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May 14, 2010   12 Comments

I had a new friend say to me, "Stop Being An Island". So, I have taken her advice and started asking for help.

Challenge: Week 1

Last week, I posted Snack Girl Challenge, and was amazed at how many people want to join me.

It isn't easy for me to break the habit of working alone, but I am finding that my life has gotten much easier.

Posting my weight on Snack Girl (Snack Girl Challenge Day 1) )last week, was absolutely terrifying. And incredibly LIBERATING.

What I have learned is that you need support to make big changes. By posting my challenge, I received a ridiculous amount of LOVE.

Everybody who wants to change a bad habit should try to enlist your friends and relatives to help you. It makes it SO much easier!!!

Use FaceBook, e-mail, Twitter, or the phone to get your closest people on board with your decision.

So, how did I do after 6 days? (I moved up my weigh in a day because I decided to post about my challenge on Fridays instead of Saturdays.}

One Week

176 pounds - (-1 pound)
39.5 inch waist - (- 2.5 inches)

I think my initial waist reading was REALLY off the first time I did it because I had just drunk that crazy Monster Assault and Mountain Dew drink combined with Mountain Dew.

Do you know the best thing? I feel a lot better. The exercise feels SO good. I was laughing out loud at how happy I was to be back in a yoga class (a flow class).

The yoga class was like VACATION. I know that sounds crazy, but I have wanted to go to the yoga studio around the corner (mere 3 minutes) from my house for 9 months and I FINALLY did it.

I managed to do all of my goals and I am ready to keep going.

My Goals for Week 2:

  1. Keep Food Journal
  2. No Beer Except Friday and Saturday
  3. Exercise 3 times a week (one hour walk, one exercise class, one Jillian Micheals Shred Workout).
  4. A healthy breakfast (more vegetables and fruit)

How are you guys doing? Share in the comments below.

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YAY you! Congrats and YES! You're surrounded by supportive, loving peeps. :)

Be careful with too much fruit... yes they have great vitamins, but they also have a lot of sugar!

way to go I will post on Sunday so far so good! it is all about portion sizes and eating often so I do not get starving and tons of water!

Fantastic first week! :)

you go now. I am not ashamed to say I am 200 lbs, that is down 15lbs, since cutting all sugar, white flour and artificial sweeteners. I am trying hard to cut back with the coffee, but it is my first love. For me the savior is whenever I have the urge for a sweet, I drink water, water and lots of water. It is a huge helper. Lets all get healthy together...GO SNACK GIRL...GO!

Keep going

Woohoo go you! That's awesome! I WAS down 1 pound, but then I overate for a couple days in a row so I'm back to square one. But that's okay: today I'm back at it again and more motivated than ever with a few lessons under my belt about my trigger foods.

PS To Claudia: The naturally-occuring sugar in fruit is a fantastic energy source for being fueled for all those workouts :) It's the GOOD kind of sugar!

Congrats on such a great week and keep up the great work!

Please continue to share - that's what we are all here for! Have a wonderful weekend.

I lost a pound and a half-didn't think of taking waist measurements! Keep up the good work!

I ended up at -2.3 for the week (I weigh every day but use Wednesday as "official" weigh in day)

CONGRATS on your first week, and 2.5 inches is amazing!

Congrats to Snack Girl and all the other friends in this community! Sadly, I am off track this week - am visiting with my grandmother who is in hospice during her last days. Sometimes life interferes. One thing this has taught me is that I have not successfully ingrained new habits - that is, I still revert to food during stress. So lesson learned, and something to work on when I get back to an even keel. We do the best we can do and that is okay too! My mantra for this week: kiss your loved ones today!

Hi Snack Girl! Wonderful job on your weight loss :) If you need a better system to keep track of your food/calorie intake, take a look at It's a wonderful online calorie counter with great forum support. I've lost 34 pounds so far :)

I have been trying to loose weight. I don't need to loose a lot--just 10 pounds. I have found it much harder than I thought. I have been watching what I eat. I know exercise is important but I hurt my foot so am limited on the exercises I can do.

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