Top Ten Healthy Halloween Tips

October 25, 2010   10 Comments

Halloween is almost here and Snack Girl continues on her mission to convince you that a healthy Halloween is possible.

Top Ten Healthy Halloween Tips

How can you do it? Here are 10 tips that I have compiled over the last few weeks to lead you into having both a fun AND healthy Halloween.

1. Don't Toss These Out! pumpkinseedsb - try roasting your pumpkin seeds for a delicious healthy snack.

2. Try A Healthy Halloween Snack bananaghostb - make SCARY snacks with fruits and vegetables for some serious fun!

3. Get your house "toilet papered" with this suggestion: Healthy Halloween Candy. Also, try handing out oranges, apples, juice boxes, and boxes of raisins.

4. Don't give out candy at all! Hand out stickers, glow sticks, creepy spider rings, Play-Doh, or any type of small toy.

5. Try these suggestions for a "candy-lite" solution to the TOO much candy problem: Healthy Halloween Candy: Take Two

6. If your children are young, tell them about the CANDY FAIRY. My six year old bought the idea that she could put her candy out and a fairy would replace it with a toy. She is truly excited about giving away her candy - magic, no?

7. If your children are old enough to understand, try making a care package of candy for a soldier in Afghanistan. There are a bunch of different organizations that can help you find a way to cheer up a soldier. One example is Any Soldier.

8. Don't give out the "stick to your teeth" candy! The Skittles, Starburst, and Taffy of the world is extremely difficult to clean off teeth. The sugar will adhere to the tooth enamel and cause cavities easily. Choose one of the non-sticky options like chocolate, lollipops, or Smarties.

9. Remember to have fun! This tip is for parent's mental health! This event is just once a year and the indulgence is SO difficult to control. Let your kids enjoy themselves on Halloween and teach them portion control the rest of the year. Snack Girl's kids are gonna eat A LOT of candy and, frankly, I'm not going to stress out about it.

10. Don't set yourself on fire Actually, that's a tip for EVERY day (I couldn't think of 10 Healthy Halloween Tips :).

Please share this list with your friends or family that have children.

Got some more ideas I should have added? Please comment.

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thanks so much for these great suggestions, snack girl. my four-year-old and i had lots of fun making variations on your ghost: using a dried cranberry for a big mouth, raisins for ears, a little slice of carrot for a pointy nose. i do remember having a conversations with our dentist about all of this, and her biggest advice was to brush asap after having treats. too bad they don't require teeth brushing at school after lunch. happy halloween!

Happy Almost Halloween! :-) Thanks for sharing all of the great healthy ideas! We definitely agree and love creating SCARY snacks with fruits and veggies.

We usually dry our own fruit so we can make sure there's no sugar added (such as pears) and then you can create cute halloween bags for the kids! You can really be as creative as you want by using ribbons, stickers...etc and the kids should hopefully love them.

If interested here's a short article on how to dry pears although you can use the same method for all types of fruits and veggies -

Goodluck and Happy Halloween!


I went to the dentist today and he offered me 300 toothbrushes to give away for Halloween - instead of candy.

Do you think that's a good idea?

Ken Leebow

Love your idea about the candy fairy! So cute.

Mmmm chocolate.

Love the candy fairy. We call her the Switch Witch here and we let the kids pick 10 pieces of candy and then put the rest on the front porch for the Switch Witch to take and trade for a toy (what actually happens is that the teenagers come by late at night and grab it. Win win). Best idea ever!

some nice alternatives for some of the youngest trick or treaters are the single serving bags of gold fish crackers or animal crackers, they even make holloween bags of baby carrots to give out

There is a house where we trick or treat that gives out Halloween toothbrushes and floss and my son loves it. The toothbrush bristles are black and the handle is orange, the floss is also black and for my six year old, it's just too cool.

I love the candy fairy idea! My mom used to take half of it away while I was asleep; when I got older, I picked out the best stuff and let her take the rest to work.

But giving out carrots, crackers, etc. is just not a good idea. Halloween is about candy. I don't care what kind of candy, but make it candy.

Great post! Was looking for healthy ideas for Halloween your blog porvides very creative and practical advice for both adults and kids. Thanks for posting! I will be sure to share with my wellness group!

This was very helpful! Especially the fairy tip! I will share this with my clients.

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