Healthy Snacks for Camping

June 27, 2016   2 Comments

It isn’t hard to bring food to make healthy snacks for camping. It does take a wee bit of planning.

Healthy Snacks For Camping

I have been slow to embrace camping because I like sleeping inside. Call me old-fashioned or just old. But, my husband loves to camp so I have evolved into a more hardened soul.

Food is a big part of camping and you don’t have a massive refrigerator at your disposal (I haven’t figured out how to fit mine in the car) so you must bring food that doesn’t spoil.

Fortunately, it is easy to bring healthy snacks that don’t spoil. These will keep your family from driving to a take-out place in order to charge their iPads.

Check out my lists of vegan snacks or gluten-free snacks for when you aren’t going camping.

Here are some fun options:

Ants on a Log

This is a perfect snack because you can eat it on a log and stick REAL ants on it. Celery, peanut butter (or whatever nut butter you like) and raisins. You can even have your 12 year old make these and they will eat them. These are very hearty and will stay fresh for a while without refrigeration.

Fruit Skewers

You can make these ahead and hand them out or just make a big bowl of cut up fruit to munch on. Fruit salad, for some reason, is far more appealing than handing a kid an apple. Why? You tell me.

Trail Mix

This is kind of obvious for camping since hiking is usually part of enjoying the great outdoors. My take on trail mix has popcorn added for those who think that eating peanuts, raisins, and M&M’s all day might add to their waistline. I love this Trail Mix recipe for any day (but it really works for camping).

Hummus with Vegetables

Hummus will keep without refrigeration unlike sour cream and onion dip. Make it before you go and serve with some vegetables for a savory, healthy, and delicious snack that can be shared with your camping neighbors at cocktail hour.

DIY Instant Oatmeal

This is SO much better for you than buying the packages of sweetened oatmeal and it tastes good. You can customize your flavors and make this ahead in a Thermos and simply bring the ingredients and pour hot water on top of it when it is breakfast time. My kids love this for breakfast when we are camping and it is far easier than making a pot of oatmeal (and much easier to clean up)

What are your healthy snacks for camping?

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Snack Girl, this may be your best article yet! Thanks for all the creative and helpful ideas! 😊

Good ideas, old 'n new. I tried camping when I was first married, bought all the necessary gear, etc. After going out twice I realized it was too much work and that I needed a vacation after camping! But I do love day-hiking trips so these tips are good for that too. I didn't know hummus could go unrefrigerated. I found Pacific brand sells a 12oz box of shelf stable hummus which would be great for camping if you want to grab n go.

Other ideas for camping or traveling in general: Salads in Mason jars, Cheese and crackers, tuna in pouches and applesauce to top off oatmeal.

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