Winner! and Eat More Kale Giveaway

December 31, 2009   14 Comments

Winner! and Eat More Kale Giveaway

Winner! and Eat More Kale Giveaway

The WINNER of the Its A Ten's snack bag is Melonie (via random selection). I asked people to share their New Year's resolutions - and here is Melonie's:

My new years' resolution is to get away from eating boxed Annie's Mac & Cheese every other day for lunch ;) and these might just help me do it! And to learn to paint watercolors!

Great resolution, Melonie! I hope this bag will help you on your healthy eating journey.

Every year, my New Year's resolution is to learn to play the piano. I figure when my kids get older I will have more time.

New T-Shirt Giveaway

Snack-Girl's giveaway this week is from: Eat More Kale

What else can I say? As we enter the New Year, I'm sure some of us out there need to eat more kale. I featured Kale Chips - and I think they are a great way to make kale delicious.

But, Snack-Girl is just ONE of the advocates for kale on the planet.

Bo lives in (guess where?) Vermont. He hand prints these t-shirts. They are made with super soft organic cotton - and they sell for $23 each. The one we are giving away is a Woman's Size Small.

If you aren't a small, I am sure you know someone who NEEDS to wear this message to the gym. Personally, this shirt would probably fit on my pinky (I haven't seen a small since the 9th grade).

Maybe you are a MEDIUM right now, and want to be a SMALL. Enter to win this t-shirt to give you the motivation to get there. Of course, a dress by Versace in SMALL is a better motivator - but those are ALOT harder to come by.

Please share the "vegetable you wish you ate more of "below for a chance at winning this T-Shirt.

What will I win?
The T-Shirt photographed here from: Eat More Kale It is a Woman's Size Small. And "Eat More Kale" bumper stickers!

How do I enter?
Comment in the box below about the "vegetable you wish you ate more of"

Additional Ways To Enter:

  1. Follow Snack-Girl on FaceBook.
  2. Post this page to your FaceBook profile.
  3. Follow Snack-Girl on Twitter
  4. Tweet this post (use the Tweet Button in the Share Box at the top of this post).
Snack-Girl can follow and count all the additional entries using magical website tools.

Am I eligible to enter?
Anyone with a valid e-mail and a U.S. mailing address is eligible.

When do I find out if I am the winner?
The winner will be announced on January 7th, 2010. You will have 2 weeks to e-mail us back with your home address so we can mail the prize.

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I wish I ate more Kale! Or brussel sprouts. I'm a medium, and would be using that small Tee as motivation. :)

I just received CPSI's nutritional announcement which lists Kale as the best vegetable based on a equation that measures percentages of daily values of numerous vitamins and minerals. So I'd like to eat more Kale. I'd also like to eat more leafy greens in general like spinach. I tend to have an aversion to them. I'd like to use the shirt as a reward for the recent 80 pounds that I've lost- small is my new size!

I love this shirt! I do need to eat more kale! I also need to eat more broccoli!

I definitely need to eat more carrots! So much fiber but you can get sick of them fast. I don't think I have ever tried kale which is why I also need to eat more of that.

I would like to eat more cabbage type veggies. They have not been a part of my diet historically and I'm trying to find some good ways to incorporate them. I actually do eat a fair amount of kale in home made soups!

I need to eat more leafy greens. The only one I eat semi-regularly is spinach, but lettuce, kale and others need to make an appearance on my table.

Spinach is lacking in my diet!!

Facebook follower!

Twitter follower!

Facebook follower

I'd eat more broccoli. I love it and I don't eat it entirely enough.

Leafy greens. I love them, but it's so much easier to steam a batch of broccoli or asparagus in the microwave than to start with sauteing greens.

My three-year-old wishes she ate more leafy greens. OK, I wish she ate any amount of leafy greens. But she would wish that if she saw me wearing the Eat More Kale t-shirt. ;)


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