Embrace Fall With This Pumpkin Themed Skinny Drink

October 5, 2011   15 Comments

Some people think fall has arrived when the leaves start changing and apples become abundant. Others know it is here with the arrival of the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.

Low Calorie Pumpkin Spice Latte

But Starbucks no longer has a monopoly on announcing fall. My local Hess convenience store and 7-Eleven both have a pumpkin spiced drink. Yes, it is EVERYWHERE.

Remember - A Starbucks Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte (20 ounces) will set you back 510 Calories! (whole milk and whipped cream included)

ummm, ouch. There is 60% of your daily value of saturated fat in this single drink.

Frankly, I don't like the Pumpkin Spice Latte because I find it too sweet. I do adore pumpkin spice so I thought I would attempt my own version. It turns out that ANYONE can make their own pumpkin spice latte.

Why would you want to make your own? You will save:

  • Calories - mine is 130 calories less than Starbucks' lite version
  • Money - saved about $2.50
  • The Environment - no paper cup and lid to toss away

You don't need an espresso maker with a milk frother to make this drink. You can buy a milk frother that runs on batteries from Ikea for just $4 or you can order it from Amazon for under $10. I have one (first saw it in Europe) and it works great!

Buy some pumpkin spice from the baking section of your supermarket, skim milk, sugar, and you are ready to go. Try adding just one teaspoon of sugar and see if you like it. You don't need a lot of sugar to make this taste delicious.

You have some choices on how you can make this. For example, you can add some pumpkin spice to your ground coffee BEFORE you brew it. This will infuse your coffee with the pumpkin spice flavor.

If you want to use maple syrup, agave syrup, or another sweetener please feel free. And, of course, there is always a choice of milks - almond, soy, flavored soy, etc.

How do you deal with the Pumpkin Spice Latte season?


Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

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4 ounces coffee or espresso
1/2 cup skim or nonfat milk
2 teaspoons sugar
1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice (plus extra to dust on top)


Brew coffee and heat milk until hot in microwave. Foam milk with Aerolatte or other milk frother. Mix sugar and pumpkin pie spice in coffee and pour milk on top. Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts

one serving = 78 calories, 0.3 g fat, 14.6 g carbohydrates, 4.6 g protein, 0 g fiber, 66 mg sodium, 2 Points+

Points values are calculated by Snack Girl and are provided for information only. See all Snack Girl Recipes

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Ha! I have that Ikea frother too and it is fantastic. In fact, I actually won a fancy frother/warmer and I haven't taken it out of the box yet because the $2 tool is all I really need! I make a pumpkin spice latte like this some mornings and it is yummy. (Love your site!)

So cool that Ikea has a frother now! And so cheap! Last year when you did a similar posting I hunted all over and eventually got one for $20+ at Bed Bath and Beyond. I might need to replace mine soon so this is good news :)


I so much enjoy reading your posts on healthy eating and food options. Love the new recipe for a yummy low fat and warm pumpkin dring. PErfect for these chilly fall mornings. However, for those of us who don't drink coffee, can you suggest an alternative? Maybe combining the ingredients with hot chocolate? Thanks. :)

Love, love, love anything pumpkin! You just gave me a fabulous idea of adding pumpkin spice to my coffee before brewing. I normally do the same with cinnamon so I'm sure the pumpkin spice will be excellent for this time of year! I too find the Starbuck's latte way too sweet, not to mention too pricey. Thanks for this post!

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes in Minnesota don't come with whipped cream--where did you get that info?

I just wanted to share iwth you that I found out a few weeks ago that as far as Milk is concerned, there is actually more sugar in the 2% and skim milk than in Whole milk. So although there may be less calories, the is more sugar. And for some people a lower fat higher sugar milk is not a good option. Not saying you are wrong but sometimes you have to look at the healthier angles such as this. Saving fewer calories may not be as necessary as sugar grams. Just thought I'd share. Not saying I'm right, just sharing info....

This is my favorite time of year w all the yummy foods! I, for one, survive the pumpkin latte season by getting an iced pumpkin coffee from dunkin donuts made w skim milk n splenda. Super low in calories and soooo yummy.

I allow myself a Starbucks treat once a week, typically on Friday.

A Grande non fat Misto with 2 pumps pumpkin spice rather than the 4 it usually comes with. They use too many pumps of syrup for all of their drinks and they end up so sweet you can't really even taste the coffee. A Misto is also much cheaper and contains fewer calories than a latte.

If you order it with whole milk they put whipped cream on it (as with any drink) but all of their light/non fat/skinny drinks are without whipped cream unless you specifically ask for it.

Thanks for emails. I feel you are "speaking" just to me. Any way, I just realized, I have an aerater. It came as a drink mixer with the GE mixer my Mom bought when I was 15 (63 now). I still use it (wouldn't give it back to Mom). I will definitely try the latte. Easy to make. I use pumpkin pie spice with a lot of recipes calling for cinnamon. I also like All Spice. Very versatile. I have started using non-flavored Almond Milk as it is 40 calories per glass. Hey, I need all the help I can get!

Thanks again!

I made this using stevia and almond milk...DELICIOUS!!!!!! Thank u!!!

This is one of those things that truly is easy to make and why we think it's easier to drive thru the crowded Starbucks lane is beyond me! I just use a whisk rolled in my palms in my heated milk to make froth... I have my pumpkin and Apple Spices at the ready!

I just tried this pumpkin spice drink--wonderful stuff! It really tasted almost like the Starbucks version, only MUCH cheaper AND healthier! Thanks for this suggestion!

I don't drink coffee or espresso. Any ideas on what to use as a substitute in this recipe?

You could exchange the coffee for tea! Then it would be called Chai.

Why use real sugar for 2 WW Smart Points when you can use Stevia-in-the-Raw for 0 SP??

1/2 cup skim milk = 2 Smart Points

2 teaspoons Stevia = 0 SP

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