A Sexy Lunch Bag For Making Lunch Fabulous: Giveaway

February 23, 2010   63 Comments

Looking for a way to motivate yourself to bring lunch? This bag is not only adorable but incredibly functional. Built has come up with a lunch bag that is insulated up to 4 hours, waterproof, and machine washable.

Built bag

Stop using those ugly supermarket bags to bring your lunch! First of all, you should try to bring your own bags to the supermarket. Secondly, those bags leak! I have had accidents with shopping bags and it is not pretty.

Having something cute to pack your lunch in will reinforce your desire to be healthy. Anything that stops you from buying prepared food is well worth the purchase because you will save money in the long run.

Think long-term when it comes to a purchase like this. The bag retails for about $20 - currently on Amazon (see below) - that is about 4 lunches!

Of course, it could just sit in your closet and you would lose your investment (maybe, then, you could gift it?).

My only hesitation about this bag is that your lunch might get smashed unlike Easy Lunch Boxes with those cool plastic containers.

BUT, my 5 year old immediately decided it was hers!

The people at Built did not give me this bag with no strings attached. You need to do a little work to enter so that they know you learned about their products (just takes a minute).

Check out Built and comment about a product that you think is great.

What looks good on the Built site?

What will I win?
This Tasty Lunch Tote with the microdot design photographed here from: Built

How do I enter?
Comment in the box below about your favorite Built product. Check out their site here: Built

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Am I eligible to enter?
Anyone with a valid e-mail and a U.S. mailing address is eligible.

When do I find out if I am the winner?
The winner will be announced on March 2nd, 2010. You will have 2 weeks to e-mail us back with your home address so we can mail the prize.

Built Neoprene Tasty Lunch Tote, Micro Dot

Built Neoprene Tasty Lunch Tote, Micro Dot

  currently unavailable Buy on

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I love Built's Bottle Slinger made for the Klean Kanteen. It would perfect for my Klean Kanteen!

I have the gourmet getaway bag, a wine bottle tote AND the Fugu lunch tote. For lunch we put our sandwiches in plastic containers to prevent smooshing and I've bought a bunch of little cooler packs that can keep food cold for hours in the insulated bag. Many compliments from my co-workers. I love these bags.

Their laptop portfolios & sleeves are to die for! I've been looking for something exactly like they offer!! Thanks for sharing this site with us. They have a portfolio in the same dot pattern as the lunch tote so I'll wait to see if I win before ordering and hopefully have a matched set! (hint hint!!). And the lunch tote will be perfect for taking my lunch over to the park and enjoying some nature when the weather finally warms up!

I like the Cargo Travel Organizer!

I love the messenger style diaper bags! As a mom to a toddler still in diapers this would be perfect for outings, functional and stylish!

My favorite is the Market Tote Large in Shadow Flower. I hate having to use paper and plastic bags. They're awful for the environment and always rip. Even When I try to reuse them, something always goes wrong. Just not worth the hassle. This would fix the problem instantly. Plus it's so cute!

I live in Pennsylvania, where the laws about alcohol are restrictive. Only restaurants with a liquor license can serve alcohol, but lucky for us, you can bring your own! I love my classy black wine bottle carrier by Built NYC. When the wine is gone, you can stick it in your purse! Top quality product!

I have a cure brown and green Buils laptop bag. It's stylish, lightweight, and makes me happy to look at it!

I love the Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote! I also think the Two Bottle Tote is adorable!

I love the Market Totes! They're beautiful and make the Earth happy! They're also so much more durable than those silly plastic bags that break all of the time!

i love the Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote and the Market totes are adorable.

Living and socializing in the city, I love to use the wine bottle tote! It makes it easy to carry the wine without the worry of it slipping, falling and breaking!

i have only used the Built wine carriers, but this lunchbox looks great!

This bag is SO cute!! I of course loved all the lunch bags on their site, and I'm especially in love with the market tote! :-)

i really like the Tasty Lunch Tote! Love the happy bubbly design. I really like the market Totes too with beautiful nature-theme design!

love giveaway!

I love the bottle tote, right up my alley, but the lunch bag, aint too shabby either.

I love Built's Laptop sleeves. I am a woman on-the-go, always carrying my laptop with me everywhere. Most of the time laptop cases and sleeves come in a dull black color, but with Built's sleeves, I can feel professional, but stylish.

That diaper bag sure looks nifty. Almost makes me want to have another baby so I could have use for it.

