Top Ten Low Carb Snacks

May 6, 2014   9 Comments

Trying to avoid the foods in the above photograph? Join the club!

Top Ten Low Carb Snacks

Processed grains such as pasta, rice, and white bread missing the whole grain component are hard to give up. They are light, fluffy, and sweet. If you are like me, you just LOVE them. Crusty bread anyone?

Foods that contain simple carbohydrates (such as white bread) raise blood glucose levels and diabetics need to count how many carbohydrates they eat to keep their blood sugar level low. People trying to lose weight know that processed carbs pack a calorie punch without much fiber or nutritional upside.

While I am not an advocate of a HIGH protein diet, I am an advocate for eating less junk food. Most of the snacks in the list below feature a protein and a vegetable. Hey, you want some nutrients in your low carb snack, right?

Give these 10 low carb snacks a try:

  1. baconwrappedasparagusb A Healthy Way To Serve Bacon
  2. poachedeggb A Simple Way To Dress Up An Egg
  3. rockymtnb You Have Never Had Beef Jerky Like This!
  4. A Seriously Cool Appetizer Featuring Watermelon
  5. newantslogb Return To An Old Favorite Snack (With A Twist)
  6. chickenbreastb The Secret To Making Chicken Breast Taste Much Better Than A Hockey Puck
  7. Do-It-Yourself Breakfast Sausage: It Rocks!
  8. portabellomushroompizzab A 100 Calorie Pizza That Will Rock Your Sox
  9. Buffalo Chicken Meatballs
  10. kaleschips2b Kale Chips: Believe The Hype

Please share your favorite low carb snack ideas.

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Do you know if pasta labeled "whole wheat" or "whole grain" (that in fact list "whole wheat flour" in the ingredients) is any better than traditional pasta?

I don't know how you do it SG but low carb is exactly what I'm contemplating these days. Having just celebrated Passover a few weeks ago - once a year we remove all items with flour from our pantry and switch it out with matza, cake meal and other kosher for Passover items. We refrain from eating flour items for 8 nights. I have to tell you this year returning the items to my kitchen gave me pause, because doing without it was really ok. I look at all the cereal, crackers, cookies, pasta and rice and ask myself why. It almost seems like some evil force pushes us to become more and more addicted to it. I'm saying no as much as I can.

Life IS worth living without as many processed grains & starches. In fact, it's possible to find satisfying new relationships with simple veggies & protein. Miraculously, even my diabetic meat-potatoes-&-Fritos husband has given up bread on his sandwiches and buns on his burgers in favor of lettuce wraps. (Now if only he'd give up the Fritos!!) ♡

Thehungryma - I am confused - isnt matza made out of flour - just unleavenened? What are some other ways you are eating low carb?

I know organic is expensive, but $7.60 for 3 oz of beef jerkey?! Can't afford that, no matter how good it sounds.

Yes, it's definitely a carbohydrate and definitely with flour. I guess what I meant was it was a week without all traditional cereals, crackers, rice, and pasta. And once it started coming back in to my pantry I realized how much I really didn't miss it. And how dangerous it can be to eat as much as you want of it.

Love these:) My favorite low-carb snack is 1 ounce of 100% pure unsweetened baking chocolate:) It's SO good and only 3 net carbs with 6 grams of fiber:) I like Ghiradelli 100% unsweetened and Baker's brand too:)

Ah, just what I needed for this weekend! Thank you :) And you should make more low carb recipes, please!

@C I am with you! We are diabetic and hubby won't give up Fritos, but, he limits them instead of eating the whole bag! Much better . . .and. . . the struggle continues!

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