Replace Your Morning Scone (or Donut): First Step

December 14, 2009   14 Comments

I know what is stopping me from losing the tire of chub that sits on my belly. Baked goods. I just love them and they are SO calorific. I don't ever want to give them up. So, what to do?


Recently, I saw a blog from a mom who started a running program to support her Doughnut habit! I can relate, but I don't want to run, I just want to eat less of them.

Enter the VitaMuffin - VitaTop. 100 Calories, vitamin fortified, chocolate, no preservatives, whole wheat.....You find them in the freezer because unlike other packaged bake goods, these are not shelf-stable (like Twinkies or Hostess Cupcakes). They cost about $4.79 for 4 and they come in individual packages.

I really wanted to like them but I have a few problems with them:

  • They don't taste very good. I was hoping they would be delicious but they just aren't. This is a matter of personal preference - maybe you will like them.
  • Too much packaging. There is a cardboard box and 4 plastic bags.
  • The box states "VitaMuffin better than an apple - The VitaMuffin contains less sugar and more vitamins and minerals than an apple!" Really?

I guess there is a holy grail in food manufacturer marketing for "being better than Apples". It doesn't taste better than an apple and it has 20 more calories than your average apple.

Finally, humans have not evolved with VitaMuffins. We have evolved with apples. The apple plays a prominent role in the Bible for a good reason - our ancestors have been eating them for a LONG time.

Can you see Eve handing Adam a VitaMuffin?

No food manufacturer will EVER make a product better for you than an apple. Trust me. Nature has got this one covered.

So, eat these if you think they will help you kick your scone or donut habit, because you could do ALOT worse. And then start doing ALOT better. Move on to eating more Apples.

How do you avoid eating too many high calorie baked goods?

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I'm not a big baked good fan, but once in awhile I do want a muffin-type thing, so I've had the banana nut and chocolate Vita-Tops. I toasted them and put on a little Earth Balance (for the banana nut) and made a parfait with Greek yogurt (for the chocolate one) and thought they were pretty good!

It would accompany fruit, never replace it, and it kicked that craving pretty good. I don't know that someone who is really into the "real" thing would go for it, but they worked for me :)

These are good for a chocolate craving "every once in a while." But they are too processed for me to eat with any regularity. They should in no way replace real fruit in our diets either.

I actually like to make my own banana muffins that are full of real banana, greek yogurt, and whole wheat flour with little added sugar. Really, an overripe banana is sweet enough on its own that I just add a touch of honey or maple syrup for sweetening.

I have a serious problem with VitaTops. I like them too much! There are several boxes in my freezer and I want to eat them up so they aren't there tempting me anymore. With some fresh berries and some Cool Whip Free they are yummy. Maybe I've just been on a diet for too long and anything chocolaty tastes good, but I love them!

You should try warming them up

If you place them in the microwave for 30 seconds, they taste warm and ouuuuey like a baked good.. you can even add a scoop of frozen yogurt which adds up to 150 calories, 10 g of fiber, and protein!

I love these things!! I even searched your archives to see if you talked about them. I do not like their comparison to apples, either and would never replace my daily apple or any other fruit with them! But for an occasional chocolatey treat, I think these things rock!!

"Can you see Eve handing Adam a VitaMuffin?"

Read this at work and i nearly spat my tea out my mouth due to laughing too hard. XD

I didn't know you reviewed these! I'm happy to see I'm not the only one that doesn't like them. One of my twins ate some instead. When my freezer broke I was only too happy to toss whatever had thawed.

I like Vitatops occasionally but I have to agree, they are NOT better for you than an apple even if they have more fiber or are vitamin fortified or whatever the claim is about.

AND I have to say they are WAY offbase with "you can walk off the calories in 15 minutes"--what? If you're a tall guy? According to my electronic pedometer thing, it takes this 110 pound, five foot tall, neither-fat-nor-skinny-but-just-right petite female HALF AN HOUR walking 4 mph (i.e. TWO MILES) to burn 105 calories.

I read about Vitatops on three different websites, including Amazon reviews. Then I put my chocolate Vitatop in the microwave for 20 seconds, topped with strawberries and Cool Whip - delicious. However, I am now sitting here with a gross after-taste in my mouth that I'm having trouble getting rid of (mentioned in one of the Amazon reviews). I got mine at Costco - 12 for $9.99 - but will give them to unsuspecting friends to try (who knows, they might like them) to get rid of them and will not buy them again. Excuse me, I'm going to brush my teeth to see if I can get rid of the after-taste in my mouth :-(

I used to eat Vitatops on a weekly basis (ideal snack for a college freshman), but I stopped once I researched it on Fooducate ( I found out that Vitatops contain Xanthan Gum, an emulsifier that is made from fermenting corn sugar with a kind of bacteria. It's the same stuff that makes up the black spots that appear on cauliflower and broccoli once they begin going bad. It's "a slimy goo that is then dried up and ground into a fine white powder". No thank you!

I Disagree-Deep Chocolate Vitatops Are Delicious And A Great Source Of Fiber. I Enjoy One For Dessert Several Times A Week, And Although I Don't Think (At All) That They Should Replace Apples, They Are One Of My Favorite Packaged Foods. Of Course, Ingredients Such As "Xanthan Gum" Don't Bother Me. In Small Amounts They Won't Harm Your Body.

What I love is that they say you can walk the 100 calories off in 15 minutes. I looked on a calorie count site and a 4 mile per hour/15 minute pace burns 340 calories an hour (85 calories in 15 minutes) and that's if you weigh 150 pounds.

I can never quite make it that fast as a petite person and it would take me longer and my burn rate is lower because if I weighed anything like 150 at my height, I'd be incapable of walking briskly at all because I'd be so huge.

So that whole "15 minutes" to burn it off is hokum unless you're tall, male, or a generously proportioned gal--as is the whole better than an apple thing.

But I do like the taste!

Love these Vitamuffin tops! I heat in microwave for 30 seconds. I could eat them every day but they are too expensive for me to do that.

Apparently vitatops bailed on us, renaming or selling their company, changing their recipes and limiting their selections. All of a sudden, most products are a bit more caloric and my favorites are gone.

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