Sugar Free Jam In Seconds (No Artificial Sweetener!)

August 12, 2010   11 Comments

This was my breakfast this morning! Snack Girl had to show off her recent innovation inspired by Freezer Jam For Dummies.

Berries on Toast

Who needs to make jam? Or buy it for that matter? How about just putting some fresh berries on your toast!! I saw a variation on this on Fit Sugar and I just had to try it.

My blueberries were frozen, and that was a little strange. If you had fresh berries, just piling them on top of toast with something to stick on there is just fabulous.

I used my new favorite spread - Sunflower Seed Butter. I started eating it when my daughter couldn't take peanut butter to camp (alas, too many peanut allergies). I wish I didn't like it more than Which Peanut Butter is Healthiest? because it costs TWICE as much. Or at least the brand I found cost twice as much :(

Of course, this jam solution isn't actually "sugar-free". Berries have sugar in them, but the sugar comes in such a great package. You get vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and just pure yumminess with no ADDED sugar.

There are brands of jams that have Splenda added to them such as Smuckers. The downside of this "no sugar added jam" is that it doesn't taste as good as fresh berries. Poor Smuckers just can't compete with the real thing.

The cost of fresh berries can be prohibitive but a jar of jam usually costs about $3. If you stopped buying jam and started buying berries, it would still cost you more in terms of dollars. But, would cost you less in terms of calories.

What other berries would work? Raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, etc. Think of a flavor of jam. How about apricot? If apricots are in season, skip the jam and just slice an apricot for your toast!

Think of the cost as an investment in your healthy self!!

How do you replace jam?

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When I have berries (or other fruit like plums and nectarines) that are starting to shrivel but haven't gone bad, I put them in a pot, turn on the heat, and mash them up while they boil (5-10min). There's no need to add sugar because the fruit is already ripe and sweet, and you can save it for a few more days (refrigerated!) and spread it on toast or mix it into oatmeal...or just eat it straight!

Christina - this is an AWESOME idea - I can't wait to try it. Thanks so much for sharing!!! Lisa

Oh GREAT idea Christina!!! I'm going to do that with the few blueberries I have left in the fridge at the moment.

What an EXCELLENT idea Christina! My kids get squeamish about anything with a soft or brown spot but this would be a great way to use that fruit keeping both them and me happy! Win win!

There's a lady in my home area (Iowa) who sells sugar-free jam that's just pureed fruit with pectin to make it more jelly-like. It's pure joy. I've thought about trying to make it myself, if I can figure out the ratio of fruit to pectin. I've had raspberry and blueberry...I could eat it by the spoonful.

I have some fresh blueberries that I've been thinking I should do something with... Love this idea. I have been eating a whole grain waffle (Eggo) with peanut butter as my breakfast lately. LO has the same but with some smuckers SF jelly... Can't wait to try this tomorrow!

My favorite thing to do is blend them all up with some OJ and make fruit smoothies! The kids don't know if these were starting to get bad! Add a few ice cubes and it makes a refreshing treat in this horrid heat!

Now to make it complete for a "green" smoothie, add spinach, cucumber, romain or other greens. A few carrot sticks and you have a complete tasty vitamin/mineral supplement...oh meal replacement too! Saves on time, the heat from the stove and tastes so yummy! It's like cleaning out your refrigerator!! Gee, getting more multi-tasked all the time!

We resort to sunflower butter too both b/c of the school nut policy but also bc i havent yet introduced my youngest to peanuts.

Can you recommend one that has less sugar? The one i get at TJ's is so sweet and i cant convince myself that its as good for them as peanut or almond butter- less protein and more sugar.... harumf.

I'm pretty sure you can make your own sunflower nut butter with roasted sunflower seeds (out of the shell), a bit of sugar, a bit of salt and maybe a touch of neutral oil if it's too dry. TaDA! Cheaper than the jarred stuff and total control of sugar/salt content.

My favorite sandwich in the world is a peanut butter and sliced strawberry. You are right, there is nothing like fruit on nut spread on bread.

I think using frozen berries would work very well, especially if you let them thaw slightly before mashing them up to spread on toast, bagels, etc. Can't wait to try it!

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