Snack Girl's List of Healthy Snacks

September 10, 2010   10 Comments

Healthy snack ideas are stacking up here on Snack Girl. Over the last year, I have posted a bunch of suggestions (some good, some not).

List of Healthy Snacks is about choosing healthy snacks and the most obvious ones are whole foods (such as fruit or veggies). But, sometimes we need something packaged or are bored with the same old apple.

Here is a short list of healthy snacks that are some of my "greatest hits":

Homemade Snacks

kalechipb Kale Chips
avocadotoastb Avocado Toast
brownieballb No Bake Brownie Balls
bananaquesadillab Banana Quesadilla
orangewaterb Cucumber Orange Water

Packaged Snacks

cocoaalmondb Emerald Cocoa Almonds Review
fageb FAGE
larabarb2 Lara Bar
cheese stick Cheese Stick
kettlebakedb Kettle Baked Chips Review

Whole Food Snacks

peach Love Peaches
riceandbeansb Beans and Rice
veganddipb Veggies and Dip
softboiledeggb Soft Boiled Egg
picklesb Pickles

Anyone else have some favorites they would like to share?

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Great choices!

Apple with nut butter (especially PB2) is a favourite of mine. I also love a bowl of oats with banana (at 200 cal, it is filling enough to be a meal but low enough in calories to be a snack :)), or a bowl of homemade vegetable-bean soup with a nice crusty multigrain bun to dip in it.

Great snack ideas! Thanks. I try to get my kids snacking (especially late afternoon) on steamed vegetables like sweet potato, butternut squash, carrots, string beans, or peas. They get munched up quickly because they are easy to chew and won't ruin anyone's appetite for dinner.

I second Sagan's bowl of oats with banana. I also like a bowl of oats with a little bit of peanut butter in it. It doesn't take much and it tastes like a peanut butter oatmeal cookie. But my go to snack is a container of yogurt, maybe with some fruit mixed in. In the summer, a popsicle! At 35 calories it's cooling, satisfying and makes you feel just a little decadent.

Thanks for the great snack ideas! One of our favorites are GG Bran Crisps with our own mixture of cinnamon and truvia. With only 12 cals per crisp bread it's a fantastic healthy, low calorie, fiber filled snack! :-) Also love baby carrots with a little Spike seasoning sprinkled on them and also can't forget cherry tomatoes (even better with some balsamic vinegar, pepper and a little salt).

Thanks again for sharing and look forward to hearing more ideas!

I love my Triscuits - the reduced fat ones are great... the only thing that makes them lower in fat is less oil, which is a great thing! Nothing but whole grains, a little oil, and a little salt. Pair 7 of them (at 120 cals) with a string cheese (about 80 cals) or a few babybel light wedges spread on top, and it's a low cal pre-packaged duo with some filling power for 200 calories. Yum-o!

I really enjoy homemade wheat toast with some Nutella on it! Yum!!!

Love these ideas! And we suggest keeping each snack to 12 bites.

I've been really enjoying Carrot Raisin Manna Bread with a smear of almond butter on it. Mmm. More of my food favorites can be found at

Thanks for sharing this! My favorite snack would be, Sliced apples topped with shredded Parmesan cheese :D.

I really needed to see this today. My family and I were just talking about how much sugar we eat and how we should cut back.

I had weight loss surgery almost two years ago and did so great without sugar my first 18 months or so-losing 155 pounds and going over a whole year with no dessert, candy, soda or alcohol. The sugar has slowly crept back in over the fall and I KNOW that is the reason I feel so tired and sluggish and grouchy.

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