A Healthier Thanksgiving

November 18, 2013   5 Comments

First rule of Thanksgiving – relax. How many days off a year do you get?

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

This year, I am going to someone else’s else and my home will remain grimey as I don’t have to clean. HA! I am bringing some food over (of course) and I plan to make my husband cook it all. (not really)

Perhaps our new dog, Milo, could do some cooking?

The good news is that you can get plenty of nutrients on Thanksgiving and make some lighter dishes that don’t taste light. I will be making the roast Brussels sprouts as that is a hit every year and I love them.

Check these ideas out:

1. Festive and Healthy: Butternut Squash Soup in Pumpkin Bowls

2. Let’s Talk Turkey

3. Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe

4. Roasted Sugar Pumpkin Recipe

5. pumpkinpieb Try This Pumpkin Pie Makeover For Thanksgiving

6. nakedapplepieb Try This Healthy Pie.....Naked

7. A New Lighter Thanksgiving Pie To Try

How do you make your Thanksgiving healthier? Or do you give up?

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LOVE the healthy pie!!!

I love Thanksgiving! Just great food and lots of leftovers. But not if you're a guest with an assigned dish like I was for over 20 years soooo I had our perfect Thanksgiving on the Sunday prior to TG. No pressure, no shopping jams, any/all current boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend as guests. And plenty of leftovers [all food prepared sans cheesy, soupy, durkee onion toppings too]. Another benefit is that on TG we weren't expected 'til 4pm so some years we bussed to the Macy's parade, some years the town football game, but my favorite was the Turkey Trot walk at Hammonasett State Beach; again no pressure, just enjoyment. The family that hosted TG would have it no other way so they were happy to do it. Nowadays I do have TG home and my kids help more; its a new wonderful tradition. This year I'm doing a turkey breast in an oven bag! Thanks for the tip, SG! :)

I'm lucky & just have to cook for my boyfriend, our daughter & myself. We do something called "pre-eats" with family & friends in late October, early November. It works out perfect since most of us have multiple families nowadays. Pre-eats is one of my favorite stress, delicious food & beautiful people surrounding you. Enjoy that you get to go to someone else's house this is such a rare treat. I'm sure you've posted your roasted Brussell Sprout receipe but you could put a link up for it please?

It's just not right to say, "I will be making the roast Brussels sprouts as that is a hit every year and I love them," then not post the recipe!

The Roasted Brussels sprouts recipe is there - it just had a weird title so I fixed it. Sorry about that.

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