The Problem With Trail Mix Solved

May 13, 2011   129 Comments

Trail mix should be the perfect snack. It is portable and will stay fresh in your backpack for hours!

Flanigan Farms Trail Mix

The problem is that many packaged trail mixes are in big portions and it can be difficult to stop yourself from eating all of it. Whenever I buy trail mix, I take a good hard look at the nutrition facts and the serving size.

Flanigan Farms has created the perfect trail mix snack because they help you control the portion size.

The individually packaged one ounce portion makes it easy to have a nutritious snack without worrying about how much you are consuming.

These packaged trail mixes don't include chocolate or salt - and they still taste delicious. Here are the nutrition facts for the Nuts 'N' Fruit Trail Mix:

130 calories, 8 g fat, 12 g carbohydrates, 4 g protein, 1 g fiber, 0 mg sodium, 4 Points+


California Almonds, Raisins, Dates (dusted with oat flour to separate), Cashews, Sunflower Seeds, Pepitas (pumpkin seeds), and Dried Organic Fuyu Persimmons (when available)

And, Flanigan Farms has come up with a healthy school fundraiser. The last time a group of students asked me to buy something - it was cookie dough! I just gave them money to avoid the calories (perhaps this was their plan).

I would have much preferred to buy trail mix from a group of students - check out Flanigan Farms School Fundraising if you are looking to help out at your school.

Flanigan Farms is giving away some trail mix to a Snack Girl reader.

Comment below on your favorite trail mix combination to be entered to win.

This product was received for review consideration. No other compensation was provided.

What will I win?

One Nuts 'N' Things 12 pack and one Nuts 'N' Fruit 12 pack - total value = $21

How do I enter?
Comment on what you like in your trail mix.

Additional Ways To Enter:

  1. Follow Snack-Girl on FaceBook. Comment on the FB page on your favorite trail mix.
  2. Follow Snack-Girl on Twitter and Tweet this post (use the Tweet Button in the Share Box at the top of this post).
Snack-Girl can follow and count all the additional entries using magical website tools.

Am I eligible to enter?
This giveaway is offered to US residents only.

When do I find out if I am the winner?
The winner will be announced on May 20th, 2011. You will have 2 weeks to e-mail us back with your home address so we can mail the prize.

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My favorite is one with craisons, sunflower seeds and cashews... (Trader Joe and Target both have it)

I have to admit I never looked too closely at all the ingredients and haven't had it since I went back on WW because I know it is high in point values.

I love trail mix and like the idea of one that is easily portioned controlled and healthier.

I make it with unsalted,raw cashews, almonds, walnuts and dried cranberries.

I love fnuts and fruit!

I saw a good one in Walmart last night that had dried bananas, cashews, and raisins in it but if I had to make my own I would want dried bananas, apricots, unsalted cashews, sunflower seeds and almonds.

I love tropical nuts - like macadamia and lots of salty flavors! YUM!

I make my own trail mix! I buy packages of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit from Whole Foods or Trader Joe's and combine them. It makes like 7 cups and lasts me a month! Just keep it in jars and scoop out 1/4 cup at a time for 170 very filling and delicious calories!

My current favorite is almonds, cashews, dried cherries, and sunflower seeds!

I love dates in my trail mix! Yummy!

Tweeted :)

Nuts are my favorite providing a good source of protein.

I like peanuts, cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, coconut, and yes I do like M&Ms in it once in a while! :)

Oh these actually look awesome.. I get scared when making trail mixes because of how the pts. add up so fast but they are so good. So looking at this I am super curious & wanting to find them & for 12 that's not a bad price Thanks for sharing!

Individually bagged is PERFECT and either flavor sounds fantastic. I am going to look into the fundraiser page. My teenager daughter is taking a 16-day European trip in Summer 2012. They each pay their own way, but are fundraising as a group to put towards meals and excursions. This is a HEALTHY food sale that's finally different from all the other JUNK out there. Thanks Snack Girl!! Once again your blog is amazing! :)

I do like the chocolate in there...but raisins & almonds are my favorite!

I love dried cherries, dark chocolate and nuts. Thank trader joes for that combo. Delish!

My fav trail mix is the Omega Trek Mix from Trader Joes- they come in prepackaged ones too!! It contains omega 3 fortified cranberries, almonds, walnuts, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), pecans, and pistachios! yummm

I love the healthy combo of fruits and nuts - perfect snack for my son and I!

I love dried strawberries in trail mix - they don't look pretty, but they taste awesome! I always love whole almonds and mango pieces too. I am glad to see the individual bags of trail mix, because it is so hard to only eat one serving!

I'm a fan of GORP - good ole peanuts and raisins.

I like all natural almonds w/ dried cranberries.

I love anything that has dried fruit and nuts. That always fills me up. I love that these come in 1 serving bags!

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