Beach Snacks

June 5, 2019   2 Comments

Beach snacks are the best because you don’t have to leave your towel to be refreshed.

Beach Snacks

I live near a beach but not an ocean beach. We have a pond with a lifeguard and it saves us on hot summer days. One of the key features of this beach for my children is the “Snack Shack” which sells kale, carrots, cucumber slices…..zzzzzz…..

I must have been dreaming :)

You guys know what is at the Snack Shack! Doritos, Coke, Hot Dogs, Twizzlers, etc. My kids save up their allowance to spend it at the shack because I won’t buy the crap with my money. I bring healthy food just in case they decide not to spend their hard earned dollars (but they always buy something).

I don’t actually think that having a treat from the Snack Shack is a terrible thing. There is one person in the group who is studiously trying to avoid the frozen Snickers bars and that would be ME.

How do I avoid the Snack Shack? First, I have a groovy picnic basket/cooler which is ready to go. The key for me is to have a cold drink so I fill a water bottle with ice cubes.

I pack my basket with some cooler ice and fruit. Slices of watermelon, apples, peaches, and cantaloupe are in plastic containers and ready to eat. I also pack frozen grapes to keep everything cool and they are delicious to munch on.

Fresh fruit is an obvious choice for a hot day as well as lots of cold water. The key for me is to keep everything cold so I won’t be tempted to buy something cold.

Here are some more ideas for the beach:

Protein box

#*How Cantaloupe Can Keep Your Dishes Clean

  • Grab your favorite flavored yogurt and freeze it for a wonderful replacement for the larger serving size of frozen yogurt.

What are your favorite beach snacks? Please share.

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Great Ideas! Thanks Lisa

Thanks for those great ideas. I love peanut butter with thinly sliced apple in a sandwich.

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