Freezer Jam For Dummies

August 10, 2010   13 Comments

Freezer jam was absolute mystery to Snack Girl until a few weeks ago. I had never even heard of it until readers commented on How To Pick A Healthy Jam or Jelly.

Freezer Jam For Dummies

So what is freezer jam? You make jam and you put it in the freezer. The AWESOME thing about this is that you don't have to COOK anything or can anything. The freezer preserves your jam.

Snack Girl doesn't really like to use her stove. Perhaps you have noticed? Here are some of my latest recipes: Beet Salad, Cantaloupe Bowl Trick, and Bacon Cantaloupe Bites. All I did was cook bacon in my microwave for one of these three Snack Girl creations.

So, I am not an expert (more like a dummy) on making freezer jam and you don't need to an expert either! All the information you need is literally in the box of the PECTIN that you buy to make your jam.

All I have to do is help you find pectin which is the jelling agent in making jam. It seems that supermarkets actually carry this product at this time of year. Both my Stop-n-Shop and my Whole Foods had it in stock.

I found a product called Pomona's Universal Pectin (buy it here: Pomona Pectin) and it jells with low amounts of any sweetener. You can make jam without sugar and just use fruit juice concentrate!

Pomona's Pectin actually features a phone number called the JAMLINE: 413-772-6816 which Connie picks up. She is really friendly and she answered all my jam related questions.

What do you need for making freezer jam?
1. pectin
2. 2-4 cups fresh fruit
3. sweetener (sugar, honey, artificial, or fruit juice concentrate)
4. containers (4 ounce size is best)
5. bowl, blender or food processor, potato masher (or other mashing device)

The 4 ounce size jar (see below) is best because freezer jam only lasts a week in the refrigerator. Because you didn't take the time to cook it - it is RAW and it doesn't last as long as cooked jam.

This was SO fun. My kids and I mashed up peaches and blueberries and then "canned" them. One tip - the directions clearly told me to cook the peaches and I ignored them. Seems that peaches have an enzyme called pectase that breaks down pectin so my jam didn't jell very well (thanks, Connie!).

How did it taste? Absolutely amazing. I tasted it before we put the pectin and I knew we had a winner. I mixed it in my plain yogurt and was in heaven.

Finally, you can do a cooked fruit jam as well and just skip the canning process. Just allow the cooked jam to come to room temperature and store in your freezer.

Please share your freezer jam tips!

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How long does it last in the freezer? Here, it says onee week in fridge. Thanks!!!

Sarah -it can be kept up to a year! or so I have heard.

Hmmm, I happen to have some peaches and blueberries sittin' in my kitchen... of the store for pectin I go! Thanks for the tips :)

check the sunday paper coupon inserts! I haven't checked this past Sunday, but the previous 2 weeks had coupons for mason jars & lids.

I've made freezer jam for years, typically Raspberry Jam. I was startled to read your assertion that it only lasts one week in the fridge. Mine lasts as long as any store-bought jam in the fridge once I open it. I do make a *cooked* jam before freezing it. I wonder where this "week in the fridge" rule came from? At any rate, you should be able to leave your jam in the fridge for a long time before it does anything like grow mold.

And likely it will be eaten all up before that.

In summary: throw out the "week in the fridge" rule.

A few years ago my sister and I made cooked jam (plum I think). And it was divine. Will have to do this again soon.

Thanks Valerie! I got the info from the pectin package - but, obviously, if there is no mold -eat it!

My mom always made strawberry freezer jam when her parents strawberry field was overflowing. We always froze it in the small baby food jars. And yes it kept longer than a week. Food safety recommendations can be a bit crazy sometimes. My favorite way to eat it was over vanilla ice cream. Yum!!!

great post, thanks!

Freezer jam couldn't be any easier. Try it! It does last longer than a week in the fridge. I wouldn't even worry about that. A LONG time in the freezer too. A year or more.

This Strawberry Jam recipe sounds so easy. This is the first time in my life that I actually want to can something and I'm 69!!!

Thanks for sharing information about Freezer Jam. I visited your blog. It is very helpful and nice.

When I put my filled jars in the canner, all the jars were covered with water except one...It won't sit on the bottom and just floats on top

.Can you telle why?

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