because they contain sugar. They don’t have a lot of sugar when you compare them to the real thing (87 calorie cheesecake anyone?).

I am going through my most popular SWEET recipes because these seem to be the ones with the biggest changes. They will cost you 3-6 SmartPoints but these are still wonderful and helpful.

How is it going with the new SmartPoints? Having trouble with sweets?

1. Low Calorie Cheesecake Recipe – 4 SmartPts

Get the recipe here: Low Calorie Cheesecake Recipe

2. Chocolate Smoothie Recipe – 5 SmartPts

Get the recipe here: Dark Chocolate Smoothie

3. Healthy Baked Oatmeal – 6 SmartPts

Baked Oatmeal Recipe

4. Dark Chocolate Popcorn – 4 SmartPts


Get the recipe here: Dark Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn

5. No Bake Lemon Balls – 3 SmartPts

Get the recipe here: No Bake Lemon Balls

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I was totally addicted to the drug we call sugar. I watched a show that said give it up for 2 weeks, which I thought would be an impossible feat but worth the shot. I tried it and it was certainly a struggle the first few days but then the horrible "withdraw" feeling wore off. I have been off of the sugar-drug ever since with ZERO cravings...going on 2 years now!!

Melon, Pineapple and Banana are my go to for sweet during the day. At night I when crave a snack - Chocolate popcorn is the best ! Wanting something sweet now feels like a crime on Weight Watchers. I hope we all can find new and healthy ways to have a snack that is satisfying and not use a lot of points. ( I'm trusting Snack Girl will help ! )🍰🍰🍰🍰

This is so great! Thank You Snack Girl for updating these wonderful sweet treat options. Your the best.

Thank you so much for helping those of us on WW. The new points counts are taking a lot of flack at meetings because just about everything is higher in Point Value. But your site has helped us about sugar even before WW! Your recipes are delicious - easy & tasty! Thanks for including the new PV

Points Plus works for me. Stressing out over this new program does not work for me. We all know sugar is not good for us but personally, I'm not going to spend a ton of money on WW new program, cookbooks, etc. They periodically change everything so that they can bring in the bucks. I see many recipes that have the points system points, the PP points and now PV points. What's the point?? But I thank you for trying to work with WW and helping us out. Much appreciated.

Since cutting back on sugar because of the SP, I am feeling better. I still have some things but not as often. One of my favs is from Drizzle me Skinny and you slice a banana lengthwise and drizzle 1/2 T peanut butter and 1 TBsp smuckers sugar free strawberry preserve for a 2 SP snack. Sometimes, I add 1 tsp of mini chocolate chips for an extra point.

I have tried giving up sugar on the new WW smart points for quite awhile and I am so miserable I can't think of anything but sweets. Fruit just isn't sweet enough for me to be a substitute. I had success on Ponts Plus in maintaining my weight for 15 years so will go back to that. Thanks for trying to help!

I just purchase Jiffy peanut powder. There is also PB2 which is more expensive. Was wondering if you have any recipes using the peanut powder?

Just a warning. I found out today that WW has been having issues with the mobile scanners and the Calculators not giving the correct pts on a lot of foods. I decovered this by accident when something scanned 0 and I knew it could not be. Checked on calculator it was 3 points for one serving, then I wanted more then one serving so I changed it the pts did not change. I went to 110 servings and the pts never changed. Reported it and was told they know and (of course) where working on it. How do I know what my real,pts are if I can not get the right answers. Just Beware of your scanned or calculated points also found some on the search food sections to.

I'm usually satisfied with plain fresh fruit - or, for a little extra pizzazz, fresh fruit with PB2 or Greek yogurt - but if I want a more 'decadent' dessert, I'm unwilling to spend 4-6 SmartPoints.

It's just not worth it to me for something that isn't good for me anyway, which, of course, was the whole point of targeting & punishing sugar under the new SmartPoints system, to make people reevaluate (and hopefully reduce) their sugary choices!

My go-to sweet treats under PointsPlus were caramel rice cakes or crunchy rice rollers (both were 1 PP, now 2 SP), Healthy Choice fudge bars (2 PP, now 3 SP), or WW giant latte bar (2 PP, now doubled to 4 SP). Previously 2 PP VitaTops and FiberOne bars have also doubled in SP.

What treats, other than 0 SP fresh fruit, are you & your readers finding that are 1-2 SP??

I eat oatmeal almost every day, but I've been making it the same exact way pretty much forever. I'm definitely going to have to give baked oatmeal a try!

thanks for updating us with this sweet snacks:) Chocolate Smoothie Recipe looks very Yummy!!

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