McDonald's Frozen Strawberry Lemonade: Don't Believe The Hype

May 24, 2011   67 Comments

Snack Girl couldn't help but notice a coupon for a FREE cup of frozen strawberry lemonade from the Golden Arches in her newspaper.

McDonald's Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

And, being Snack Girl, she found herself going to redeem this coupon at McDonald's yesterday. Why? Well, it seems that many of my friends (yes, I have friends) were curious about this product.

As you know, the nutrition facts of this drink will not be on the side of the 16 ounce cup - so here they are:

280 calories, 0 g fat, 68 g carbohydrates, 0 g protein, 0 g fiber, 30 mg sodium, 7 Points+


Lemonade Base: Water, sugar, lemon juice concentrate, orange juice concentrate, natural flavors (botanical source), citric acid, colored with fruit juice, ascorbic acid, lemon oil.

Strawberry Flavored Syrup: Water, sugar, strawberry puree concentrate, natural (plant source) and artificial flavor, xanthan gum, propylene glycol alginate, citric acid, potassium sorbate (preservative), sodium citrate, red 40.

There are over 13 teaspoons of sugar in this drink - which is very similar to the concentration of sugar in soda.

My problem with it isn't that it is sugar water with some flavor. My issue is that it tastes bad. How can you mess up sugar water?

Notice the ingredient "propylene glycol alginate" - this additive helps give a "slushie" consistency - see my review of the Dunkin Donuts' "Coolatta": You Can De-Ice an Aircraft With This New WORST Drink Winner.

I suppose that would be fine with me except that propylene glycol alginate also has a bitter taste. And, I can taste it in the drink!

McDonald's, did you taste this before you decided to get America hooked on your latest creation? The Frappe was absolutely yummy - 560 Calories For Your Rapid Consumption From McDonald's - if a bit high in calories.

This "treat" is tart, syrupy and BITTER. What are you thinking?

My suggestion is to THROW OUT the free coupon for the drink and just avoid going to McDonald's. I know it is hard to pass up free stuff (and as you see - I didn't) - but it isn't worth it.

First of all, the drink tastes yucky and secondly you will probably buy some fries to go with it that will be soggy. They are just trying to suck you in to get you to buy more stuff.

This marketing idea works, by the way, because I ended up buying a chicken sandwich. Later, during my tummy ache, I regretted that purchase.

If you love Slushies - go to 7-Eleven and buy one there. They don't have "propylene glycol alginate" in them.

Have you tried McD's Frozen Strawberry Lemonade?

if you caught the Public Enemy reference here - yes, I think McDonald's is a Public Enemy :)

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I got it for my 17 year old and my husband, both who are not picky eaters... and they both hated it... we came home and they both handed theirs to my younger kids...who like anything slushie based... and they refused it as well... I am going to say this is a big flop for mcdonalds... but hey we all shouldnt be eating there more reason to not go LOL trust me I still love me a big mac tho.. sigh :(

GASP its 7 freaking PP GET OUT!! AHHHH see I had one and my friend told me that it was 3pts EEEEKKKK (it was last week) OH I will NEVER EVER drink one of those esp. after your post I should have waited for your post yes its true "FREE" at Mickey D's is just a trap.. Thanks for the heads up darling!

I have coupon blog and when this coupon made the rounds I decided not to post it because I think it's a disgusting product. Granted others may think it's great, but I try really hard to post deals for healthier products. I rather not have my readers gain a lb or destroy their health because something is free.

We had our McDonalds remodeled a couple of years ago and since my kids (13 & 15) like healthier options (they are both swimmers, so no soda's either)for on the go meals we decided to be the only ones in town who don't eat at our McDonalds! So far so good! It kind of makes it not tempt us when we look at it that way.

I was going to go out today to redeem the coupon and buy one for my daughter as a treat, but I just tossed it in the garbage instead! Thanks for keeping us away from wasted calories that taste bad!

Propylene glycol alginate is also used in some cosmetics. I have to avoid it because it makes my skin BURN.

That's funny--we use alginate in my chem lab. I generally try to AVOID eating/drinking things I use in the lab--seems like a good rule, don't you think? :)

See, this is why I haven't had anything from McD's since 2007.

My mom got one the other day and I had a sip... it is horrible! It tastes bad and can't imagine it having any sort of health benefit. If you want lemonade, make the real thing or something a little less chemical tasting. Crystal Light's "Pure" line is very tasty for an alternative for those like me who don't have time to squeeze lemons

Thanks Snack girl for looking after us all the time. I am spreading the word on this one.

i wouldn't go near it just due to the carbs (sugar!)....but what is VERY good at McDonalds is their "grilled chicken ceasar salad"...i skip the dressing and add my own, plus a little bit of slivered almonds - absolutely delicious!

My friend and I tried it over the weekend and I was not impressed at all with it. we decidied we could make our own version of it with Crystal light and fresh strawberries and ice in a blender. a lot less calories and without the allure to get us in to buy more stuff at Mc D's... Just a thought

Have my free coupon right in front of me. Thanks for the info because now it is going into the trash!

BLECH! I think McDonald's is the devil - LOL

I refuse to even buy a water from them...

I can't imagine spending 7pp on a drink unless it was a frozen margarita. :P

Please give us a healthy alternative. I had something similar at Culvers, and it was so incredibly good. I would love to replicate it. My daughter even has a little slushie machine, so I could use that, if I need to.

When I saw the ad it looked so good, but I knew it would just be sugar water. I had no idea it would taste awful. I saw a recipe to make a similar thing at home. Not sure the measurements but put a whole lot of ice in blender, ad your fav lemonaide and some strawberries. Blend until the right consistency, ad more lemonaide or water if needed while blending. There is some sugar in the lemonaide but it makes a great treat!!

I seriously wasn't diggin the combination from the get-go. I guess this just solidifies my reasoning why. And also,not to mention the sugar content! That much sugar would have me bouncing off the walls.

I have this coupon. . .guess I'm not using it. How much sugar is in McD's Sweet Tea?

Rats! I have that coupon posted on my wall at work and I was going to treat myself on Friday. It is hard to ignore a freebie, but I appreciate the review - I knew it sounded too good to be true. I am tossing my coupon in the trash NOW~

Does McDonald's have anything that tastes good? It's amazing you can run a whole business off crap. Everything is a chemical soup concocted to look like a "food like substance" and the line is wrapped around the one I pass each morning. People are like sheep going to the slaughter. Then they get mad becaue McDonald's is ALLOWED to sell such items. you have to buy them? NOT!

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