How to Turn the Dull into the Delicious

September 14, 2009   3 Comments

Sitting on the shelf with all the bright colored Fritos and Doritos is the lowly pretzel. It is usually in a dark blue and it is difficult to find - but if you look hard enough - you can spot them.


Pretzels are a great choice when stuck looking for a snack in a convenience store. You can eat something that is both low-fat and salty. This gives you a shot at avoiding all the calories of Cheetos or Potato Chips.

But, (let's face it) they are a little dull. No cheesiness, or pepperiness, or tingliness. What can you do to make them pop?

Add mustard of course! Get a little Dijon, or yellow mustard, or honey mustard, and dip the pretzel in it. Mustard has almost zero calories and will make the pretzel seem downright luxurious.

Now you have a snack like Wasabi Peas: Are They a Healthy Choice?. They are spicy and salty and you can get full on them fast without eating bags and bags of them.

The best shape for dipping pretzels is the rod shape (not photographed here). For kids, use peanut butter, yogurt, or hummus. Maybe some cream cheese. Anything you can think of to make them fun to eat. If you can find whole wheat pretzels, those will be a little healthier.

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i love pretzels

Pretzels are my "go to" snack. They're perfect, and I often dip them in mustard for a little heat, or in Nutella if I want something sweet.

Pretzels rock! My favorites are the Snyder's of Hanover mini twists, but since I live in Louisiana and not Pennsylvania they are hard to come by...tried to order them on the website and they don't sell just the pretzels I like...oh well...

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