Will "Newtons Fruit Thins" Keep You Thin?

July 6, 2011   26 Comments

Snack Girl believes the holy grail of snack foods to be the healthy cookie. Both yummy and good for you, this cookie would solve all my snacking problems.

Newtons Fruit Thins

Recently, I purchased a bag of "Newtons Fruit Thins" for $4.29 and THAT day received a free box in the mail. Two packages of cookies! Just what I needed :)

I opened the package, hoping that I would hate them. Alas, they are delicious (and they go with my favorite drink, coffee, really well).

The free ones tasted much better than the ones I paid for ;-)

The flavor that I tried is "Fig and Honey" and it is like a Fig Newton except less sweet and more crunchy. These cookies are more for the adult palate - my kids didn't love them because they aren't that sweet.

Are there any health benefits to eating them?

Well here are the nutritional facts:

For 3 cookies: 140 calories, 5 g fat, 21 g carbohydrates, 2 g protein, 2 g fiber, 95 mg sodium, 4 Points+

and the ingredients:


You know, these aren't that bad! I wouldn't say that these are exactly good for you - but for a treat - these are pretty great. The ingredient list in my opinion is pretty clean (no High Fructose Corn Syrup) and it is pretty close to my oatmeal raisin cookie recipe.

Of course, they used "soybean and/or palm oil" instead of butter and there is "soy lecithin" which seems like a mystery ingredient - but the rest of them are wholesome.

It is very nice that there is some whole grain here - whole wheat flour and rolled oats - but, I would have liked to see the whole wheat flour as the FIRST ingredient. But, I bet the "mouth feel" of the cookie would have been too much like a cracker for many people if Nabisco had attempted that maneuver.

They ARE made with real fruit as the package states - but I don't believe anyone would think they are entirely made of fruit because of the large photo of the cookie on the package (unlike Edy's Fruit Bars).

So, if you don't have time to bake your own oatmeal raisin cookies, and you are looking for a treat for your lunch box - give these a try (if you have the $4.29).

Remember, these are COOKIES.

Has anyone else tried Newtons Fruit Thins?

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I have tried these and they are great! I would highly recommend them.

Nice, i'm glad you got the chance to review these. I'm still very fond of the chocolate raspberry ones since they go well with my coffee too. But I should try the other ones as well since my grocery store has all the flavors still in stock.

Soy Lecithin is a by-product of soybean oil... so not that scary if you don't have a problem with soy. In my opinion soy is a beast all it's own and I avoid it as much as I can.

P.S. Snack-Girl - for the past several days this form has not let me submit a comment unless I have the box checked that says "Email me when there are new comments." It's not a big deal to get those e-mails, but just FYI.

@Cristina - thanks for the heads up - we are looking into it!

We've tried the blueberry ones and my kids love them.

I had the blueberry ones and they smell and taste like a blueberry muffin. Yum! The chocolate raspberry ones are just okay, but I like a richer, dark chocolate taste.

They were sampling these at my local Wal-Mart a while back. I didn't like them. I guess I was expecting a flavor more like a fig newton. Maybe I'll give them a second chance.

Oh I was gonna get nervous because I REALLY like these. I had actually bought the ones w/cranberry I believe it is when my youngest was playing baseball for a quick snack and thought hmm I wonder are these ok. Glad to see they get a semi passing grade NOW I will go buy some more. Too HOT To turn any stoves ha.

I'm gonna have to give these a try. I love my fig newtons, even the full fat type.

I tried the cranberry citrus oat. I expected them to be tasteless,but they are quite good. I have not seen the other varieties around my area yet.And because I like them,I know that the price will go up. Yes...yes... like all the other food prices. Seems like it cost more to eat healthy.

These are the absolute BEST!

I haven't tried fig yet.

For Me...I have a problem w/ my appetite. So, for YEARS nibbled on Quaker Oat Squares when food was "yucky" to me! Well, by some strange wisdom, they changed the recipe w/o warning, (They claim they're LESS sweet. But, to me, sweeter & artificial tasting & I HATE them now!) & I was desperately searching for a new appetite "spark" to replace them. THESE treats have done it!

You MUST try Blueberry! OMG...crispy blueberry muffins! Also, you must TRY 'em ALL w/ a bit of Cream Cheese! HEAVEN!

BUT, BTW...I DO have a bad note...if you suffer from diverticulitis, as my DH does, avoid the blueberry & raspberry...they contain seeds! BUT, he LOVES & can have Cranberry Citrus!

NOW lets HOPE they don't change, or stop selling them on us!

Cheers, Magic `*>~{

Thanks for the review! Do you mind telling the sugar content?

I've tried the Raspberry Chocolate ones and I really liked them, so did my grandkids. They aren't used to getting too many sweets so this was a great "treat" for them. They devoured them. Me, well, 4 PointsPlus isn't bad, but I like lower point snacks! so, I eat them sparingly.

LOL, people buy soy lecithin at the health food store as a supplement! It is a fat emulsifier. I actually add the supplement to my diet periodically when I start to feel gallstone twinges (which is rarely thanks to my discovering that daily caffeinated coffee helps flush bile through and prevent stones but I still occasionally need to go on lecithin for a few weeks...)

These sound yummy. They have these Newton Fruit Crisps snacks too (two thin pieces in a pack for 100 calories) and I like those because I loved Pop Tarts as a kid. Those were in the prefrosted days when they were sweet but fruity, not frosting-y!

They come in berry and apple. slightly less wholesome (both sugar AND corn syrup although it's not HFCS just plain corn syrup) and it has Partially Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil as ingredient #11 which of course adds a trace of trans fats. (Grrr...) The main oil though is soybean oil and there isn't a whole lot of oil period as there are only 2 g fat in the 100 calorie pack, 1 g per cookie.

I don't do weight watchers so I don't know the points, but a serving of 2 pieces/1 pack is 100 calories, 2 g fat, 21 g carb (8 g is sugars and there is no fiber) and 1 g protein for what that's worth.

@Andrea - the sugar is 7 grams per serving

These are one of the best cookies out there. Not too sweet, great flavors, and not terrible for your diet. What more could you want? I love the blueberry ones. Seems the rest of you have access to more flavors that around here. Just blueberry and cranberry citrus in our stores. I could eat a whole pkg. in one night. Great for eating a little something when you take your meds.

Thank you! That isn't too bad if I keep it to one serving :)

Sounds yummy, I can't wait to give them a try.

The blueberry ones are FABULOUS. Light, crunchy, just enough sweetness, and 8 grams sugar for 3 cookies? I'm ON it! :-)

Ive tried these and loved them and Im so picky abt my sweets. Id rather muffins and cakes and twinkies, but this helps curve those over indulges.

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