How Can Snack Girl Help YOU?

October 1, 2010   3 Comments

How can I help YOU to transform? Snack Girl is here to help people concerned about healthy eating.

How Can Snack Girl Help YOU?

BUT, I need some feedback from all of you. What do I want to know? How best can I help you?

So, please comment below or (preferably) fill out this survey:

Snack Girl Survey

The survey only has SIX QUESTIONS. And, it allows you to be anonymous and REALLY let me know what you think about this site. With your comments and thoughts, Snack Girl will only get better.

I read every comment on this site, and it is my personal mission to make this a place where you can transform into a healthier eater - one snack at a time!

PLEASE help me by letting me know what you want to learn more about.

It will only take a minute (I promise) and it will help me make this site better for everyone who reads it.

Comment below about what you need from Snack Girl or fill out this survey:

Snack Girl Survey

XOXO, Lisa

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I want to know about healthy foods for our skin, heart, ect. Talk about foods that benefit our bodies. I get tired of the same old, obvious snacks to eat.

I want to know about low calorie snacks with volume! You know, so you feel like you're cheating because you get so much! The only thing I can think of in that category is un~popped popcorn. I just found your blog a while back, and I love all the things you post. I'm trying to stay on track so I'll look good this spring!

What do you think is the best chip snack?

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