Weight Watchers Bean Recipes

December 18, 2017   16 Comments

These Weight Watchers bean recipes range from zero to five Smart Points per serving.

Weight Watchers Bean Recipes

Since Weight Watchers Freestyle has arrived BEANS are zero Smart Points. I happen to love beans and I eat them all the time. They are cheap, packed with protein and fiber, and very versatile.

Some of you may have problems eating beans (ahem). There are a few strategies that can help you increase your bean consumption without alerting your neighbors. The first strategy is to smart with small servings and slowly build your way up to more beans over several weeks.

The intestinal bacteria that help you digest beans will grow and help you from having discomfort if you introduce beans slowly.

Secondly, you can take Beano (which can be found in any drugstore). It is a supplement that includes the enzymes that should help you digest beans.

If you are a Weight Watchers member, beans are now your friend. These low SmartPoints bean recipes should help you stay on your plan.

Do you love beans? How do you eat them?


Blender Black Bean Vegan Soup

Get the recipe here: Blender Black Bean Vegan Soup Recipe


White Turkey (or Chicken) Chili

Get the recipe here: White Turkey Chili Recipe

Copycat Chipotle Black Beans

Get the recipe here: Copycat Chipotle Black Beans Recipe

Vegetarian Black Bean Soup Recipe

Get the recipe here: Vegetarian Black Bean Soup Recipe


Chili With Cocoa Powder

Chili With Cocoa Powder

Get the recipe here: Chili With Cocoa Powder Recipe

Slow Cooker Baked Beans With Molasses

Get the recipe here: Slow Cooker Baked Beans With Molasses Recipe

Black Bean and Oat Burger Recipe


Get the recipe here: Black Bean and Oat Burger Recipe

Quinoa, Carrot, and Lentil Soup


Get the recipe here: Quinoa, Carrot, and Lentil Soup Recipe


Bacon Lentil Salad

Get the recipe here: Bacon Lentil Salad Recipe


Black Bean Brownie Mix

Get the recipe here: Black Bean Brownie Mix Recipe

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I am a former points plus member who lost 150 lbs on WW. I then went to medical school and gained 60 of it back through stress eating and hospital cafeteria food :( By the time I was ready to lose again, smart points was the WW plan - and I hated, hated, hated it. I felt hungry and punished all the time.

Lisa did a post about freestyle a few weeks ago and I decided to give it a try. I’ve been on it for two weeks and I feel really good about the program and the changes WW made. I feel that it’s easy to stay on program when you can make zero point meals (besides that awful WW vegetable soup!!) if you run out of points for the day... thanks to eggs, beans, and lean protein. I feel this is a sustainable way to live and it doesn’t feel too much like a diet to me. As a dr, I tell my patients that anything they can stick to long term is good - but this program in particular seems to be great for prediabetic patients (like myself). I just wanted to post a note for others who hated the SP program - give freestyle a try; you might be pleasantly surprised!

I love beans and glad WW finally changed their program. I also hated Smart Points. I felt like there was nothing to eat but veggies. This is a program I can live with.

Thank you so much for taking the time to recalculate the points!!

Lisa, thank you so much for reminding us about these recipes. I'm a former WW member and lost 50+ lbs on the PP program. I went off the program and, like Dr. Sarah, stress eating and just plain "life" got in the way. I, too, have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and have been thinking about re-joining due to your informing us who are not "in the loop" that WW has presented this Freestyle program. So, again, thank you! I maintain that you totally rock! Thanks for having our back, Snack Girl!!

Huge thanks Lisa for all you do to support us, and thanks to Dr. Sarah for sharing her experience. It's so heartening to see that people are beginning to see the positive aspects of Freestyle.

Looking forward to being healthy with beans, but my doc is advising me to cut way back on sodium. I like the ease of canned beans, but the sodium count on the cans worries me. Do you lose some of that added sodium by carefully rinsing the beans? Otherwise, this seems like a WW plan I can stick with.

I started WW using points plus lost 60lbs. Kept it off for 2 years had 2 medical procedures and stress ate my way back up 30 lbs. Went back to weekly meetings started Smart points. Followed program tracked for 3 months lost 4 lbs. I was very disheartened and gave up. I now have all of my weight back. I can't wait to try the new program. It certainly looks like something I will enjoy doing again. Really hated Smart Points. The foods listed are things I can cook with and enjoy. Love your site!! Thanks.

I've run into serious health issues. I've been advised to eschew red meat. To me, that seemed like I could eat only chicken.I've had enough of that.I want to gk vegetarian and dont know how to begin. Thank you for these recipes. They look great, and for me they came at just the right time.

@Kevin - If you rinse them, you remove about 10% of the sodium. Also, you can find "no salt added" cans of beans in your grocery store. Great question!

I almost can't believe this coming now. I have run headlong into health issues, and I've been advised to eschew both red meat and all deli meats. To me, this was everything. I'm already tired of chicken. I decided to look into going vegetarian, but I don't know how to start. I was feeling discouraged over here, until this arrived. I'm excited about these delicious-looking recipes. I like dried beans cooked at home, and the slow cooker instructions in your book have been a boon. Lisa, thank you so much! Susan

I agree with the comments recently made. I was on the Smart Points program for over a year and the most I lost was 10 lbs. Of course, I eventually gained the 10 lbs. back, plus a few more (I love fruits and vegetables, but the plan seemed too restrictive to me). I may rejoin WW to see if this new plan is more workable for me. Thanks.

Yee Ha! The new program is incredible....I had gained back half of the 50 pounds I lost with Smart Points and just couldn't seem to get back on the program....I started "Freestyle" two weeks ago and have dumped 7 pounds already and usually have points left at the end of the day! The rollover is wonderful. However, I like to pat myself on the back when I don't use the rollover points. I believe this is the way to finally, finally, loose it and keep it off. It's working!

I love White Beans as well as Black, always have cans in the pantry. Step 1 is to dump the white beans in a colander and run cold water over the beans until every single bubble is gone. That step usually eliminates a potential "musical concert" following the meal. I don't always rinse the black ones that thoroughly.

The "funny" thing is that I can eat all kinds of beans without the musical concert except for black beans. Maybe if I do the rinsing you describe for the white beans, only with the black beans, I'll be more comfortable. I wasn't aware that thorough rinsing could fix the problem. I do like black beans, but they've been a source of discomfort. Thanks for posting that tip.

I know Weight Watchers works. Years ago, I lost more than fifty pounds. Now I am doing the Free Style program. I am a vegetarian/vegan, and the free point foods make the program much easier to follow. I am also taken back by how many points a 1/4 of regular cheddar cheese is four points!!!!!!!! I then knew I had to find a lower fat version. However, I am a newby to this particular program. Hopefully. I will be successful. Thank you all for the positivity and encouragement.

I would like to know what the changes are and if the list mimics Simply Filling. If it is easier to stay on Freestyle and that red meat, milk and cheese are on the list it would be a higher consideration to go back to. I just don’t want to hear about Wellness Wins Points it that the main reason isn’t for weight loss anymore because obesity causes the very diseases we are trying to deal with such as diabetes and hypertension.

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