Replace Afternoon Treats with These Healthy Snack Makeovers

February 10, 2010   4 Comments

Do you have a food fight with your child after school? Is your child starving because he tossed out his uneaten lunch because he was having too much fun in the school cafeteria?

Replace Afternoon Treats with These Healthy Snack Makeovers

Afternoon snacks tend to fall into the treat category more than parents would like to admit. Cookies, candy, chips, along with “healthy” packaged snacks like fruit snacks are common.

We all want to ensure our kids don't get too cranky before dinnertime. But, we should try to feed them something that will feed their brains (homework time!).

What can we feed them without a war? Here are 5 afternoon snacks that have promise as peaceful substitutes for unhealthy treats.

With a little bit of planning, your child can have something much more healthy and still tasty.

What is your child's favorite healthy afternoon snack? Please share.

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Well, my child is only two but he is still a snacker. He loves fruit and we'd been buying him for a special snack once in a while, like for trips and stuff these little gerber freeze dried fruit snacks. They are just little bits of freeze dried fruits... They've been great but now he is old enough that if we let him he will polish off the whole bag in one sitting, a bag that costs around 3.50 and used to last a week... Over the weekend we found freeze dried fruit for big kids and adults at Costco! We were so excited. He LOVES it. They are called Crunchies and the box we purchased has single serving bags with apples, pears, or strawberries and bananas. This is a great healthy snack, good for lunches or when you are on the go.

Getting kids to eat healthy can be a chore. I have found that my kids go for banana slices covered with graham cracker crumbs and they love to make smoothy out of their favorite fruits.

Love all your kid-friendly info! As a dietitian I am faced with lots of parents at a loss for how to feed their children healthy snacks! Glad you are promoting such great and healthy snacks!!

One snack I am partialled to is a few slices of apple with a small amount of peanut butter spread on them. It is quite filling and will always see me through to my next meal.

It was always a favorite with my kids too!

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