Weight Watchers New for 2016

December 5, 2015   75 Comments

Weight Watchers had said that the new program for 2016 was the “biggest change in 50 years.”

Weight Watchers New for 2016

Wow! That is quite a statement. The changes have been big and don’t miss my other posts on the subject.

Check out my list of Smart Points Recipes for inspiration! The recipes are listed by Smart Points value to help you in your quest for staying on plan.

I posted about Weight Watchers twice in 2016 and have accumulated over 250 comments on the Smart Points program (see: Weight Watchers’ New Program and Weight Watcher’s Smart Points Review).

Here is how I would change WW:

First idea – have the program be free!! (Ha!) Obviously that isn’t going to happen but WW dropped 21% in revenue in the last quarter because members switch to free apps such as MyFitnessPal for similar tracking and calorie information. Hey, Weight Watchers can’t deny that these guys have developed effective weight loss tools.

Second -lose the weekly weigh-ins and go with measurements (such as around the waist). I have said it before and I will say it again. You can get healthy and not lose as much weight as you want. Since muscle weighs twice as much as fat, the emphasis on “pounds lost” could be wrong for some people – especially those last ten pounds that stick on.

Third – stop promoting the idea that you can eat what you want and lose weight. It is time to say that healthier food is the road to a sustainable lifestyle change instead of SnackWell cookies instead of Twinkies. The “free” fruits and vegetables are an attempt to help members make healthier choices but WW can go farther.

Finally – Oprah is awesome as a new spokesperson but she is a celebrity. I would love to have them promote regular people without personal trainers and chefs that have made the journey to healthy. When you have limited time and resources, it is hard to relate to Oprah.

Weight Watchers does many things right. They have worked hard to get away from a totally image conscious concept to losing weight and promoted getting healthy - I think they can go even farther!

What do you want from the new Weight Watchers?

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Cheaper prices to be a member and more weight in locations and times.

First of all muscle does NOT weigh twice as much as fat - a 1 pound is 1 pound whether it is 1 lb of fat or 1 lb of muscle. I think you are talking about volume not weight. 1 lb of lean muscle does look very different than 1lb of fat because it is denser. Second don't you think ALL celebrities have a chef & trainer no matter what they weigh? I'm pretty sure Oprah has had one for some years now. At the end of the day it is HER decision as to what goes in her mouth & whether or not she gets her rear in gear & becomes more active.

I so agree on the more meeting locations. I live in a large city and must drive to the suburb to go to a meeting. Not easy on a busy week.

Sound like a good plan. I've been a trainer for 25 years, WW has been the option many of my clients are successful with. Karen H. you sound a little angry?

I would like to see more locational like there used to be . Closer to where o live and different times. Give put recipes and literature like the olden times. Be rewarded for loses and recognized and not have to ask them.

Fitbit items sync to WW website for activity points. I would like to see my Fitbit Aria scale sync to WW website for weigh-in.

I agree that WW should lower the cost.

I read on a site called less of a better me that they are going to take in account sugar and saturated fat in calculating points. Also points are calculated by a lifestyle assesment or something like that. I just wish it was more affordable and their snack items werent so expensive. More locations would be great also 😊

Hey Patti! No, not angry just frustrated. As a former teacher I hear that pound thing a LOT. When will folks ever admit a pound is a pound is a pound???? What that pound is made up of can be a tremendous difference - just ask your doctor. And also I'm not a fan of bashing either. If you don't like something (and it's not harmful to you or other people) then just move on. Just sayin'

how about getting rid of some of the WW products that are sold at meeting sites.

I hope they dont change WW program. I personally use the app and lost 100+ pounds. Now i did start by going to meetings first then my health stopped me from driving and my husband wasnt always avaliable so i switched to app strictly

Karen, you know what they mean when they say that. They mean, "yeah I still weigh 150lbs, but I'm thinner/healthier now because 20 of those lbs that used to be fat are muscle, so I'm still progressing." As a teacher I'd think you'd be able to read intent a little need to get "frustrated" over semantics when you know exactly what people are trying to express when they say that; I'm a little surprised you haven't smugly thrown out the old "which weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of rocks" riddle.

The WW Points+ plan worked for me. I lost 203 pounds in just over two and a half years and am coming up to my 3rd year anniversary of joining online. I'd like to become a WW leader and am looking forward to learning about the changes.

I just joined weight watchers. It opened my eyes up. It will be good.

I wish the price was more affordable. Also more evening meeting times.

I've been a WW member for 8 years and had lost 60 pounds; gained about 13 pounds back over the last year or so and I'm hoping this new approach by WW will help me get over this plateau/gain thing and back into the game. I'm definitely losing control especially on weekends. Changes are often not easy, but sometimes can be for the better. I do believe they have a great deal of research that contributes to these changes and I'll continue to go to WW meetings and try to make better decisions each day. I find the meetings extremely motivational and that weekly weigh in helps keep me focused on what I'm supposed to be doing. I don't always succeed...but I'll keep trying and there's a positive reaction to at least my attitude adjustment. The old me would have just said, 'well this isn't working, I quit'...Not now...I can't afford to give up on all I've accomplished to date. At least I haven't gained all the weight back and then some (like the old me)...I'm going to keep trying new things; different approaches...perhaps I'll get a different wouldn't that be great?

I love WW and the changes over the years have been good. It works if you work it. That said, a lot depends on the leader. My leader over the past 3 years is awesome! She lives the program and gives very practical advice. A big change that could be made is more training for leaders. They need to get away from promoting so-called "low points" processed foods! Those foods sabotage weight loss efforts, in my opinion

There are SO MANY people who have lost weight on weight watchers and then gained it all back. I guess it is because people can't or won't stay with the program concepts and that it does not really become a lifestyle change for many people. I am wondering why that is. I wish WW would address that. For me, I felt like I was starving on points plus.

I am a lifetime WW and attend meetings every week. I am looking forward to the new changes and I truely believe in the WW approach. It is not a diet but a lifestyle of healthy eating and you can eat anything you want but you have to be able to know your limits. Also, a pound of fat and a pound of muscle both weigh a pound! Please tell me how to unsubscribe to these emails!

I started WW when there were numbered vegetables. Have been on and off program ever since. Loved the core program. I don't have the patience to weigh and measure what I eat, so I'm doing my own thing. I'm a lifetime member and weigh in monthly. I agree that more sites are needed. The line where I weigh in isn't computerized. Silly

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