Seriously Lighter Thanksgiving Recipes

November 18, 2011   6 Comments

Have you seen all the features for "lighter" Thanksgivings in magazines and newspapers? I have been inundated with these articles.

Lighter Thanksgiving Recipes

Perhaps if I eat all of the foods they suggest, I will just float away on a cloud of lighterness.

Sadly, most of the recipes that I read were NOT light at all. I'm not sure what these food journalists were thinking. If you add a little bit of orange zest AND a cup of cream - it is somehow better for you?

Enough complaining! I decided that I should enter the fray with my Thanksgiving recipes and tell you that I am not the least bit concerned about calories on Thanksgiving.

I AM concerned with eating so much that my stomach hurts. I did that one Thanksgiving and it was very unpleasant - so I will slowly enjoy my food, family, and friends.

If the weather is nice, I will add an afternoon stroll to get some exercise or maybe a game of touch football on the lawn (ha!). I KNOW I will get up early and do some very vigorous scrubbing of my house.

The key is not to stress too much about the holiday so you can enjoy it. Last year, I wrote a ten minute Thanksgiving post for all of us who just are too stressed out to cook.

Here are some EASY recipes that are tasty and TRULY lighter:

1. cranberryb Cranberry Horseradish Sauce

2. brusselssproutsb Turn A Healthy Food That You Hate Into A New Love

3. fennelorangeb Last Minute T-Day Side or Healthy Snack

4. pumpkinpieb Try This Pumpkin Pie Makeover For Thanksgiving

5. nakedapplepieb Try This Healthy Pie.....Naked

What is your strategy for Thanksgiving?

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Thanks for this article, saved me time from repeating your sentiments on our blog.

After 30 years of being on every diet imaginable-Sooz and I found what works for us and have had 2 years of easy maintenence. One of the keys for us was not to make our favorite comfort foods "healthier". We just try to keep on healthy track 85-90% of the time. You can eat the healthier version and then dream and wish for the real deal leading to dissatisfaction and overeating.

Just make and serve your favorite dishes. There is no need to make 20 dishes just because they are 'traditional.' There will still be plenty of food if you take a little from say, 5 dishes, than feeling obligated to fill your plate with all 20.

One day of indulgence is not going to wreck the hard work I did this year to lose weight. I'm not worried about it. I look forward to my Mom's pumpkin roll all year.

Yesterday my Weight Watcher's leader reminded us, it's ONE holiday meal, not a weekend of holiday eating! Also, save room for the stuff you really LOVE and skip the rest. Make and take the food that works for you if you don't want to be out of control. I plan on bringing along foods that work well for me and that are pointplus friendly, that way I always have choices and won't feel backed in a corner. Also, make sure to keep yourself fed so that you don't go into any situation STARVED! That's when the bad decisions happen! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Snack girl have you ever heard of this series of cookbooks.…

I'm with you! I totally enjoy the food, family and friends on Thanksgiving, indulging without an ounce of guilt. It's been several years since I ate to the point of feeling stuffed - a huge success in my book. Friday morning I'll return to healthy balanced eating and all will be well.

Thanks for such a great post. It makes me sad to hear about so many who are stressed out about what should be a day of fun and celebration.

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