Top Ten Office Snacks

March 11, 2015   4 Comments

I get asked about office snacks all the time. It seems that eating junk food at the office is a problem for many.

Healthy Office Snacks

The gleam of the vending machine in the break room with a quick sugar fix is too tempting. Whenever I visit an office building, I always check to see what is in the vending machine. A hospital blew my mind with its assortment of junk food and soda!!

With a little bit of planning, you never have to search the bottom of your purse or backpack for change again.

  1. newenergyb A Grab 'N Go Breakfast With ZERO Added Sugar (and you will love it)
  2. kindb KINDa Fabulous: A Nutritionally Dense Snack Bar
  3. Chocolate Popcorn Chocolate Popcorn Rocks
  4. dolefruitb A Healthy Packaged Snack For Your Lunch Box
  5. cheese stick The Benefits of Cheese Sticks
  6. pistachiosb A Lower Calorie Pistachio For Your Snack Consumption
  7. Fruit and Nut Bar Recipe Everything But The Kitchen Sink Fruit and Nut Bars
  8. yogurtpbdipb Take Your Apple and Peanut Butter To A Whole New Level
  9. gogurtb The Gogurt Has Grown Up
  10. Stovetop Granola Stovetop Granola in Minutes

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My new favorite office snack is the P3 Portable Protein Power Pack from Oscar Meyer. It's a little container with three sections: meat, cheese, and nuts. At $1.75 apiece, they're all 170 calories and they fill me up so well, I often skip the following meal without realizing it! (Plus they were 15% off this past wee at Target if you use the Cartwheel app. SCORE!)

When hubby and I were at the VA hospital the other day I noticed something interesting. Right outside the door of the dietitian counseling office is a vending machine full of junk food. A man stood there for several minutes trying to make sense of the selection and make a healthy choice. Finally, he made a choice but I did not see what it was.

I have had the same dilemma in the past and found that the only food I was able to obtain were peanuts.

As it turns out, unless one is allergic, peanuts have a lot of nutrition like resveratrol, B6, fiber, iron, calcium and biotin for the heart. Peanuts also lower the risk of weight gain and are over 70% protein.

Best "junk food" there is in my opinion.

Hi Lisa! I loved meeting you tonight! I think you're great and I loved assisting you! You are a wonderful speaker and motivator. I'm pumped to hear more about you!

These all look lovely! My only issue is I'm not a huge 'sweet' fan, but crave salty and crunchy snacks.. I will definitely be adding the pistachios and string cheese to my list more though!

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