Cool Caps, Wexy Bags, and Yonanas: Cool Stuff Reviews

March 30, 2012   11 Comments

Do you ever make a smoothie and then want to take it out to the car with you, but you don't have a TO GO cup?

Yonanas Review

Well, "Cool Caps" are a registered nurse's creation to solve the problem of a messy cup. She used food grade silicone to shape a lid that would stretch to fit on any cup you have in your cupboard.

This was an instant hit with my kids because it turned our Green Smoothie into an instant shake. Take that McDonald's Shamrock Shake!! HA! Mine has kale and the kids don't even notice!!

Buy them at the Green PAXX Store where you can get two Cool Caps with or four straws for $9.99.


You probably don't remember this, but I wrote a scintillating article in September 2010 about food packaging for children. In DIY Packaging Tricks For Healthy Snacks I talked about putting stickers on kids lunch bags to encourage them to eat healthy snacks.

Well, Carie and Tracey, Founders of Two Moms on The go, must have read it (not) - and started creating their own bags with monsters on them. Miraculously, I put baby carrots in these bags and my children ate them.

These bags are BPA free, biodegradable, and made in the USA.

You can buy them at the WEXY store or for $12.99 for three packages of bags.


The strange contraption above is called a Yonanas. It turns frozen bananas into soft serve ice cream like food. A reader mentioned this product when I wrote about blending up my bananas, see here: Want To Have It All? Try This Trick For Healthy Ice Cream

I will say that it works much better than a blender because the bananas stay frozen and creamy in your bowl. But, it was a pain to disassemble and clean and for $50 you must really love bananas to use this.

I think Yonanas is a great product for those who have a problem with ice cream because it does produce a much healthier and convincing version. And you can put other frozen fruits in the maker and make different flavors.

My problem with it is that it's a single use kitchen item and the costs you $50. You gotta find both the dough and the spot to store it.

You can buy it on or at (see below).

This product was received for review consideration. No other compensation was provided.

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I saw the Yonanans at Target and my Husband said you should get this. First thing that came to mind was storing it. I'm out of room as it is! Plus if I got a blender I might as well just use that!! Personally I used my mini food processor for making soft serve, you know the ones that only cost $30.00 and you can use it for a ton of different things. I'll stick to what I have! Glad you posted a review about this!

I have used my Yonanas for other things. It worked great grinding up my chickpeas in your cookie dough dip recipe!

What they won't think of next! I LOVE the idea of the to-go lid. I really can see myself using that -- especially with coffee in mugs if I'm running late. The other two I'd doubt if I'd use.

Thanks for the review!!!

I would much rather teach my kids to use reusable bags than plastic ones. The website I've pasted has pretty design reusable bags. Have you tried those?

Grrrr, messed up again. SO sorry. Technical difficulties this morning.…

I bought a Yonanas on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond and used a coupon. Got a great deal. It is not hard to wash-read the directions. The worst thing to me is the noise as it grinds up the frozen fruit, but you do wind up with a delish treat.

The Yonanas machine is my very favorite appliance in the house!!!! We use it every single's the thing my hubby and I look forward to after the kids go to bed. (and the kids absolutely love it too and beg for it almost every day.) once you get the hang of it, it is NOT hard to clean. And you can make countless variations with it...we like tropical fruit & bananas or dark cherries/cocoa powder and bananas... Really so many options!!! And it's super healthy!!!!!

We purchased the Yonanas as an healthy alternative dessert and we LOVE it!!! I highly recommend it.

A year or so ago, a friend mentioned a "fake-out ice cream" recipe she'd seen by Rachel Ray (IIRC), so we picked up a $20-ish food processor from a big-box store. We'd freeze three bananas, toss them in the food-processor's hopper, maybe add some peanut butter, definitely add some cocoa powder (dark and light), let it run for a while (scraping down the sides, as needed), until there was a big banana/peanut butter ball rolling around in there. Remove and eat!

We liked doing this so much that we bought a second food processor so we could always have a clean hopper. (I used to clean out the red-tape bananas at the grocery store!)

As Lois alluded to about her Yonanas machine, we cringed at the shrill noise our food processor made while making the ice cream, but it was literally like two minutes, so we just dealt with it.

Well, last time my wife made "banana ice cream", one side of the blade broke off. (It was real visible and intact, so it wasn't like we were going to accidentally eat it.)

I'd have expected that frozen bananas are softer than ice, but maybe bottom-of-the-line food processors aren't keen on dealing with either substance as a steady diet.

We've been eating less processed food (and, for us, "processed" isn't restricted to "treated with a bunch of chemicals"; it means "pre-chewed with mechanical teeth", too) lately, so we've kind of drifted away from our old banana ice cream. But it was fun while it lasted! :)

That Cool Cap is neat, but we bought a nearly lifetime supply of Glad Press n Seal wrap from a warehouse club a year or so back, so now, I tear off a little strip of that, press it on a cup/glass (usually filled with my wife's commuting oatmeal), et voila, ready-to-go.

LOVE your blog. New follower :) Those caps are so very cool and I need some NOW! Thanks for sharing.

Cool Caps and Cool Straws on sale for Earth day! Use coupon code earth for $5 off any purchase of $25 or more from now until April 23rd!

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