20 Yummy Potato Chips for 120 Calories

May 26, 2010   12 Comments

It is not a secret that Snack Girl LOVES chips. I have tried a number of them for the site, and my favorite has been Baked Lays. Move on over Baked Lays - a NEW chip is in town.

Kettle Baked Chips Review

Kettle Baked Potato Chips pretty much rock. This is their marketing pitch for these chips:

We take real potatoes. Slice them. Season them with fresh, all-natural ingredients. And then bake them to crunchy perfection. End of story.

These chips have a wonderful strong potato flavor and crunch. There is nothing artificial (like MSG) to enhance the flavor - they just have potatoes, oil and salt.

I also love Kettle Brand's regular chips - but I can only have 10 chips for about 120 calories.

This is the great thing about the Baked chips. You get TWICE as many and you really feel satisfied (instead of cheated). And, since they are made with potatoes the serving includes 4% of your daily value of iron.

In fact, after eating the Baked Chips, I no longer want the regular chips. Why? Because, the regular ones taste too greasy now.

I don't consider these chips an everyday snack. For example, Sweet Potato Fries are a MUCH better choice in terms of over all nutrition.

Baked Kettle Chips are a "processed" food, but they are an excellent choice for a party or when you really want some chips.

Give them a try and kick your fatty potato chip habit.

I found them here Snack Aisle for $3 per bag.

and here!

Have you tried these? What is your potato chip solution?

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These are AWESOME! We just found them too and are hooked!

I'm quite partial to original Eatsmart veggie chips. 15 chips are about 140 calories.

I love these chips too! And usually, 9 of them makes a sufficient serving.

Love Love Love these chips!

What's the fat g count for one serving?

Just looked up the stats myself and a big WOW!

3g fat
only 135mg sodium
2g fiber
Amazing - I will have to try these!

While the plain variety of these chips has no MSG, avoid any of the flavored ones, because ALL OF THEM DO (MSG is what gives them that addictive taste). You won't find "MSG" on the label, though; instead, it will identified by one of its many pseudonyms; there are several dozen different aliases for MSG.

See to see a complete list.

I buy the Lay's All Natural Tangy Carolina BBQ chips - they're great! I don't believe they have any MSG in them, but I can't really tell from the label. But they have a great flavor, and one ounce of chips is about 160 calories. They are still high in fat, but only 1 out of 10 grams is saturated - so it's mostly "good" fat :)

Amiable fill someone in on and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

I found these on Amazon (search "Kettle Bakes Potato Chips"). The bag is a new design but the nutritional value and ingredients are the same. 15 bags for only $31.38 when subscribe to auto delivery (15% off and free shipping). That's only $2.09 per bag. Bought them at my local grocer for $3 and loved them. Now I get them delivered to my home for $2.09!!!

Chips from Amazon are the same as in the picture on this post (even though the picture on Amazon is different).

You should try our wow popped potato chips. With only 75 calories per serving we can truly say our chips are healthier then other leading brands. We only use 100% potato in our popped chips and that's what makes us different from other popped chips brands. Click like on our facebook/wowpopped page and request 1 week supply of our chips for free. Currently available for NYC residents

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