McNugget Rot Results Are In!

November 22, 2010   4 Comments

Last week, Snack Girl started another experiment see here: Chicken McNuggets Experiment: Rot or Not? . Today we get to review the results.

Chicken McNuggets Rot Results

From left to right:

1. KFC Original Chicken
2. McDonald's Chicken McNugget
3. Bell and Evan's Chicken Breast Nuggets

After one week, all had visibly decomposed.

It is important to remember that McDonald's food uses chemicals that are rated safe by the FDA. At least for the bacteria and fungus that "ate" these McNuggets, there was nothing toxic.

I want to give a shout out to Bell and Evan's Chicken Breast Nuggets. Their sodium wasn't out of control (360 mg per serving - 15% of your Daily Value) and they tasted really good.

They are expensive though ($7 per package) when compared to buying quality chicken and baking it yourself. But, when you are pressed for time, give them a try.

(My kids LOVED them.)

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This is interesting! I do think people (including myself) forget that despite being better for you than McNuggets, Bell and Evans chicken nuggets are still processed meat.

However, I have to point out that "safe by the FDA" means about as much as "All-Natural." Practically nothing. The FDA is in need of major revamping and better oversight and less revolving doors with food industry bigwigs if it's actually going to truly be an organization that protects us.

I wonder how much of a role the plastic bag played in the rotting process? One of the readers who commented on the previous post said they'd found a McNugget on the floor of their car from who knows when and it looked exactly the same.

@Mary - I think the plastic bag provided the necessary moisture for the nugget to rot. I have found that if I leave food out and it is already dry - it will just dry out - and that wasn't what I was trying to test. I bet that McNugget just dried up like a raisin!

Well atleast the mcnugget is better than mcburger! I real thought the nugget wont rot! Maybe it has some real food compared to the burger!

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