Healthy Snacks for Spring

May 13, 2010   5 Comments

Spring is in full swing and you need to take advantage of it! After writing my article on Fresh Produce, I started noticing the specials at my supermarket.

Healthy Snacks for Spring

Right now, you can find these fruits and veggies fresh and less expensive than at any other time of year. Take advantage of spring because it will show up just once in 2010!

If you are lucky enough to find these fresh fruits and veggies locally - that is fantastic. Obviously, most of us don't live near mango or pineapple trees.

Strawberries are in season in California but not in Massachusetts where I live. But, my grocery store has strawberries from California for $1.60 per pound! Should I wait for local strawberries or indulge now?

The greenies in the group are going to complain about the amount of fuel it took for the strawberries to make it across the country.

Perhaps I should wait until they are in season here. But, SO MUCH of my produce since I live in the cold Northeast is shipped from other places. I would never eat any fresh produce during the winter if I followed that rule.

Here are some fantastic healthy snacks for Spring:

rhubarbcompoteb Rhubarb Compote Recipe
asparagussnackb Asparagus Muffin Bites
Strawberries Strawberries Prevent Cancer
artichokeb Artichoke
pineappleb Pineapple
mangob Mango

What are your favorite Spring snacks?

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I'm in the same boat as you- I wouldn't get fresh produce for about 8 months of the year if I didn't buy imported fruits and veggies! I figure, if we do what we can by eating local in the summer, then we might as well indulge in the fruits and veggies from elsewhere during the cold months :)

Those snacks all sound delicious!

According to the Environmental Working Group the following fresh produce should be eaten ORGANIC because of the high concentrations of pesticides.

Celery, Peaches, Strawberries, Apples, Blueberries

Nectarines, Bell Peppers, Spinach, Kale, Cherries

Potatoes, Grapes (Imported)

They have a shopper's guide to pesticides that is very helpful.

My 14yo daughter makes these all the time! What a relief to get the ok ;-). We live in CA and enjoy them, although with 7 kids they disappear so quickly!

Yeah, its good to use the season's gift of natural and fresh fruits, though here in India i think there is nothing fresh unless we grow them in our own backyard, after all the chemicals being used to ripe the fruits before they are even ready...

Now, some counters to this argument are as such.

A monster energy, classic, contains 28g of sugar. Per serving, however! Kind of high, right? On the other hand, with the same great taste, the absoloutly zero has just that! Zero sugar, zero calories, and still a healthy amount of B vitamins and, a nice kick start to the day! Containing the same amount of caffeine as coffee as well! And, unfortunatly you are wrong about the heat of coffee affecting the intake at all. Caffeine has a half life, meaning if you drink it in an hour, it will not matter if you drank it in sips or all at once. So, while drinking a ton of caffeine can be bad for you, when overdosed, intelligent teenagers like me (who are also active, enjoy a balanced diet, and are moderate) May enjoy a monster with FAR more benefits than problems!

The fact of the matter is that, while often times assosiated with problems, in cases like me, caffeine is actually a cheap alternative to attention drugs. It is nasty to injest that much at once anyway! As well as it is better to drink some over a period of time to keep a constant amount flowing through your brain, which will actually heighten the nervous system, increase physical performance, and focus a frantic mind in. It can be very helpful.

So, as the philosopher said (whose name slips my mind right now D:) all things can be good, in moderation.

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