Can A Frozen Breakfast Sandwich Cure You Of Your Egg McMuffin Habit?

February 16, 2011   28 Comments

The NEW Vitalicious Egg-n-Cheese sandwich is in my Stop-&-Shop's freezer. And it boasts a mere 150 calories per sandwich.

Vitalicious Egg-N-Cheese Sandwich Review

What? (shakes head in amazement)

My review of the Egg McMuffin at the beginning of the month was not positive. The Egg McMuffin is 300 calories and has 820 mg of sodium (yikes).

The Vitalicious sandwich has 150 calories and 356 mg of sodium. Before writing another word, I can tell you that this sandwich is a better choice (but, still keep reading).

The Vitalicious sandwich is literally HALF of the McDonald's sandwich but it pretty much looks the same. Except it isn't.

How did they do it?

  • They used only egg whites (no yolks included)
  • There is no ham on the sandwich
  • They used a whole wheat english muffin

One sandwich is 150 calories, 2 g fat, 23 g carbohydrates, 15 g protein, 7 g fiber, 356 mg sodium, 4 Points+

These are definitely improvements on the Egg McMuffin and they did taste better (but that wasn't difficult :)

Ummm, fabulous, except for a couple things.

  1. At $4.79 a package I can't afford these sandwiches
  2. They taste kinda bland (I added ketchup to make it palatable)
  3. The ingredient list looks like a science project

Take a look at the photo of the Vitalicious Egg-N-Cheese sandwich ingredients below:


My suggestion is to eat these instead of the McDonald's Egg McMuffin, BUT try to find time to make your breakfast.

This is a great solution for when you are short on time and need something packaged.

For those Weight Watchers fans out there - McD's version is 8 Points+ and Vitalicious is 4 Points+

Any of you try this sandwich? Thoughts?

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Thanks for your thoughts on the sandwich. I have eaten them and agree about the blandness but in a pinch when I am late they aren't bad. What do you think of the muffin tops that the company also makes?

Yikes! At almost $5.00 for two sandwiches, I'll find the time to make my own. Even if I don't have time to cook an egg, a smear of peanut butter and a little banana on an English Muffin is good...

@Eva - here is my review of the Vitatop -

I think they are a great donut replacement.

Yikes...don't know why people don't make their this case it's so easy. You just grill/poach the egg..toast english muffin..put a slice of cheese on it..all done :)

All looked pretty good until the ingredients list! It's really hard to eat something when you look at an ingredients list like that. Maybe good if you're in a big rush, but better off getting a dozen eggs, cheese and a pack of whole wheat english muffins, you'll save and make a lot more yourself, without the science experiment igredients list ;-)

I don't like the chocolate vitatops either. I eat the pumpkin and also the banana nut with a little PB on top they are delicious for breakfast. I agree that they use too much packaging. They are sold at Whole Foods so they don't contain artificial stuff.

I tend to stock up on the Vita products when they go on BOGO (I'm in Georgia and they are around $2.25 a package at Publix when this happens). Otherwise, yes, pricey. I think they taste OK, and they're good to keep in the freezer when I'm in a rush, but mostly I stick with the Vitatops.

hey Snack-Girl have you tried the Jimmy Dean brand version of these? They are a little bit higher in calories (230-290 depending on which you pick) but i would say that they are worth it. Check them out.

As far as price, I buy them at Sam's so I get a little more bang for my buck =)

I tried them too, and found both the texture and the taste unappetizing. Add the cost, and these won't be making it back into my freezer. Of course, I don't eat McMuffins either! ;o)

I do like the VitaBrownies & VitaTops, though!

My son has been wanting egg sandwiches for breakfast in the morning, and they are super easy to make in the microwave.

Spray Pam in a small bowl, microwave a srambled egg or egg beaters for one minute, add cheese and/or 1 slice of ham or 1-2 slices microwave bacon. Throw it on an english muffin or lately he's been asking for them on a tortilla (found some small ones for 83 calories). EASY! 2 minutes tops (And I usually won't cook breakfast during the week.

Also, Egg Beaters has a Southwest version that has a little spicy kick to it.

I'm with Tiffany - it takes approximately 5 minutes start to finish to poach an egg, toast an English muffin, and slice a piece of cheese. I bet if someone wanted to use scrambled eggs instead, it could easily be made the night before! Easy peasy.

Not to be a wet blanket, but Jimmy Dean's meat comes from horrific factory farms - I would never recommend eating anything they make...

I tried these too and agree that there were unappetizing. They tasted liked powdered eggs:( I finished them though because at that price I was not going to throw them away!

I made homemade english muffins this week and they were super easy....yes a bit of time, but make them once, freeze them and you have enough for 2 weeks! my son just likes them with scrambled egg and a few grates of cheese!


(i would use whole wheat flour next time!)

I make my own using whole wheat light english muffins, egg whites and fat free sharp cheddar cheese and it only takes about 5 minutes.

Im a vegeterian and don't eat eggs but my son sometimes likes an egg sandwich before school. They make a thing you put in the microwave that cooks two eggs at a time. I spray some pam, scramble them and pour them in. While they are cooking (for 1 minute), I toast the english muffin and add a piece of cheese. It takes very little time and is much better then the frozen versions. I got the microwave egg cooker at Target.

This Vita EggMcMuffins were aweful. They are tasteless and mine were watery. Maybe I didn't cook them enough. I took one bite and threw the box away. Love the VitaMuffins though..all of the flavors.

Has anyone ever tried to make this themselves and freeze them? Are all the perservatives necessary to do my own?

The Weight Watchers SmartOnes Breakfast Quesadilla is absolutely delicious... highly recommend for an on-the-go packaged breakfast.

I agree with Stacie--Jimmy Dean uses factory meat from feed lots....yuck. I wouldn't even feed my dog meat from those places. It is worth the little extra work to make yourself something delicious (not all those chemicals--skip the American cheese which is processed that shouldn't even be legal to call a cheese) and save a lot of money in a little bit of time.

BTW--snack girl you rock and I am so happy I found this website! You have made me think about what I put in my body and have really helped change my attitude towards food! Thanks!

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