Top Travel Snacks for the Road

November 21, 2015   9 Comments

Fifi has packed her car for her yearly visit to Grandmas – and she has snacks.

Road Snacks

What about you? Supposedly, this is going to be the BIGGEST travel year for Thanksgiving and you need to be prepared. (don’t they say that every year?)

Many of us will be behind the wheel on the way to our relative’s houses and the temptation to stop at fast food spots will be unbearable. Save up those calories for pecan pie and pack some healthy snacks!

What do I recommend? Make sure you bring something you will eat as opposed to something that you think you should eat. After driving by 50 McDonald's, Burger Kings, Starbucks, etc., you will lose your will power UNLESS you have packed something you love.

Here are my top travel snacks for the road divided into two categories. Things you make before you go (if you have time) and healthy snacks you can buy.

To make:

To buy:

  • Triscuits, pretzels, or Smartfood (popcorn) are far better than potato chips, Cheetos, or Doritos.
  • KIND bars that have less than 5 grams per sugar – Dark Chocolate, Nuts, and Sea Salt – is my favorite!
  • Cheesesticks –you can find them at convenience stores if you forget to pack them.
  • Cooler full of sparkling water drinks such as Perrier or Polar brands. Perrier has a pink grapefruit flavor that has no added sugar and my kids love it. I found it at Target.
  • Apples, grapes, mandarin oranges, bananas (you get the picture).
  • Trail mix – my kids love it if there are little chocolate pieces. Keep in ¼ cup baggies so they don’t attempt to eat all of it at once.

What do you pack for road trips?

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Hummus with carrot sticks and celery. I never seem to eat enough vegetables on vacation.

We always froze grapes and put them in with the other cooler snacks. Helped keep things cold and were like having a mini Popsicle.

Excellent suggestions Snack Girl it is almost a given to eat junk while travelling for some reason. I liked the portion packing suggestion in particular!

These are great ideas.

For salty snacks Blue Diamond sells a variety of 100 calorie packages of nuts. They have almonds, cashews, walnuts and some different mixes of nuts. My favorites are the vanilla almonds (salty AND a touch of sweet) and their Cocoa flavored almonds.

I also pack 100 calorie bags of pretzels and/or pretzel crisps. The pretzels come in sticks or regular pretzel shapes and some some called snaps.

For sweet snacks I find the 90-100 calorie boxes of raisins to be perfect.

Hope those help.

Roasted garbanzo beans. I just made a batch of them yesterday. They are delicious and so good for you. But I really love Fifi. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

I love this picture and the reminder to pack "good for me" stuff :)

My all time favorite travel snack are the Nature Valley oats and honey granola bars. I used to buy them all the time, but they have a good bit of sugar in them so I had to cut back.

I like bringing along dried fruit that I can keep in my car or purse. SunRype has a 100% Fruit Strip that kids love and so do I. Just enough sweetness to get you through without any added sugar like some other brands.

I always carry some dried fruit rolls and also have peanuts with me, the nuts is just there so I can force myself to drink more water during the day.

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