I have a Built lunchbag, like this, only not printed. So does my husband. I love them. They're big and stretchy enough where I can fit a good-sized tupperware container inside, and with a few small blue ice things, they keep my lunch cold for hours. What's even better? If something does leak, they're machine-washable! They're great. My husband does catch flak from a few coworkers though - even though he has a solid black one, one of the guys has teased him about his "purse". LOL

I use by Built tote (no zipper) every day and would love to own the zippered version. No more spill outs!!!

I love Built's Double Thirsty Tote practical and stylish for having to pack a bottle or sippy cup for our outings.

Also love the wine totes - also practical and stylish for outings, (espically those including the bottles and sippy cups)

The Milo Pot Holder looks like a very handy utensil! Pretty and practical!

I love Built's Market Tote.. i can use it for so many different things, not just for the market. Its great as a picinic bag, or to bring to the beach for snacks and such... Built products are all sensational!

I really the Fishnet Market Tote - I'm a huge believer in "Reuse" and this is compact enough to fold into my regular purse for impromptu trips to the market. Also - it's super cute! :)

I love the digital cases, and really need one!! I may actually buy it today.

the wide laptop carrier! It's not bulky to carry around!

I love their oven mits and flashdrive holders! Too cute!

I love the LaFonda laptop sling. But everything is adorable.

I need a new laptop sleeve and the Bumper Laptop Sleeve is SO cute!!

I love the notebook cases, soo cute!

The wine totes are pretty awesome!

I love EVERYTHING by Built. But if I had to choose one thing, I'd pick the Extra Relish Lunch tote in Vine. The b/w graphics on that tote are really striking!

I love the Two Bottle Tote!

I like the Renzo Oven Mitt in the MicroDot

I love the digital case

I would totally love the laptop cases/bags but there isn't a single one for 17" & my laptop doesn't fit into anything smaller than that. I realize that most people that would have one of these would carry a MacBook or something similar & it wouldn't be 17"... but there are plenty of us PC users with larger computers that need bag love too :)

Love the 6-pack tote. Keeps my beloved beers nice and cold for picnics and hauling to parties.

I like the Renzo Oven Mitt in micro dot style. Great Giveaway :)

I love the Mosaic laptop sleeve. It was a hard decision...everything is cute, cute, cute!

I love the Alexander Girard lunch purse. I love love the fact that it's a lunch PURSE! How awesome, especially for a snacker/foodie like me who tends to pack a lot of food! ;)

Well, my first choice of a product I would like to try from them is their oven mitts. We have not found one that doesn't burn our hands. Totally not having any luck at all with oven mitts these days. 2nd choice would be the cargo travel organizer. Such cool stuff!

I love the camera hoodies! How cute!

Me likey! I love the bright colors they use! I might just buy the Extra Relish lunch tote if I don't win. Cute!!!

I think the grocery tote is so cute, looks great and sturdy. Especially when certain stores try to over stuff you bag.

The cargo laptop case was born to house/protect my most valued possession, my MacBook Pro. They are perfect together.

I think the Renzo Oven Mitt is so cute! It makes pulling hot pans from the oven look spunky. :)

I love their fishnet wine tote. So cute! That is going to be a Birthday gift for my friend.

What a great site. I saved it for unusual gift ideas. I know the granddaughters will love the lunch and bottle totes...and theri birthdays are coming...

I love the convenience at the designs!

I love the colorful camera case. I finally stopped making my husband carry it around because I didn't want to be viewed as a tourist. Now with the awesome camera case I love taking it along.

tweeted it!

I love the wine drip collars! I have always hated that dripping down the side...

Also became your fan on Facebook!

I think the Built lunch bag is my favorite product b/c it's something I could really use! I bring lunch to work every day, and the plastic grocery bags just aren't that great.

I love the extra relish lunch tote in vine. The fabric design is so nice!

LOVE the Built two bottle fishnet wine tote. Love taking it to local BYOBs.

Love the "Built" site, from the bottle totes to the oven mitts! Thanks for the chance to win this great looking lunch bag!

Love these! Both my daughter and I need the lunch bags!!!!

Just became a "fan" on Facebook! looking forward to your posts!

i am addicted to market totes, and built's are too cute!!

I love the medium & large camera bags in black raspberry. It's my favorite color and Built's shade looks good enough to eat!

The Laptop Sleeve is amazingly durable. The only one I would every buy again. Worth the price.


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